Meet “Brother Reggie” The Owner Of Rejoice America Radio

Who Is Brother Reggie?

Reginald (Brother Reggie) Richardson was born and raised in the Washington D.C. area, and as a child, Reggie has always liked different type of music. He even was in the band from the 7th grade until he graduated from High School playing numerous of instruments. He was known for playing the Trumpet because he played in numerous of DC Go-Go Bands. After graduation from T.C. Williams High School (Remember The titans) in Alexandria Virginia, he attended Northern Virginia Community College where he pursued an interest in retail marketing. After noticing that retail wasn’t for him, he decided to try another field.

In 1993, Richardson decided to try to work in radio since he loved every type of music. He was given a chance at a radio station in Maryland, WPGC 95.5 that played Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, etc. “If it wasn’t for Donnie Simpson noticing how hard of a worker I was,(even though I was only doing volunteer work) then I don’t think that I would have gotten a chance to get my break in radio”. At WPGC he was hired to work in the research department. After hours of learning other tasks, he started working in the promotion department for years. He decided that he loved helping and working with the communities, and dealing with the public. One of his mentors was DJ Flexxx, and DJ Kool, and after assisting those DJ’s by carrying their records to different club venues, Reggie has watched and learn how to Deejay. Years later, Reggie was deejaying at clubs opening up for DJ’s such as Kid Capri, DJ Clue, and more.

He attended and got his degree at Columbia School of Broadcasting where he learned more about radio. Richardson was working at WPGC 95.5 with popular people such as Donnie Simpson, who also was on BET Video Soul, Big Tigger, (The Basement), and DJ Flexxx, who also has appeared on BET ,and has made hit records. In 1999, he moved to another station in the Washington D.C. area called WKYS 93.9, (Radio One) where he have worked with popular radio announcers such as Russ Parr, and Olivia Foxx, and did further work in Promotion. The “OUT THE BOX & RADICAL GOSPEL RADIO ANNOUNCER”

In 2003, he moved from Washington D.C. to Greenville, North Carolina and was introduced to Gospel Radio. Jim Rouse, the owner of Joy “1340am” WOOW gave him a chance, and Reginald “Bro. Reggie” was on the airwaves on Mondays and Wednesdays. Having impressed Mr. Rouse and other listeners, Bro. Reggie was promoted to be on the airwaves Monday through Fridays from 3-6pm, and on Saturday from 5-10pm along with his wife, better known as “The First Lady” on his Saturday Show. Bro. Reggie is loved by a lot of listeners,and the community and has been an asset to WOOW and the community with his dedication to what he loves to do, which is make everybody happy. In 2007, and 2010, Brother Reggie has been nominated and won the award for the #1 Gospel Radio Announcer in Eastern NC.

Brother Reggie sat down with his Pastor, Pastor John P. Kee, and his Pastor spoke into his life by telling him to step out on FAITH and launch his own 24 hrs Internet Gospel Station and be Faithful and Giving and watch how GOD Moves, and now Rejoice America Radio is The Fastest Growing 24 hrs Gospel Station on the internet playing The Best In Gospel Music and Ministries. Bro. Reggie is also a Gospel Emcee, a comedian, and a person who loves to work with the community and will do whatever he can to help anybody. Check out The Brother Reggie Show with his wife First Lady P every Monday from 7 – 9 pm est.

His motto is: “I’m just a Nobody, trying to help Everybody, who can help Somebody.

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Be on the Look Out for Atlanta’s Own Recording Artist “Kena”

Who is Recording Artist Kena?

Kena, her name says it all, “unique”. Kena was born to sing. She’s an amazing singer/songwriter with a gift from God. Early on, the Atlanta based singer/songwriter discovered that she had the gift of songwriting. She spent many years filling notebooks full of songs.  Although she had the gift of songwriting, it wasn’t until the age of 12 that she discovered she had the gift of singing. One Sunday, she went to church as usual, but this time it was different.  When she got home from church, Kena decided that she was going to sing. So, she ask her mom to listen to her sing. Her mom was astonished! She was in such awe of Kena’s voice that she quickly took Kena over to her cousin’s house who attended a performing arts school to confirm the gift that she recently discovered Kena had. Her cousin listened and quickly confirmed that Kena indeed was blessed with the gift of singing.

