National Recording artist Terri McConnell has a Brand New single entitled “I Thank You Lord”

Who is Recording Artist Terri McConnell?

The Music Ministry of Terri McConnell will certainly “Encourage your heart” and “Lift your Spirit” with a joy felt message of God’s love for all. She is an Inspiring and gifted Songstress whose “warm smile” expresses her dedication and determination to spreading the Gospel to the world.

Terri is no stranger the Gospel Music Industry and is a Native of Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Her professional background had been nursing; however she is now blessed with a dynamic Music Ministry and is a National Recording Artist.


She recorded her first project with the renowned and much respected producer, “Sanchez Harley”. Her sophomore project was produced by the great Percy Gray which landed her song titled; There is Power, written by Daniel Witherspoon in the top 40 on BDS.
Terri is known nationally and internationally with a 30day European Tour. Terri is a two time Rhythm of Gospel Music Award winner (2011 and 2013) for Traditional Female Vocalist of the year. Terri has appeared on many Concerts, Conferences, Workshops, Musicals, Revivals, Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel T V Show, The Word Network, Church Services locally and nationally. Her educational background started out in nursing and she now holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and a Masters Degree in Administrative Leadership from the University of Oklahoma.

Terri’s utmost focus is that God will get all the “Honor” from what He has called and blessed her to do through Music. She will continue to uphold a “standard” of living that will be pleasing and acceptable unto God while singing praises and lifting her voice to the “Glory of God”!!!

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Rap Artist Nicki Manaj Tweets Rejoice America Radio and requests “Your Spirit” By National Recording Artist Tasha Cobbs Leonard

There has been so much back and forth from “Church Folks” about Nicki Manaj and Tasha Cobbs on a song together but here’s the proof on why Rejoice America Radio have no problem with ANY secular Artist singing with a Inspirational artist. The Owner Brother Reggie, who radio career started his radio career on the secular side in 1992, and who have also deejay at night clubs says that the collab of the two artists can benefit both artists. “When I was on the Secular Stations, I was still listening to the Gospel Station on Sundays Only and now that I am on the “Gospel” side of the Industry, I still listens to the Secular music”.

Brother Reggie says “It bothers me at times when I hear the “Christians”especially Pastors down talking the Secular artists saying that they are NOT saved because of the music they sing or even their life style, when some of the Pastors life styles are worse and the reason on why I can say this is because I know a lot of Pastors who be “Down Talking” the secular world on a personal level”.

I am glad to see the Nicki Manaj Tweeted my station to request Tasha Cobbs song “Your Spirit”. Her tweet have sent lots of more listeners to tune in to the station and you never know what person life have been changed by just one tweet. Thanks Nicki.

Rejoice America Radio is NOT just for those who enjoys listening to Inspirational music, it’s for those who just enjoys music.

You can also hear Nicki Manaj mother Carol Maraj song “Endless” on Rejoice America Radio

Log on to: or go to your google play store and download the app.

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Meet “Brother Reggie” The Owner Of Rejoice America Radio

Who Is Brother Reggie?

Reginald (Brother Reggie) Richardson was born and raised in the Washington D.C. area, and as a child, Reggie has always liked different type of music. He even was in the band from the 7th grade until he graduated from High School playing numerous of instruments. He was known for playing the Trumpet because he played in numerous of DC Go-Go Bands. After graduation from T.C. Williams High School (Remember The titans) in Alexandria Virginia, he attended Northern Virginia Community College where he pursued an interest in retail marketing. After noticing that retail wasn’t for him, he decided to try another field.

In 1993, Richardson decided to try to work in radio since he loved every type of music. He was given a chance at a radio station in Maryland, WPGC 95.5 that played Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, etc. “If it wasn’t for Donnie Simpson noticing how hard of a worker I was,(even though I was only doing volunteer work) then I don’t think that I would have gotten a chance to get my break in radio”. At WPGC he was hired to work in the research department. After hours of learning other tasks, he started working in the promotion department for years. He decided that he loved helping and working with the communities, and dealing with the public. One of his mentors was DJ Flexxx, and DJ Kool, and after assisting those DJ’s by carrying their records to different club venues, Reggie has watched and learn how to Deejay. Years later, Reggie was deejaying at clubs opening up for DJ’s such as Kid Capri, DJ Clue, and more.

He attended and got his degree at Columbia School of Broadcasting where he learned more about radio. Richardson was working at WPGC 95.5 with popular people such as Donnie Simpson, who also was on BET Video Soul, Big Tigger, (The Basement), and DJ Flexxx, who also has appeared on BET ,and has made hit records. In 1999, he moved to another station in the Washington D.C. area called WKYS 93.9, (Radio One) where he have worked with popular radio announcers such as Russ Parr, and Olivia Foxx, and did further work in Promotion. The “OUT THE BOX & RADICAL GOSPEL RADIO ANNOUNCER”

In 2003, he moved from Washington D.C. to Greenville, North Carolina and was introduced to Gospel Radio. Jim Rouse, the owner of Joy “1340am” WOOW gave him a chance, and Reginald “Bro. Reggie” was on the airwaves on Mondays and Wednesdays. Having impressed Mr. Rouse and other listeners, Bro. Reggie was promoted to be on the airwaves Monday through Fridays from 3-6pm, and on Saturday from 5-10pm along with his wife, better known as “The First Lady” on his Saturday Show. Bro. Reggie is loved by a lot of listeners,and the community and has been an asset to WOOW and the community with his dedication to what he loves to do, which is make everybody happy. In 2007, and 2010, Brother Reggie has been nominated and won the award for the #1 Gospel Radio Announcer in Eastern NC.

