San Antonio Texas introduces to you Gospel Duo “F.R.E.E.”

Who Is Gospel Duo F.R.E.E.?

freeeeFrom the eclectic and boundless elements of music evolved a vocalist and a lyricist who convey an inspiring message through hard hitting beats of hip hop, the cutting-edge appeal of alternative, while giving you cool melodic infusion of jazz and R&B. Not restricted to one genre, heartfelt testimonial lyrics penetrate the soul as a musical therapeutic experience, giving you the captivating truth of God leaving you encouraged to be F.R.E.E.

, Forever Radical Edifying & Exalting, are two young, gifted ladies from San Antonio, TX. All the time while pursuing individual musical adventures, God’s divine intervention would sync these two musical geniuses/songwriters to accomplish a greater goal for kingdom building and inspiring souls to have the liberty to be set F.R.E.E.

THE LYRICIST – Shantelle “Eclectic” Thompson – My rap style is one of clear delivery – in execution and in message. For those who may listen to rap, not necessarily gospel rap or spoken word, I want the message of Christ to be received by them. As a very ambitious person, I strive to give everything my all and have a sincere passion for the success of people as a whole. It’s very important that everyone understands the lyrics that flow through the mic and for the songs to be appealing so it can catch the ear of the listener who would rather hear the sounds of mainstream. My desire is for all to love the beat and music, but most of all, I want them to leave knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

THE VOCALIST – Yvette “Vet” Hardin – People can’t receive you if you’re too “deep”, so I keep my writing style simple, which is sometimes best. I’m a bit quirky and love to laugh. I’m honest, very caring and my vocal style reveals just that. I do what I do because of the love for Christ and his message. Christ + music = my divine purpose. Although some people may consider it cliché, I believe only what you do for Christ will last. As I sing and Eclectic raps, I want our music to be heavily receptive and to inspire people from all walks of life. The Lord made us to all to be individually different. He loves us just as we are regardless of our flaws; it’s time we do the same. Being a Christian is so cool and so much fun! We serve a loving GOD.

For Bookings or for more information please visit

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AWESOME Video for you and your family to see doing Halloween by Dr.Larry D Reid & The Breakthrough Singers. Rated PG “Praise God”

This video “The Victory Chant” by Dr. Larry D Reid and The Breakthrough Singers is the most talked about Gospel video in the Industry. Check it out and share it to your friends and family.

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Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer and Arranger Vincent Raven is Georgia Best Kept Secret.

Who Is Recording Artist Vincent Raven?

rm1One of Georgia’s best kept secrets is about to be revealed to the world in 2014. Independent Artist, Songwriter, Producer, and Arranger Vincent Raven is about to venture into new territory in lieu of his first solo CD “The Vincent Raven Project”from Indie label Raven Music Group scheduled for release in the Fall of 2014.

A native of Albany, Georgia, Vincent Raven started performing at the age of five, singing lead and playing the drums for his family gospel group “The Raven Family.” Introduced to quartet and traditional gospel music at this early age, Vincent was able to gain exposure and experience by his family opening up for such legends as The jackson Southernaires, and The Canton Spirituals in the 80’s.

By the time Vincent reached high school, his appetite changed from traditional/ quartet to a more contemporary genre that would change his outlook on gospel music forever. Beginning to turn his attention to groups like The Winans, Commissioned, Take Six, and John P. Kee, Vincent begin to teach himself piano and keyboard and to write his own songs, lyrics and arrangements. It was during this time that music ministry became first priority. Every day and night time was spent at his father’s in house studio learning the craft.

Since those experiences, Raven has also shared the stage with Lee Williams and the Spiritual Qc’s, Debra Snipes , and other prominent pastors and speakers. On June 1, 2012, Raven had the proud honor to open up for legendary artist Shirley Murdock in Macon County Georgia.

vr1Other accomplishments includes upstarting DOP MUSIC GROUP in 2010, where he served as executive producer, producing two acts from that label, One Way and solo artist Korey Bridges. Raven also served as Music Director for the 47TH Annual Congress of Christian of the GMBC of Georgia in 2009.

After leaving DOP Music Group, Vincent started his own independent label Raven Music Group. His upcoming 2014 Fall release “The Vincent Raven Project “will be a collection of urban contemporary songs mixed with a few ballads. The compilation of songs are far from churchiness choir style songs, but are anointed messages that will make the avid listener become aware of issues not commonly addressed in church. One track entitled “Hypocrite,”talks about infidelity in the marriage and preachers not living the lifestyle they preach about. Other tracks like “U” and “I Just Wanna “are songs testaments and acknowledgments of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Raven’s goal is to effectively minister the word of God through song and music but also to promote integrity and diversity in a genre that tends to be categorized and stereotyped! This cd is a mission statement to the saved and unsaved, to inform the lost that Jesus is on his way back, and to invoke a sense of urgency of awareness among the Saints!