So, the next Sunday Kena was allowed to sing as a guest soloist with the Adult Choir.  The youth was always encouraged to share their talents, but nobody expected a kid to have such a big presence. The choir started singing and Kena begin to lead the song. The anointing was on her as she allowed God to use her and the rest is history. She officially became a member of the adult choir where she lead and directed many songs. She went on to attend a performing Arts schools where she learned to sight read and she placed high in several competitions including American Idol.  Kena got off track with the distractions of the world and unfortunately used her gift wrongfully, amidst being warned several times by close friends and family that her gift was for God. She eventually returned back to her roots and vowed to serve God. She considers herself under construction and a work in progress. She doesn’t focus on the time lost. She believes that she’s right where she is supposed to be, when she is suppose to be. She says it’s God’s timing and as she stated, “his timing is PERFECT”! So, while she’s under construction get ready to experience God’s grace and peace as she spreads God’s L-O-V-E.

For more information please visit:

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Musician/Songwriter/Producer & Recording Artist Derek Brown from Ohio wants Everybody to “Stand Up”

Who is recording artist D. Brown?

From Junior High School Boys Glee Club to being a vocal major at Ohio State University, music is a major part of Derek Brown’s life. Derek L. Brown, aka D. Brown, was born to musical parents. From the very beginning, he was surrounded by music, and now he is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He uses what God has blessed him with to create music that has been described as “unique, authentic, worshipful, eclectic and sincere.”

As an adult, Derek started his musical career through singing for and with various artists and then later picked up the guitar to support them musically. Derek’s debut CD “Eclectic” produced in 2011, showcases the diversity of the musical influences he’s collected throughout his life. From Praise & Worship, Contemporary Christian, and Hip Hop, to Jazz, Rock, Spoken Word and R&B, he weaves together various styles to produce a distinct sound. In this album, Derek announced to the world that the God he serves is awesome, full of grace and mercy, a restorer, and that He is a good God. On TBN in 2012 he had the opportunity to share not only his music but his testimony of how God has been a healer, a deliverer and a restorer in his life. In 2010, Derek founded Eclectic Music Conceptions (EMC) — a music production company he uses to create music that inspires, encourages and moves listeners to draw closer to God. From writing, producing and recording he uses EMC not only to create music for himself but for other artists.

In 2013, Derek produced “And the Word Became Flesh”, a CD of music and spoken word; a collaboration of soul and spirit. Working alongside spoken word artists Tifani “The Prophetic Poetess” Kendrick, Javier Sanchez and Barbara Fant, this live recording captures the energy and the power of the spoken word. It has been described as “jazzy, smooth, inspirational and thought provoking.” The latest project released by D. Brown through EMC is a new album entitled “Eclectic Vol II.” After taking some time to write and reflect, Eclectic Vol II is a continuation of his initial release Eclectic in that it speaks to the goodness of God using various styles of music. From the Christian Hip Hop anthem (CHH) “Stand Up” featuring B. Moses and RaShawn Truss; the smooth jazz sound of “DaySpring” featuring Chris Hoyte to the gospel infused “You Are Worthy of All The Praise” Eclectic Vol II displays the love of God in different ways.Over the years, God has blessed Derek to either perform or record with amazingly gifted singers and musicians. From Tim Hitchcock & Spirit of Truth, Tanesha Holland-Davis, Daniel Winans, Rosetta Perry, Christon Gray, Milton Ruffin, Keith Reed Jr. & New Sound of Worship, Leon Timbo and Nia Allen, God is continuing to use him to spread the “good news” of Jesus Christ through music.

For Bookings or for more information visit:  dbrownemc

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“Don’t Sleep With The Help” by Author Adrianna Wilson is a book your MUST read.

Who is Book Author Adrianna Wilson?

Adrianne Wilson is a PK (preacher’s kid) reared in the Apostolic faith. While her dad preached, along with her seven siblings they harmonized in song all around the US.

Blessed with many talents and skills, Adrianne utilizes her administrative and computer training knowledge as a consultant within fortune 500 companies and local non-profit organizations.

As founder and Executive Director of the Power of One 3C Foundation, she creates events and programs synergistically with the power of the Church, Community, and City to build better communities,

“The Project Lady” uses her graphic design, event coordination, program development, and musical skills to create one of a kind event experiences.

Adrianne is the mother of three equally talented beautiful daughters and six amazing grandchildren. But the love of her life is her 106-year-old grandmother “Mombe” who to this day gives her rock solid advice.

For more information please visit:

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Introducing upcoming artist from South Carolina, Fiona Varner and her “HIT” single “Soul Survivor” is NOW available to download

Who is Recording Artist Fiona Varner?

Fiona Varner, a native of Prince George County Maryland, is a woman after God’s own heart. Her passion for music keeps her vibrant and full of spunk. Fiona refuses to be boxed in and is not afraid to allow creativity to flow through her songs. Her multi-cultural sound is universal.

fiona-promo Fiona new single”Soul Survivor” is available on all digital download locations.


