“I’ll Let Nothing” by Natalie Rolfe & Uplift (Passion in Praise) is a HIT song you must hear.

Who is Natalie Rolfe & Uplift (Passion in Praise)

The highly anticipated debut release from Natalie Rolfe & Uplift (Passion in Praise), has literally something for everyone.  Singer, songwriter, producer Natalie Rolfe has created a gospel music fest, featuring diverse, rich sounds of traditional, contemporary and praise & worship styles.  This debut release is a rousing body of work sure to be hailed one of the top releases from the Midwest. The second single is entitled “I’ll Let Nothing.”

A native of Wichita, KS, Natalie Rolfe is a rising writer, producer, and artist spreading her passion for authentic music in song with the newly released album, “Uplift: United Passion in Praise.” Featuring live horns, moving lyrics, and smooth vocals, the listener is able to sway to the groove, reminiscent of a heartfelt ballad. Growing up as a “church girl,” Rolfe was exposed to gospel music early on.

She was reared at Greater Pentecostal Church of God in Christ, and similar to other COGIC churches, music was a staple. She’d watch her mother direct the choir, her father lead songs, and other relatives play instruments weekly. Music didn’t stop at church. Her father, one of the top promoters in the region, counted it necessary to get newly released music and play the records blasting on Saturday mornings in the Rolfe home. From the Winans, to John P. Kee, the Hawkins family, and many more.

The Rolfe house on Erie Street was full of gospel music which developed into a breeding ground for musicians, singers and writers. Rolfe traveled with her family to conventions like the Gospel Music Workshop of America, exposing her to various levels, from the most “skilled,” to the newest talent in the business. She recounts seeing many gospel greats at these conventions right before their big breaks. This exposure led to a greater desire toward music for the Rolfe children.

Natalie’s passion was intensified as her father promoted the top gospel artists to the city. She would attend concerts and feel motivation toward writing. One of her fondest memories is meeting John P. Kee and the New Life Choir back in the 90’s at her father’s concert. It made the music so real to be able to touch and see them face to face. She began penning songs in the living room as a child. Often times, young musicians would be over and play melodies and she would have the opportunity to create words. She’d often record the songs to a tape recorder her parents purchased as a Christmas gift.

In 2007, Rolfe began performing with her group, NuLyric, and began writing the music to match their edgy style of Contemporary Christian music. NuLyric’s style came off edgy and contemporary but many of the songs they performed didn’t fit the mainstream gospel genre nor did they match the style of new songs she had written.

Out of this birthed the Uplift: United Passion in Praise project – a collaboration of top singers and musicians from the Wichita, KS area – while allowing Rolfe’s writing abilities to be displayed. Of all the joys in singing, writing, and producing music, Rolfe counts the listener’s report of being ministered to as the greatest joy – when the words that God gives her reaches someone’s heart to cause a change, comfort a broken heart, or ease a troubled mind. With so much trendiness in music, her point in the Uplift project was to tie the word of God back to the lyrics – bring the Bible to life through music. She describes gospel music as the rhythm to life, a sort of soundtrack of life which leads her to believe the heritage and authenticity of gospel music must be kept alive.

Through generations, the gospel songs, hymns, and words have been passed down to keep hope, in the most hopeless situations. With so much change in the nation and uneasiness about the future, Sovereign God serves as a reminder that God IS! No matter what the world says, God is still sovereign. Rolfe hopes to spread the message of Christ’s love to the nations, while highlighting the talent in the Midwest that is often overlooked. Kansas doesn’t serve as a major market for gospel music, but they have big voices that need to be heard. Some of Rolfe’s greatest musical influences for both writing and singing include India Arie, PJ Morton, Kim Burrell, Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, Donald Lawrence, Whitney Houston, Richard Smallwood and many others.

Social media information:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Upliftunitedpip­

Website: www.upliftunitedpip.com

Email: info@natvisionmedia.com


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Recording Artist Tina Coleman wants to know “Will You Be Ready”?

Who is recording artist Tina Coleman?