For Bookings or for more information,

Please visit the website by logging on to:

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Join ‎Vanessa Frazier and Disciples In Education program and be a part of the Movement.

Who Is Vanessa Frazier?

ps24How do the US welcome God back to public schools without crossing the boundaries between church and state? PS 24 Educational Director, Christian author and speaker, Vanessa Frazier, has the solution. With the continuing focus on declining, failing and scandal targeting public schools, Frazier is bringing sound and strategic practices for Christian public school teachers. With over 20 years of walking and talking with God in public, private and international schools, Founder and CPO Vanessa Frazier has seen the victorious work of Jesus Christ on behalf of both teachers and students.Now Frazier strives to build an army of believers that will stand ready to uphold Biblical principles and practices that will enhance the educational experience of every student and teacher that enters US public schools.

With the majority of future business, education, government, military and other leaders exiting US public schools, PS 24 brings in the presence and will of God to change the direction of future generations.As the Educational Director for PS 24, a Christian professional development solution for Christian public school teachers, Frazier is excited about meeting with teachers, school board members and others who walk the halls of US public schools.  With all the dissatisfaction surrounding public schools it’s time for the church—the members of the body of Christ—to rise up and apply THE solution that will remedy the strongholds that are attacking both students and teachers.

PS 24 is an outreach to public schools throughout the US and US territories—offering off-site workshops, online PD, webinars and teleconferences. Each event actively engages teachers in meaningful instructions. PS 24 events provide instant results- encouraging, edifying and building up Christian teachers. PS 24 assures the audience that within the first hour of any event that half the battle will be won with one strategic and intentional move.PS 24 provides teachers with the tools required for a monumental school turnaround for any classroom or school yet helps the participants to understand that the work is MANDATORY. 

There is a battle to be won by faith and it’s time for the church to arise.

For More Information, please visit

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Join our FaceBook Fan Page and Follow Us On Twitter….. “Rejoice America Radio”

mediaJoin our FaceBook Fan Page and Follow Us On Twitter…..

“Rejoice America Radio”

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Get Ready for some GREAT “Holiday” Music to Lift Your Spirits and Mover Your Soul by these Artists.

Coming Soon To Rejoice America Radio.

christmasflyer Dr. Larry D. Reid and the Breakthrough Singers.







J100Linda Ross Brown       







Eli (2)Eloho Efemuai







TTroutTammy Trout






Tamara Smith







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Support Recording Artist Terrie Rimson Ministry TODAY for only 99 Cents.

Who Is Terrie Rimson?

terr2Terrie Rimson is a gifted and talented vocalist who is no stranger to the spotlight. She has been captivating audiences since the age of (5). Her vocal training began in Philadelphia’s Settlement Music School, then continued with Gospel greats, the late Dr.Mattie Moss Clark, along with Grammy Awards Winning Twinkie Clark, and currently with the infamous Brandon Winbush (Background Vocal Leader for Justin Bieber)

terrieYou can find Terrie Rimson on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets or visit her website by logging on to.

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Introducing Daniel Mbajiorgu Also known as “ThePoetMonk”.

Who Is Daniel Mbajiorgu?

Daniel Mbajiorgu –
Also known as “ThePoetMonk” had a career as a mechanical engineer until about twenty years ago, when his life as a poet/songwriter began after a near-death experience. After an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ which was by way of a divine visitation by the Lord in the fall of 1993, he was converted and his life transformed; his works became sanctified as he dedicated his talents wholly to writing for His sake. His hymns and poems have been featured in hymnals, newspapers and anthologies.

While his debut anthology titled, “The Poet Monk”, was announced publicly by the spring of 2011 by WinePress Publishing Enumclaw WA, it was not until December 2013 that good fate led him to complete the recording of his debut gospel EP album of 6 songs. These songs were professionally mastered at AME Recording Studios Kitchener Ontario, under the veteran hands of award-winning producer, Andrew Horrocks, “CGMA Best Producer for the year 2013″. His new album has as its title track, the hit song, “God Is Love”.

In addition to having worked with accomplished producer Andrew Horrocks, ThePoetMonk also worked with multi-talented music producers: Chukwudi Ugwu (Mahansa), Chidi MC – BigEm – of XL Pro Studioz as well as anointed keyboardist and producer, Alex Coleman, of Daystar Recording Studios Starke, Florida, to mix and produce his hit songs.