Recording artist Fiona Varner has a unique style of music with reaches people of all ages.She have shared the stage with numerous of artists and have been nominated for numerous awards. She’s an artist who really do love the LORD, and you can hear it in her music which is available on all digital download locations.

fv1Fiona Varner wants those who listens to her music to understand and know that GOD loves them and he will never give up on them. Fiona Varner who resides in South Carolina is available to come minster at your event, and her stage presence will lead you into worship and you will not be disappointed.

For more information

For Booking Fiona Varner Email:

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“When A Man Worships” is a song by Dr. Mark A Williams that you must hear. The Man behind the Medicine, Music and Ministry.

Who is Dr. Mark A. Williams

Dr. Mark A. Williams is a multi-faceted man who is an expert in the medical field, has a prolific musical ability and is anointed for ministering with an unstoppable determination and love for God.

He is a board certified Otolaryngologist with a thriving surgical practice – The Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists of Nashville located in Nashville, TN. In addition to his private surgical practice, he is an adjunct assistant professor at Meharry Medical College and founded the Voice Care Center of Nashville where he specializes in treating and preventing voice problems in Christian and Gospel music artists.

Williams is also a songwriter, Worship leader and Gospel recording artist which gives him a profound insight to not only the medical and surgical implications of voice disturbances, but also the many spiritual impacts. Williams combines his skillset and passion using every opportunity to treat voice problems and educate on vocal care and has even creatively done so in his instructional DVD UNDERSTANDING YOUR VOICE, YOUR INSTRUMENT. His many exceptional skill sets and talents affords the ideal mechanisms for Merging Music, Ministry and Medicine.


“I have been given tremendous favor in opportunities to educate the body of Christ on the importance of the voice – not just for singers but for every believer,” expresses Williams. Williams has facilitated workshops and been featured at Gospel Announcers Guild Conventions, Beyond Potential Music Gathering, I.M.A.C.Conference, Bobby Jones Gospel, TCT TV, Airplay 360 Ezine and served as on-call voice doctor for The Dove Awards. The primary goal for Williams is the education of singers, preachers and speakers in proper vocal technique and voice hygiene to help prevent the development of voice problems and ultimately enhance the worship experience.

Along with being a physician, a songwriter, lecturer, worship leader and elder at his home church Oasis Worship Center, most significantly, Williams is a husband and father to which there is a divine balance. “I have a wife and three children who love the Lord and understand the call of God on my life,” Williams adoringly states. “More importantly, they celebrate and not simply tolerate the calling.”

Williams is first and foremost the priest of his home and without reservation will sacrifice for his family. “Lord knows my commitment to my family and that I would not do anything to compromise the health of my family,” he explains. “God is not glorified if I leave my first ministry poorly attended to for the sake of ministry outside the home to strangers.”

For bookings or for more information please visit:

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OMG, You got to hear this song “Live To Worship” by California artist Tiffany Binion Mangum.

Who is Recording Artist Tiffany Binion Magnum

Tiffany Binion Mangum’s music personifies the essence of pure worship and exhortation. Her sultry sound compels the listener to join in unison to give praise unto God. Born and raised in Fresno, California, Tiffany was an exceptionally gifted student during her formative years, following her passion for studying piano and voice, birthed and groomed at an early age under the direction of her mother. Growing up in the Central Valley, Tiffany traveled with her mother, father, and sisters spreading the gospel through music.

Tiffany possesses over 20 years of music ministry experience, including 10+ years, at what has been considered a professional level. She also has several years of training and teaching in the arena of music and music ministry to her credit. Tiffany serves under the pastoral covering of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Paul Binion II. She is active in music ministry in her local fellowship, Westside Church of God, where Tiffany was a founding member of the youth choir and youth praise team. As a result of her early training – she operates in various capacities within the Worship Arts Ministry including Praise & Worship Leader, Trainer/Teacher, songwriter, choir director, and producer, as well as in other capacities outside of the church ministry.

Tiffany also has had the privilege of working with a variety of recording artists, including Kathy Taylor, Martha Munizzi, Joshua Rogers, the late Vernon Chappell, Christian David and friends, and others. Also, she’s had an opportunity to open for artists such as Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, Anita Wilson and Doobie Powell. She continues to render her songwriting and music ministry as a vocalist in venues, both in and outside of her church ministry, all to uplift the name of Christ outside the walls of morning worship, challenging her ministry to reach a diverse audience of listeners.

