From Singapore to Los Angeles California, Singer and Songwriter artist Geraldine has a story to tell.

Who is Recording Artist Geraldine Png?

mil1Geradine is a singer & songwriter raised in Singapore and residing in Los Angeles, CA. She is a recovered alcoholic since 1999. A born again Christian in 2003 which Moonstone City album was conceptualized.

She narrated her personal journey in the songs starting with Moonstone City to Goodbye Moonstone plus additional songs whom certain individuals may identify and may help others start their personal journey by making that very important choice.

“I landed in Moonstone on my nineteenth birthday. It was just around the corner from where I lived and easy to find. I heard others had been there but the name, look and location was different, as it should be. Moonstone is a chosen life style. A choice filled with people who liked me for me. A life style filled with cold uncharted choices blindly made while taking no responsibility for my actions. My life’s travel brochure read”…

“Welcome to Moonstone City.
The Do Whatever, Whenever, Wherever You Want City.”

So, with my nineteen year old wisdom and wit I set out leaving friends and kin to do things my way. My sails shall always be full as well my purse.  I shall fair well.

That choice she made was about mher soul salvation.

Moonstone City Album can also be found at these following music websites : 

Reverbnation Url Link

 Soundcloud Url Link

TWITTER      :





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Introducing recording group Glory To Glory from Ayden NC and their HIT Single “Come To The River”


Who is recording group Glory II Glory?

glorrryGlory II Glory is an enthusiastic group of millennials who love God and His people and whose desire is to spread the message of Jesus one song at a time. On June 30, 2016, Glory II Glory had a date with destiny as they celebrated the release of their first single entitled, “Come To River”. The intimate evening was composed of stories of how the group was formed and humorous recaps of some of their most personal moments as a group. After the group let the audience hear snippets of songs from their upcoming album, they finally revealed their featured song with a live performance, where the audience was able to “swim” and “dip” to the beat. Under the tutelage and direction of their leaders, Apostle Ruth Peterson and Pastor Helen Williams, GIIG is fulfilling their purpose.

For bookings please visit.

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Meet Nwa Chi is an English African singer/songwriter, minister and evangelist,.

Who is International Recording Artis Nwa Chi?

rachel_album_eflyer1-1Nwa Chi is an English African singer/songwriter, minister, evangelist, charity worker, infact multitalented with a deep passion and love for God and the gospel. Her desire is to see people connect with God daily outside and in the place of worship as the Lord has instructed. Passionate about touching the heart of God with worship and ministry, leading God’s people to praise and worship Him and experience the same personal relationship.

Nwa Chi hopes that God’s music will lift and encourage people with testimonies.

Nwa Chi’s debut single ‘Redeemer Liveth’ is in response to a vision 3 months ago of masses of people in a red hot furnace; she was in the midst of a group of other pastor’s on a pulpit with huge crowd’s (worship concert) and were discussing  – ‘We better increase the Tempo of the preaching’.

Romans 10:9; If thou shall confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in thine heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shall be saved.

nr1She has great gratitude to God for all his great miracles in her life, family and the community. She proclaims God as her Father, Friend and every every.Nwa Chi’s prayer and desire is that everyone who listens to ‘Redeemer Liveth’ will experience the same awesomeness of God with great testimonies.

A teacher and accountant by day, Nwa Chi’s life took an irrevocable change some years ago when she was involved in a ghastly motor accident in West Africa and survived uninjured being the only one awake to pull everyone else out of the somersaulted car and arrange transport to hospital.Amongst her hobbies is listening to and worshipping with inspirational gospel music. Nwa Chi loves to play instruments like the flute and guitar.

Her vocal trainer has been Clare Hogan, a former singer and now vocal trainer, graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music and a vocal technique lecturer at the Salford University U.K.

Nwa Chi is a worship minister, evangelist and minister with the Overcoming Faith Outreach International Ministries in the United Kingdom. Overcoming Faith International Ministries is a prophetic and healing ministry, overseer Pastor Fred Adejo who is based in Romford, Essex. She is also a student of Benny Hinn School of Ministry and Rhema Ministries.

She states that there is no distance in the Spirit as the Holy Spirit is one.

She mentions that this single is quite comprehensive as it covers a lot of areas in the bible (praise, prayer…), she mentions a few as Job 19:25, Psalm 27, 1 Peter 5:7, Hebrews 12:1-3, Psalm 126, Psalms 91, Luke 4:38-39, Luke 7: 11-15…

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Have you downloaded “Safe In His Arms” By Christian Artist Rachel Loomis from Lansing Michigan? It’s available on all digital download locations.