Tina has been singing since the age of 5. She sang in the church choir most of her life and she also sang on the praise team. She was apart of Dorinda Clark Cole’s Singers and Musicians Conference in 2002. Tina was asked by Dorinda Clark Cole to be apart of her personal Showcase of which Dorinda told her she enjoyed her singing and her willingness to grab the mic with out fear. She told her to keep singing under the anointed of God. Tina has been doing just that. Allowing God to be her guide. As a result Tina has been moving forward.

It was prophesied to Tina By three preachers who have know knowledge of one another that Tina would be recording and to keep her bags packed!!! Tina Prayed about it, and God told her it was time. Every since then the Lord has been giving her song after song in dreams. Tina has been blessed to meet some of the most famous gospel artist around the world. People like Dorinda Clark Cole, Mica Stampley, Mary Mary of which she was apart of their music video titled WALKING. She has also headline several events, and hosted her own concert November 2015.

She was apart of DEITRICK HADDON’S MOVIE titled BEAUTIFUL SOUL. She met David and Tamela Mann. and countless others. Tina’s purpose and desire is to continue to sing to the glory and honor of God and show the world that you don’t have to compromise to be what God wants you to be. You don’t have to comprimise to the industry to go where God wants you to go. She will live a Holy and Separated life.

Tina’s music can be heard on ITUNES, AMAZON, GOOGLE PLUS and all other digital stores. Tina’s desire is to one day collaborate with her favorite artist Vanessa Bell Armstrong for it was her music that brought her through one of the most difficult times in her life. Tina’s favorite song by Vanessa Bell Armstrong is FAITH which is one of the very first songs Tina started singing.

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“FREEDOM” by Recording Artist Dr. Sheila L. Johnson is now available for you.

Who is Recording Artist Dr. Sheila L. Johnson?

College professor turned artist/songwriter  (SESAC), Dr. Sheila L. Johnson a new release entitled “Freedom.” Dr. Johnson, has released seven recordings including her two hot gospel singles, “First Day of the Week” and “Jesus The Problem Solver.” Dr. Johnson has written and arranged music for university and high school choirs and also is known for her love song ballads. It is said, ““Dr. Johnson’s music meets your diverse musical taste.”  Her love songs are sung by local R & B artist at the same time that the Hampton Ministers Conference Choir and Organist Guild selected Dr. Johnson’s arrangement of “Little David Play on Your Harp” to include in its music packet in 2016. In addition, her song, “Jesus The Problem Solver” was selected from over 600 song submissions to be included in the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) 2013 Mass Choir Songbook and presented at the 2013 National Baptist Convention USA Inc. Annual Session.

Dr. Johnson has toured and captivated audiences throughout the United States, West Indies, Germany, Mexico and Italy. She holds two earned doctorate degrees, is a former member of the national faculty of the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA), appeared on Bobby Jones Gospel (BET) a number of times, director of the 2012 Allegheny Union Baptist Association Pre-Musical Choir, former board member of the Gospel Music Educators’ Seminar (GMES), director of the Citywide Youth Choir of the Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Pittsburgh and Vicinity, Citywide Youth and Young Adult Ensemble and also served as one of the directors for the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education Pre-Musical Choir. She also served as a conductor for the Lott Carey Foreign Mission and NAACP National Convention Pre-Musicals. She is a member of Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

Contact information regarding Dr. Sheila L. Johnson is below.

LaBlanche Enterprises Inc.

C/O Dr. Sheila Johnson                                                                                                                                                  969 Garden City Drive Suite 200

Monroeville, PA 15146


Website: www.lablancheinc.com

Email Address: www.info@lablancheinc.com                                                                                            CD Available at: cdbaby.com/drsheilaj2;  Amazon.com;  iTunes.com; googleplay.com; Amazonmusic.com

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National Recording Artist Steven Hickerson has a NEW single out called “Reset” that Everybody is talking about.

Who is Recording Artist Steven Hickerson?