Outside of music, Tiffany’s greatest roles are the role of a wife to David Mangum and mother to Alyssa, David Paul, and Zharia. Tiffany is currently working on her debut EP to be released in January 2017.

Twitter: @TiffanyBMangum
Instagram: @TiffanyBinionMangum
Facebook: @TiffanyBinionMangum
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Recording Artist Jennifer Page is coming out real soon with new music.

Who Is Recording Artist Jennifer Page?

Born in Little Rock, Arkansas as the daughter of a preacher, Jennifer developed a love for God and a love for music at a very early age. She began singing at the tender age of 2, when she received her first microphone as a Christmas gift from her parents. She then began to sing in the children’s choir at church, sing solos at a young age, attended school talent shows, and joined her school choir. As she grew, so did her passion for music. Music became a part of her, even during the struggles of life, God and music got her through those times. From having a child out of wedlock, dropping out of college, and even battling depression, suicidal thoughts, and more, Jennifer would often go back to the song that she learned at an early age, “Yes Jesus Loves Me.”

God spoke through what seemed to be such a simple song, and helped her to realized that even if no one else in the world loved her (which they did), that GOD loved her, and He proved it by sending someone so special to Him to die for the sins of the world. God has turned what seemed to be bad situations, into a message of hope and healing, not only for her, but to others, to encourage them to continue to trust God even when they don’t understand, and when things seem bleak. One her favorite scriptures is Romans 8:28 which says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose. God has shown Jennifer over the years, that no, everyday won’t be good, but to trust Him and believe that things are working together. She is beyond grateful to God that He has taken her through trials and tribulations, and is proud that God is using her as an instrument of worship, to motivate others. God has put His stamp of approval on this young lady’s life by allowing His precious anointing to rest upon her life.

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Atlanta Georgia native Wanda Mo’Net is no stranger to the industry and wants to share her gift.

Who Is Recording Artist Wanda Mo’Net?

A native of Atlanta Georgia , This Award Winning Artist Wanda Mo’Net began singing publicly at the age of three years old. Her vocal capabilities and voice range has grown over the years gaining her attention from music lovers from all over the country.

Her powerful; yet sultry blend of Gospel mixed with an Urban Contemporary style; brings forth a breath of fresh anointing through her sound as she is anticipated to become one of the most sought out and upcoming Artist to watch.

Wanda Mo’Net has shared the stage and performed for well-known Gospel Artist such as: Kirk Franklin, Dottie Peoples, B. Chase Williams and Shabach, Bishop JD Means, Bishop Greg O’Quinn and many others. She is also a former member of the world renowned Georgia Mass Choir under the direction of Rev. Milton Biggham.

Embarking now in her solo career; Wanda Mo’Net has teamed with Grammy- Nominated and Stellar Award Winning Producer Kenny Smith and Airtight Entertainment Inc. With the release of the singles “ HoldFast” and “ Driven by Purpose” which will appear on the highly-anticipated Freshmen CD in 2017, has caused her much attention in the music industry. The single Driven By Purpose gained her CCM song of the year in 2015 through the N.I.G.M.A. and has granted her a Nominee finalist for Female Artist of the year for the 2016 Gospel Choice Awards.

Wanda desires to reach people of all cultures with her music and travels. Her testimony has already made such an impact that listeners from all races continue to be encouraged to be all that God has ordained them to be as long as they continue to fight and push forward to their purpose, using a motto “Gods delay is not a denial”.

Experience her voice and add the fresh sound of this Artist to your music pallet, Wanda Mo’Net !

For More Information please visit:

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Juan Santiago & The Uninhibited Praise is still making good music..

Who Is Juan Santiago & The Uninhibited Praise?

JSUP is a well-renowned gospel group who continues to reach multitudes with an inspirational and authentic sophisticated sound.The group is uniquely known for singing in Spanish. It was in 2005 where JSUP released their first album, “Takin’ it to Da Streetz” and the gospel group has opened up and performed for artist such as Pastor Shirley Caesar, Bobby Jones Gospel, Keith Pringle, and The Canton Spirituals to name a few.

In 2010, JSUP signed with Naro Group Productions® and released their sophomore album “The Ultimate Worship Experience – Live”. Recently, JSUP released their newest single “Take Your Burdens” that is currently charting at #2 on I-Gospel Radio.

Gospel Recording Artist Juan Santiago wants listeners to witness the musical journey of JSUP and see the transition God has brought the group since the last project. “In order to spread the gospel, you have to know how to connect to God’s people,” he stated.

Contact Booking Manager

Juan Santiago & The Uninhibited Praise (JSUP)


Office: (919) 999-8668



Twitter @JSUPJSUP4

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