Who is Christian Artist Rachel Loomis?

raaaaccccRachel Loomis, a Christian singer and songwriter, inspirational writer who have pushed the envelope with her sound of inspiration and praise. She has been known for her outreach involvement in youth facility and street ministries. She brings a fresh anointing from heaven to earth. A sense of God’s presence, grace, encouragement, and a uplifting of the broken hearted as she worships in spirit and in truth. Rachel was raised in Lansing, Michigan and her childhood consisted of traveling with the family gospel singing ministry `Songs of Deliverance´ has laid a strong foundation of a purpose driven life.

rlHer passion and heart’s desire is glorify God, to share the inspired life changing power of God through praise and to edify others in His love.
Her life testimony is proof that God takes our pain, mistakes, and tests and turns them into a beautiful testimony to be used for His purposes.
Everyone that encounters Rachel has been encouraged and embraced by the radiance of God’s love that shines through her whether in word or in deed.
Rachel desires for her life to be one that inspires, uplifts and encourages others so that the world can experience God’s love.

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Operation Of Faith based out of California is a must hear.

100569-_Operation_FaithHarold T. Johnson Sr. A native of San Antonio, Texas, began learning to play the piano at the age of 5.  He graduated from the Providence Theological Seminary in 1986.  He served as the Assistant Pastor of Harmony Missionary Baptist Church until he founded Praise Assembly Christian Church in 1998.  The Praise Assembly Christian Church located in Inglewood, CA recently celebrated their 13th Year Convocation Celebration.  To God Be The Glory! Currently, he periodically works with Liz McComb Global Music Ministry located in Paris, France.

crawfordDavid Crawford, Composer & Producer of Operation Faith was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. David received a full scholarship to California Institute of the Arts and received a Masters Degree in Music.

David is a member of the International Church of Christ and has composed and arranged several songs for the congregation. Operation Faith has been his pet project for several years  integrating his faith and music experience to create songs of worship. Producer credits include Vesta (A&M Records), Chuck Cissel (Arista Records). He began his professional career as an Orchestrator/Arranger for such artists as Sylvers, Patti Labelle, Confunkshun, Gladys Knight, Mary J. Blige, The Whispers, Shalamar, Rene & Angela, Bobby Womack and many others just to name a few.

For more information, please log on to:

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WAR by Tampa Florida J.E. White is a must hear and NOW available for download.

Who is Recording Artist Jan White?

js2With a quote like this being someone’s motto, one must truly have a passion for what they do.  J.E White, is just that. This hard- working woman of God has many accomplishments such as singing classical music at Carnegie Hall, background vocals for Mali Music and Jessica Reedy, sharing a stage with Tye Tribbett and Kirk Franklin, and most proud moment to date being asked to travel to Italy as a featured soloist at St.Peters Basilica and other well known places across Italy.

 J.E. White started singing when she was three years old and began learning instruments at the age of six. “At three I was too young to join the church choir but it’s all I thought about until I was old enough. I knew all of the songs and I wanted nothing more than to be able to sing”.  As time went on, her love for music increased tremendously.  Inspired by music legends such as Donny Hathaway, Mahalia Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Julie London, Nat King Cole, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Cole Porter, The Clark Sisters, Donald Lawrence, Ricky Dillard, Hezekiah Walker, John Coltrane, John P Kee, Richard Smallwood, Sarah Vauhan and the list goes on.

jw1However, her true inspiration and love of music came from her oldest brother. Being extremely close,  she picked up his love of music and never stopped. Not only her brother, but her father as well. When she was young, J E White would do just about everything with her father. He was a percussionist and of course… he loved music. Having two people in her life so close to her, it would seem unfair and a reason to lose passion in her gift when they passed away six weeks apart from each other. (Father ~December 14, 2008 & Brother~February 7, 2009).  This was indeed very hard to overcome, but her faith in God was all she had left. In all this, feeling alone and taken out of her comfort zone, she overcame the loss of two people very dear to her by finding her own way and back into the heart of her music. Her brother and father were her biggest fans. The first song Ms. White ever recorded, she was about 12 or 13. Her god-brother received some tracks from a producer in Miami.  In her mom’s living room , with a computer mic and a really old music recording program, she free styled on her first record.

 J.E White, from a musical beginning to a hardship and now an overcomer is currently working with grant writers to get funding for her first organization called Composition Virtue. Through this organization, she wants to have programs for young girls and young women alike to teach them about the arts and the different outlets that the arts provide. She hopes to incorporate workshops, master classes, and seminars, teaching girls and young women that there is nothing wrong with being themselves.