Steven Clark Hickerson is a chameleon at best compared to other artists in the gospel music industry. This well‐known and multi‐talented prodigy has gained success as a singer, musician, choir director, composer, and writer. His award winning vocal genius began in his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. He began singing at the age of 4
with a kitchen as his stage, along with his mother & sister as a part of his act. Born to Sterling Sr. and Selena Hickerson, it was not a surprise that he seemingly began singing right out of the womb since both his parents were natural born singers. His parents took note of his interest in playing the piano at the age of 8. Although his father was a bit
skeptical about Steven’s organist abilities early on, his paternal grandmother would always say―Let him play, because he knows exactly what he’s doing. He continued his lessons with the Late Louise Gable of New Orleans. Choir direction wasn’t far behind as he turned the age of 12 and began directing choirs at 2nd Mount Calvary. Performing with 2nd Mount Calvary at the New Orleans Heritage & Jazz Festival was just one of his many accomplishments while serving.

At 15, he was rewarded with the 􀆟tle of ―Minister of Music there at his home church. In 2000,he later traveled with the choir under his direction to Lyon, France! His high school days were filled with opportunities to exercise his gifts/talents alongside his peers while deemed as student director of all the choirs. In 2001, he received the New Orleans Gospel Choice award for having the best high school choir in the city. Steven moved on as his career propelled him to anew position as Minister of Music at Bountiful Harvest Full Gospel Baptist church in 2002. This experience would prove to prepare him for his next move in career and ministry. It was around this time that the music that he so loved begin to purpose a real and Godly relationship for himat the age of 19. To add to his acting credits, ―Treasure in the Hood starring Ka􀆩 Williams, Reynaldo Rey, Todd Bridges and others, was a movie opportunity that Steven was humbled to appear in as a Church extra. While active in ministry, he attended Dillard University in New Orleans where he began his musical studies.

In 2005, Steven’s life seemingly detoured from many opportunities and life as he knew it in Louisiana due to Hurricane Katrina. He landed with family in Marietta, GA after several of his family and friends were displaced. After the dust settled, he began living in Dallas, GA. He began visiting Grace Community Christian Church of Kennesaw, GA with his family members in 2005. While visiting Grace, he enrolled in Kennesaw State University where he later completed his B.A. in music degree. It didn’t take very long for Steven’s gift to make room for him at this new community of faith! Dr. Christopher Chappell, Pastor of Grace, took notice and hired Steven. There he served diligently as Chief Musician for 5 Years. He was promoted at GCCC and still serves as Minister of Music since January 2011. He still faithfully serves this church and community while now residing in Hiram, Georgia.

Follow Steven on Instagram @thestevenhickerson and Twitter @schickerson

Currently, there are so many musical accomplishments to make honorable mention of for bio inclusion:

Chief Musician/Asst. Director of the Louisiana State Regional Youth & Young Adult Choir with Min. Walter S. Tardy; Several concert recordings to include: Grace Community Christian Church with Dr. Christopher Chappell, St. Thomas Missionary Baptist church choir, Louisiana State Mass Choir with Bishop Paul S. Morton. Steven is also now a proud member of the choir that he has been a fan of for many years; Ricky Dillard & New G. Ricky Dillard took notice and immediately gave Steven a stage for his
vocal and directorial abilities! He has graced and/or shared the stage with the following artists: Sonya McGuire (Local and International travel), Bishop Paul S. Morton, Dottie Peoples, Ricky Dillard, Fred Hammond, Donald Lawrence, Kim McFarland, CeCe Winans, Earnest Pugh, Naomi Cross, Chazz Reese, Jonte’ Landrum‐Thomas, Renee Crutchfield, Darwin Hobbs, La Shun Pace, Le’Andria Johnson, Jessica Reedy, David Walker, James Fortune, Dr. Bobby Jones, Robert Weaver, John P. Kee, Vonnie Lopez, Tasha
Cobbs Leonard, Bishop William Murphy, Nikki Ross, Jessica Pitts, Darius Paulk, David Walker, Kevin Lemons and Higher Calling, Dorinda Clark‐Cole, Karen Clark‐Sheard, Maranda Curtis, Isaac Carree, Brent Jones, Lowell Pye, Tramaine Hawkins, Marvin Sapp, B. Chase Williams, JJ Hairston and Youthful praise, Pastor Faye Shaw, Evangelist Eumika Body‐Griffin, the late Le’Cresia Campbell, Shawn Bigby, Charles Jenkins, Canton Jones, Johnathan McReynolds, Doug Williams, James Finley, Andre Crittenden and the
L.A.W., Kathy Taylor, Tyrone Foster and the ARC singers, Deleon Carr, Jason Nelson, Jonathan Nelson, Marica Chisolm, Evangelist Lillian Lloyd, Lisa Page‐Brooks, Tasha Page‐Lockhart, and James Hall.