Although Daniel has already demoed about 40 Christian Gospel songs solely and originally written and composed by him, his ultimate goal, in line with Hebrews 11:4, is to offer to his God the most excellent sacrifice of praise and worship songs; and as a result he works with disparate top-notch producers as well as collaborates with (or features) the best vocal talents he can source to render his songs most brilliantly.

Vocalists or artists featured in this debut album include: Alex Coleman, Margaret Wang (Mags), Oluwagbenga Dare Oluata, Christi Payne and Chris Bray (2009 GMA Covenant Award Winner, “New Artist of the Year”).

The end results of ThePoetMonk’s production are musical masterpieces and classics, songs that blend the full gospel message of Hope, Faith and Love, and which in style are: pure and inspirational; true and bolstering


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Kathy Taylor, an accomplished National Recording Artist, Minister of Music, songwriter and producer.

Who Is Recording Artist Kathy Taylor?

kt2Every now and then God decides to surprise us, yet again, and does something uniquely phenomenal. He creates a one-of-a-kind vocal signature, carefully blends it with inspiration, talent and skill, and gingerly molds it into an anointed vessel designed specifically to minister to heart and soul of His people. Kathy Taylor is this phenomenal musical gift created by God.

Kathy Taylor, an accomplished National Recording Artist, Minister of Music, songwriter, producer, and community activist has been appointed for a time such as this to bring music that not only inspires, but encourages, uplifts, and heals the spirit and soul of mankind. Kathy is the walking embodiment of the term “Minister of Music”.

kt1Kathy began her recording career as a soloist with the legendary James Cleveland’s Gospel Music of America and The Mass Choir. She was the featured vocalist on songs such as, “Anticipation”, “It’s Your Decision”, “He Did It” and “I Got My Joy Back”. These projects, along with her captivating and live performances have catapulted Kathy into the national spotlight.

In her never-ending quest to serve the Kingdom of God, Kathy answered her calling and foundedKathy Taylor and Favor, a multi-talented singing ensemble known for their meticulous and breath-taking harmonies. They have graced the stage with many of today’s most renowned gospel artists. To their acclaim, they have released three projects to date. The first two albums produced by Kathy were entitled, “He’s Worthy” and “What Would It Profit Me to Gain the Whole World and Lose My Soul?”, which were both well received. The third album, “Taylormade”, was released on Aleho International Records, under the leadership of gospel music executive, Al ‘The Bishop’ Hobbs, and produced by Grammy Award winning, legendary gospel music producer, Sanchez Harley. This powerful collaboration produced an incredible project that yielded a Stellar Award Nomination.

kt4Kathy’s purpose is tri-fold. She has fully embraced her mission to carry the gospel in song all over the world. Through Kathy, God continues to pour out His Spirit. Her dedication to the Body of Christ and limitless love of God places Kathy in a unique position to minister the “Good News” of Jesus Christ. Today, Kathy allows herself to be a vessel God can use to pour out His spirit upon all flesh, for tomorrow she desires to make the music relevant to the next generation. For yesterday, she stands humbly on the shoulders of her mother and grandmother to carry the gospel in song to the uttermost parts of the world.

For Bookings visit:

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New Artist of the year Dr.Larry D. Reid & The Breakthrough Singers “Go Tell It On The Mountain” Coming Soon.

Christmas Music by Dr.Larry D. Reid & The Breakthrough Singers is available Soon.

christmasflyerCritically acclaimed gospel New Artist of the year Dr. Larry D. Reid & The Breakthrough Singers is set to release his take on the widely known traditional song “Go Tell It On The Mountain” on November 25, 2014. You can hear the funky sounds of the1970s molded with this husky baritone’s raspy stretchable-range decorating this track in a jazzy but churchy way, as only Dr. Reid can do. Reminiscent of sounds we have heard from Andre Crouch & The Disciples, “Go Tell It” will have you moving to the groove. There’s also a bonus track that could have easily taken the spot of lead single on this two-song EP. Such a warm holiday feeling this smooth ballad gives the listener. The Breakthrough Singers really showed their warm vocal skills in this timeless Christmas classic “O Come All ye Faithful”, as opposed to their sky-high electric vocals that are showcased on “Go Tell It” – which we all fell in love with from their hit single “Better Than Ever” that is still climbing the charts. These singers can indeed sing. Can’t wait till the new single drop in 2015. Continue to expect much from this talented artist.

Facebook: f/DrLarryDReidandTBS
Instagram: @DrLarryDReid
Twitter: @DrLarryDReid
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