 Aside from giving back what God has given to her, she released her first single “Thats Love” in August 2012  which debuted at number 22 on the Itunes charts, and her debut EP From The Heart of Me: Vol 1 The Introduction hit the charts in its debut week at number 4. The now Owner of J E White Music Group, is working hard! Her new single War is out toping the charts at number 10 in its first week of release July 2016!!! She is currently working on her first full album, slated for completion Fall ’16, and release in 2017!  What else does the Tampa, Florida resident have in store? One can only sit back and watch God elevate her into higher heights.

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Meet “Brother Reggie” The Radical Gospel Radio Announcer and Owner of Rejoice America Radio.

Reginald (Brother Reggie) Richardson was born and raised in the Washington D.C. area, and as a child, Reggie has always liked different type of music. He even was in the band from the 7th grade until he graduated from High School playing numerous of instruments. He was known for playing the Trumpet because he played in numerous of DC Go-Go Bands.

After graduation from T.C. Williams High School (Remember The titans) in Alexandria Virginia, he attended Northern Virginia Community College where he pursued an interest in retail marketing. After noticing that retail wasn’t for him, he decided to try another field.

In 1993, Richardson decided to try to work in radio since he loved every type of music. He was given a chance at a radio station in Maryland, WPGC 95.5 that played Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, etc. “If it wasn’t for Donnie Simpson noticing how hard of a worker I was,(even though I was only doing volunteer work) then I don’t think that I would have gotten a chance to get my break in radio”.  At WPGC he was hired to work in the research department. After hours of learning other tasks, he started working in the promotion department for years. He decided that he loved helping and working with the communities, and dealing with the public.

One of his mentors was DJ Flexxx, and DJ Kool, and after assisting those DJ’s by carrying their records to different club venues, Reggie has watched and learn how to Deejay. Years later, Reggie was deejaying at clubs opening up for DJ’s such as Kid Capri, DJ Clue, and more.

He attended and got his degree at Columbia School of Broadcasting where he learned more about radio.

Richardson was working at WPGC 95.5 with popular people such as Donnie Simpson, who also was on BET Video Soul, Big Tigger, (The Basement), and DJ Flexxx, who also has appeared on BET ,and has made hit records.

In 1999, he moved to another station in the Washington D.C. area called WKYS 93.9, (Radio One) where he have worked with popular radio announcers such as Russ Parr, and Olivia Foxx, and did further work in Promotion.


In 2003, he moved from Washington D.C. to Greenville, North Carolina and was introduced to Gospel Radio. Jim Rouse, the owner of Joy “1340am” WOOW gave him a chance, and Reginald “Bro. Reggie” was on the airwaves on Mondays and Wednesdays. Having impressed Mr. Rouse and other listeners, Bro. Reggie was promoted to be on the airwaves  Monday through Fridays from 3-6pm, and on Saturday from 5-10pm along with his wife, better known as “The First Lady” on his Saturday Show.

Bro. Reggie is loved by a lot of listeners,and the community and has been an asset to WOOW and the community with his dedication to what he loves to do, which is make everybody happy.

In 2007, and 2010, Brother Reggie has been nominated and won the award for the #1 Gospel Radio Announcer in Eastern NC.

Brother Reggie sat down with his Pastor, Pastor John P. Kee, and his Pastor spoke into his life by telling him to step out on FAITH and launch his own 24 hrs Internet Gospel Station and be Faithful and Giving and watch how GOD Moves, and now Rejoice America Radio is The Fastest Growing 24 hrs Gospel Station on the internet playing The Best In Gospel Music and Ministries.

Bro. Reggie is also a Gospel Emcee, a comedian, and a person who loves to work with the community and will do whatever he can to help anybody.

First lady P showCheck out The Brother Reggie Show with his wife First Lady P every Monday from 7 – 9 pm est.

His motto is:

“I’m just a Nobody, trying to help Everybody, who can help Somebody.”

Contact Number: 980-299-9725

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International Artist Solomon has a debut single called “Remember” for you to hear.

Who is International Recording Artist Solomon?

s111Although born British, the musical journey of this UK based Gospel Minister started with a 6 year old following his mum to choir rehearsals at the Holy Family Catholic church, Barnawa, Kaduna, Nigeria, Africa.

This continued up till the point he gave his heart to Jesus.Active singing in concerts and a variety of functions commenced in 1994 when he co-founded an acappella  group SOP (Sounds of Praise) with two other childhood friends Robert Reuben and Washima  Anande-Kur a.k.a. Bobby and Washi.