He’s even performed with Barry Manilow, Preashea Hilliard, and Beverly Crawford and a host of others. The television networks that have welcomed him to share in recent years are the Word Network, BET, the Gospel Music channel, and locally WATC Atlanta 57. Steven is certainly the one to watch as the ladder for his career continues to sore higher. Steven’s modern‐churchy style coupled with God’s anointing will surely bless everyone that experiences his artistry both now and many days to come!

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October 19th, 20th, and 21st,  2017





ON October 19th, 20th, and 21st, 2017







October 19th, 20th, and 21st, ANOINTED ONES CHURCH OF DELIVERENCE in AYDEN, NC


CALL (800) 344-0076 ~… CALL  NOW !


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Take a moment and read the story of Fred Perry & 2nd Generation.

Who is Fred Perry & 2nd Generation?

Fred Perry & 2nd Generation are a traditional gospel group. They consist of a father and his 3 sons Frederick 25, Jordan 19, and Minister Isaiah Perry, 14. The ministry started while the oldest of the 3 sons Frederick, started playing some music in the family living room one day, and merely asked his father, Pastor Frederick Perry, to add a song to it. Their love for gospel music goes back for many generations throughout the family. They are a family group that truly loves the Lord and wants to use their love for music to minister in song. All of the group members not only sing, but they are musicians as well.



Fred Perry & 2nd Generation were the 2014 winners of Lisa Knowles of the Brown Singers, Evolution of Quartet Showcase in Memphis, TN. This endeavor opened many doors for their ministry. They have shared the stage with some of gospels greatest. There 1st cd was released on February 22, 2015. Their project “Heaven Sent” is filled with songs written by Pastor Frederick Perry and son Frederick Perry They were also the winners of the 2015 Exclesisa Showcase hosted by Esther Wooten, in Memphis, TN. Fred Perry & 2nd Generation held the top song of the week for 3 weeks during the month of July for the Independent Gospel Alliance. They have also been on Gloryland Gospels top 20 chart since September. Fred Perry & 2nd Generation have been nominated for 6 Rhythm of Gospel Awards for June 2016. They have been nominated for Quartet of the Year at the Triangle Awards 2017.

FP2G released their first single,”Jesus Love Me.” on March 8, 2016. They have been blessed to travel to more than 20 states in less than 2 years. Their live recording was done on November 26, 2016 and was released April 30, 2017, “The Wisdom Project.” Their ultimate goal is to reach the masses in the music industry and compel lost souls to come to Christ.

These young men of valor show their love for Christ by trying to live the life that they sing about. The youngest of the sons is 14 year old Minister Isaiah Perry, and his voice can be clearly heard every time they take the stage. They would love to come to a city near you. For booking please contact Minister Tonya L. Perry at 731-298-9659 or fp2ndgeneration@yahoo.com.

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OMG, You got to hear this song “Live To Worship” by California artist Tiffany Binion Mangum.

Who is Recording Artist Tiffany Binion Magnum

Tiffany Binion Mangum’s music personifies the essence of pure worship and exhortation. Her sultry sound compels the listener to join in unison to give praise unto God. Born and raised in Fresno, California, Tiffany was an exceptionally gifted student during her formative years, following her passion for studying piano and voice, birthed and groomed at an early age under the direction of her mother. Growing up in the Central Valley, Tiffany traveled with her mother, father, and sisters spreading the gospel through music.

Tiffany possesses over 20 years of music ministry experience, including 10+ years, at what has been considered a professional level. She also has several years of training and teaching in the arena of music and music ministry to her credit. Tiffany serves under the pastoral covering of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Paul Binion II. She is active in music ministry in her local fellowship, Westside Church of God, where Tiffany was a founding member of the youth choir and youth praise team. As a result of her early training – she operates in various capacities within the Worship Arts Ministry including Praise & Worship Leader, Trainer/Teacher, songwriter, choir director, and producer, as well as in other capacities outside of the church ministry.

Tiffany also has had the privilege of working with a variety of recording artists, including Kathy Taylor, Martha Munizzi, Joshua Rogers, the late Vernon Chappell, Christian David and friends, and others. Also, she’s had an opportunity to open for artists such as Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, Anita Wilson and Doobie Powell. She continues to render her songwriting and music ministry as a vocalist in venues, both in and outside of her church ministry, all to uplift the name of Christ outside the walls of morning worship, challenging her ministry to reach a diverse audience of listeners.

Outside of music, Tiffany’s greatest roles are the role of a wife to David Mangum and mother to Alyssa, David Paul, and Zharia. Tiffany is currently working on her debut EP to be released in January 2017.

Twitter: @TiffanyBMangum
Instagram: @TiffanyBinionMangum
Facebook: @TiffanyBinionMangum
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Recording Artist Arissie Taylor from South Florida, New single “Secret Place” is available to download.

Who Is Recording Artist Arissie Taylor?

Arissie Taylor, a native of South Florida, sang in her school and church choir as a youth and continued to sing the gospel as an adult. Her parents, Bishop Dr. Semmie and Doris Taylor, instilled the love of God in her at an early age. The most important question of her life was asked by her father, “Do you want to be God’s little girl or the devil’s little girl”? At the tender age of 7 she made the decision to be God’s little girl. And the journey began… As she continued to blossom and embarked on this journey, she reached another level in Christ.

Arissie Taylor debut single “Somebody’s Watching” is a song she has written that has a message with the music that you will really enjoy and it is available to download on all digital locations. She’s also on Twitter and Facebook.

Secret Place is a New single  which is NOW available and you will really enjoy it. This song will show another side of her angelic voice.

The hidden gifts began to awaken. She currently serves as serves alongside her husband, Bishop Larry G. Taylor, Sr. (who would not let this dream die). She is supported by her family, friends and the prayers of the congregation at Jesus Ministries Family Worship Center, Miramar Florida.

atay1Although she had never been in a studio before, God kept pressing, pulling, increasing and empowering her. She was determine to wait on His timing. At 64 years old, her music is not traditional but she sings what she hears from God. The road was rough, the going was tough and there were many hills to climb; but with humility, commitment and grace she never gave up and the next best secret is hitting the airwaves with, “Somebody’s Watching”! To God Be the Glory!!


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Have you heard “We Worship You” By recording artist Whitney Curry? It’s NOW available to download.

Who is Recording Artist Whitney Curry?

Whitney Curry, the youngest child of Bishop and Mrs. RestineT. Jackson III, is a native of Motor City, the birthplace of Motown, which is also known as, Detroit, Michigan. From a nearly age, Whitney showed a great love for God, the work of the ministry in her father’s church and a strong passion for music. At the tender age of six Whitney began to grace many stages singing solos fearlessly. Whitney went on to pursue her love for music at Bowie State University and received her Bachelor of Arts in Music Voice with a minor in Business Administration. Because of her unique position as the daughter of a Bishop and Pastor, as well as being the sister to a rising star in the Gospel Music Industry, Whitney brings aperspective that is new and compelling for her audience. The testimony of God’s blessings in her life allow people across the world to identify with her message which tells of the grace of God and what people must do to walk in the fullness of their destiny.

Since 1998, Whitney has been a part of her brother’s music ministry, Restine Jackson & Grace. In 2011, God inspired Whitney to launch her own music ministry. She has been blessed to release the hit single “Come Fill This House” which “is getting rave reviews, showcasing the amazing vocal talents of Curry,” states the Praise Break Article. Whitney is scheduled to release her next single “Worship, Deitrick Haddon, Dorinda Clark-Cole and many more gospel artists. Whitney is not boxed into just singing, but is also a talented songwriter and musician. “Worship is what I do,” explains Whitney. “I have a sound of worship in my belly. I want to deliver a worship experience every time we sing,” she says. Whitney was called to the ministry in 2001 and has faithfully prepared herself to be used by God. Elder Whitney Curry became a First Lady in July of 2009 when God elevated her husband to Pastor her church, Word of Grace Worship Center in Waldorf, MD. In addition, she is intricately involved with music at her local assembly, she leads the Praise & Worship Team, is the Director of the Grace 4 U Church Choir, as well as the overall minister of Music. God has now taken Elder Curry’s ministry to another level by elevating her husband to Senior Pastor and her to Co-Pastor of Word of Grace Worship Center in March of 2014.