This group lasted a few years and ended as they went to different universities. While studying chemical engineering in university, he once again co-founded another acapella group Q-Praise (Quality Praise) which lasted for the duration of his degree programme and inspired other younger groups that came after.


A Professional Process Engineer by day and married to the fabulous Florence Igboayaka, Solomon is also a singer, song writer and Worship leader in his local church – the Fountain of Love Aberdeen aka FOL –  for the last 8 years. He continues to be a part of the Heart Song Ministry that hosts “Engage”  an annual worship conference held in Aberdeen.

s222( believes that his music & ministry has one purpose i.e to speak restoration and healing always to situations, relationships, minds, emotions, bodies and ministries. He believes that the songs we sing to Father and about Him shouldn’t just be about our experiences of and with Him but should also find their basis in His Word. Some songs sound wonderful and make one “feel”  “worshippy” but is their content in line with the Word of God? The reason he says this is because feelings come and go, experiences can change but the Word of God endures forever.  He believes that an open and honest relationship with the Father (no pretence or excuses about mistakes, gaffes or sins) engenders an atmosphere that allows the Spirit of God to “birth” new songs that carry His unction in deed and address the various issues in the Body of Christ.

Finally, Solomon truly believes that his music will not only “edify” the Body of Christ, but will also draw the unbelieving to a place where they are willing to accept the salvation that has already been freely given.

You can connect with Solomon on

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To all my Quartet Lovers, You got to hear The Gospel Starlights from Tifton Georgia.

Who are the Gospel Starlights?

gospel high1The Gospel Starlights of Tifton, Georgia, have been on the gospel highway since 1990. What is distinctive about the quartet is that it is comprised of four women and one man, as opposed to the more typical single-gender quartet structure. It makes sense when you realize that all the members are family: they formed the group in the home of their parents, Bennie Frank and Betty Gean Hill.

One could say that the male-female personnel makes it more of a gospel group than a quartet, but make no mistake: on their new single, “Glorify,” the Gospel Starlights have a quartet sound, right down to the backbeat, the pumping old-school vamp, and the precision antiphonal work between lead Andrew Hill and the ladies, represented by Victoria Alexander, Lowindy Barber, Tiffany Hill, and Betty Hill. “Glorify” is straight-up hand clapping praise music. Their single Glorify is currently available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, or CDBABY. God bless! For Bookings, CDs, DVDs, and T-Shirts,
contact Andrew Hill @ 229-560-3701,, or mail at P.O. Box 2126 Tifton, Ga. 31793

For Bookings or for more information, please visit:

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Recording Artist Latillia J from South Florida got NEW music coming your way real soon.


“LATILLIA J” is a Christian recording artist who sings with great passion. She also an Award winner of the Urban Inspirational Awards as well as South Florida Gospel Music Awards Nominee You can really feel the release of anointing mixed with her testimony of overcoming within every note that she sings. She is known for her strong voice & soulful sound.

Latillia J has recorded & performed on stages with artists such as Grammy nominated National Recording artist Canton Jones, Thor the Champ aka T-Haddy & more.

With LATILLIA J’s strong dedication to God, music, & drive to reach others, she will become a great success with anything she touches.

“LATILLIA J” has been singing since she can remember walking. She was the youngest person in the adult choir when she joined at the age of 10. Her mother raised her & her sibilings in a christian home and “GOD was all I knew“, she says. Growing up “LATILLIA J” attended many group and choir competitions with her school and church, honoring GOD with her voice & life.


LatillThere came a time came when I drifted away from God blaming the “CHURCH” because of my own ignorance. When I got pregnant with my daughter that’s when I turned my back on GOD. I rebelled against all that I knew was right. I began to hit the club scene, began drinking to fit into the crowd, I even began to smoke marijuana as I felt it was my stress reliever but never did GOD leave my side. I was convicted everyday, but GOD allowed my life to crumble slowly before my eyes. My oldest son began to suffer (in crises)almost daily with what the doctors have diagnosed as Sickle Cell Anemia inspite that that I still did what I wanted to do. I even would rebel against singing, although it was my passion. I felt if I wasn’t living right there was no need to be a hypocrite. I silenced myself from GOD and felt I lost my anointing in the process.

I ended up loosing everything I thought was dear to me until I allowed GOD back into my life.He delivered me from my sins and addictions that had me bound. I have since made a commitment to never turn back no matter how tough the situation may seem I will use my GIFT to uplift the name of JESUS. Through the storm n rain I will forever give him praise.


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