Whitney’s passion for ministry has grown and she has now received her Master’s in Theology focused on Pastoral Leadership from Grand Canyon University. Elder Whitney Curry loves the Lord, loves the Ministry, loves music and most of all loves God. She believes that God has called her to minister through her music. God has given her a platform to minister in worship and song and she does not take any opportunity that she is given for granted. As she partners with her record label Wondrous World Record and Destiny Entertainment she believes her upcoming project “Free to Worship” will bless the masses.

For Bookings or for more information visit: www.destinyentwc.com

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Meet “Brother Reggie” The Owner Of Rejoice America Radio

Who Is Brother Reggie?

Reginald (Brother Reggie) Richardson was born and raised in the Washington D.C. area, and as a child, Reggie has always liked different type of music. He even was in the band from the 7th grade until he graduated from High School playing numerous of instruments. He was known for playing the Trumpet because he played in numerous of DC Go-Go Bands. After graduation from T.C. Williams High School (Remember The titans) in Alexandria Virginia, he attended Northern Virginia Community College where he pursued an interest in retail marketing. After noticing that retail wasn’t for him, he decided to try another field.

In 1993, Richardson decided to try to work in radio since he loved every type of music. He was given a chance at a radio station in Maryland, WPGC 95.5 that played Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, etc. “If it wasn’t for Donnie Simpson noticing how hard of a worker I was,(even though I was only doing volunteer work) then I don’t think that I would have gotten a chance to get my break in radio”. At WPGC he was hired to work in the research department. After hours of learning other tasks, he started working in the promotion department for years. He decided that he loved helping and working with the communities, and dealing with the public. One of his mentors was DJ Flexxx, and DJ Kool, and after assisting those DJ’s by carrying their records to different club venues, Reggie has watched and learn how to Deejay. Years later, Reggie was deejaying at clubs opening up for DJ’s such as Kid Capri, DJ Clue, and more.

He attended and got his degree at Columbia School of Broadcasting where he learned more about radio. Richardson was working at WPGC 95.5 with popular people such as Donnie Simpson, who also was on BET Video Soul, Big Tigger, (The Basement), and DJ Flexxx, who also has appeared on BET ,and has made hit records. In 1999, he moved to another station in the Washington D.C. area called WKYS 93.9, (Radio One) where he have worked with popular radio announcers such as Russ Parr, and Olivia Foxx, and did further work in Promotion. The “OUT THE BOX & RADICAL GOSPEL RADIO ANNOUNCER”

In 2003, he moved from Washington D.C. to Greenville, North Carolina and was introduced to Gospel Radio. Jim Rouse, the owner of Joy “1340am” WOOW gave him a chance, and Reginald “Bro. Reggie” was on the airwaves on Mondays and Wednesdays. Having impressed Mr. Rouse and other listeners, Bro. Reggie was promoted to be on the airwaves Monday through Fridays from 3-6pm, and on Saturday from 5-10pm along with his wife, better known as “The First Lady” on his Saturday Show. Bro. Reggie is loved by a lot of listeners,and the community and has been an asset to WOOW and the community with his dedication to what he loves to do, which is make everybody happy. In 2007, and 2010, Brother Reggie has been nominated and won the award for the #1 Gospel Radio Announcer in Eastern NC.

Brother Reggie sat down with his Pastor, Pastor John P. Kee, and his Pastor spoke into his life by telling him to step out on FAITH and launch his own 24 hrs Internet Gospel Station and be Faithful and Giving and watch how GOD Moves, and now Rejoice America Radio is The Fastest Growing 24 hrs Gospel Station on the internet playing The Best In Gospel Music and Ministries. Bro. Reggie is also a Gospel Emcee, a comedian, and a person who loves to work with the community and will do whatever he can to help anybody. Check out The Brother Reggie Show with his wife First Lady P every Monday from 7 – 9 pm est.

His motto is: “I’m just a Nobody, trying to help Everybody, who can help Somebody.

For more information call 980-505-7833

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