Brother Reggie sat down with his Pastor, Pastor John P. Kee, and his Pastor spoke into his life by telling him to step out on FAITH and launch his own 24 hrs Internet Gospel Station and be Faithful and Giving and watch how GOD Moves, and now Rejoice America Radio is The Fastest Growing 24 hrs Gospel Station on the internet playing The Best In Gospel Music and Ministries. Bro. Reggie is also a Gospel Emcee, a comedian, and a person who loves to work with the community and will do whatever he can to help anybody. Check out The Brother Reggie Show with his wife First Lady P every Monday from 7 – 9 pm est.

His motto is: “I’m just a Nobody, trying to help Everybody, who can help Somebody.

For more information call 980-505-7833

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This anointed teenager DeDrinique Barnes from Florida is coming your way real soon.

Who is recording artist DeDrinique Barnes?

Anointed to serve this present age, young & old, DeDrinique Barnes, now 17 years of age, is a true Young Servant of the Lord God Almighty, Often Known As “Noony, DeDrinique is a Positive, Unique, And Fun-Filled Individual who serves God with all he has. DeDrinique began singing at an early age and was discovered to have quite the anointed voice when she chimed in and stole the lead verse from her older sister when they (her sister DeSiree, Mother Missionary Barnes, and herself) were ministering at church. Losing her Father at an early age, DeDrinique continued to draw strength from her love of God and His Grace and the love of her Devoted & Supportive Mother. Raised by a single Mother, DeDrinique is the youngest in her Mom’s family of 3 children.

She Is Very different From the Typical Teenagers in today’s society. DeDrinique believes In Being Youthful and Having Fun but she also believes in being Holy & Keeping God First! She encourages and influences People in Her Community, everywhere city she travels to, and reaches thousands on social media. She has a unique styles as not only is she a singer she is quite the percussion musician. In addition, she is an avid student of the Word of God and is often called on by her Pastor to bring the word on Youth Sundays. She spends time making comedic videos of things that come to her or mind or a parody he or there of those close to her. Her Passion for the Music continues to be an indescribable feeling as she pens her worships and praises to God. She Believes That Music Is Art & Art Is Music. And If You Have No Art, You Have No Music! When Encouraging Herself She says, “Just VIBE, trust God & SING for His Glory! DeDrinique wants to spread the good news to any and everyone who will listen and to those who don’t but it never stops her from sharing. DeDrinique turned 16 on March 16, 2016 and celebrated for the second year, with a gospel music concert of anointed Gospel Artists on March 19, 2016, where she will be released her first single that she wrote, “Total Praise”.  She had a video that went viral on Facebook and youtube with over 19 million views, where she was coming off anesthesia, praising God and the video was featured on TVOne with commentary from Roland Martin.  DeDrinique’s purpose in life is to live so God can us her to win souls for Christ and encourage others along the way.



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A Dynamic Speaker, Gifted in the Prophetic: Word of Knowledge Word of Wisdom Discerning of Spirits Healing & Miracles Ministry

Who is Pastor Lenora Sands?

An ordained minister of the Gospel, Pastor Sands hails as a dynamic leader and woman of God, who has an infectious personality and deep conviction that faith can undoubtedly move mountains.

She is widely known for her insightful appearances on talk shows, radio programs and the life-changing crusades under the big green and white tent, plus powerful preaching and teaching of God’s word. Pastor Sands is a lover of street work and also outdoor evangelism. She is honored and respected among the most outstanding women pastors in her country. After all, she is one of the youngest female pastors who founded a work in her era.

Today she has proven that God is still in search of vessels who have faith in Him no matter what; and so with mountain moving faith, in December of 1987, a team of four took the family island by force, headed by this young woman who undoubtedly was assured of her call. Pastor Lenora Sands further led the team to the United States of America, ministering in areas such as Miami, Orlando Fl., West Palm Beach, Richmond Virginia, Indianapolis India, all over North America and other parts of the world.

After four years of evangelistic work, a call to Pastor was confirmed through dreams, visions signs, wonders, and even an audible voice. Pastor Lenora Sands was given a dream and heard the voice of God told her to build Him a house and to lead a people that he would call her and her husband to Pastor. In response to the Lord and with the consent of her husband, they both dedicated all of their talents to the Lord. Pastor Lenora – the Preacher, and Pastor Derek – the teacher.

It was in the summer of 1990, that Pastor Lenora Sands pursued ministry through the many great tent revivals, that today, still have a lasting affect on many. It was out of these great tent revivals, that Bethel’s Restoration Revival Center began. It is said that Bethel’s Restoration Revival Center will become one of the most exciting churches in the Bahamas, for it is “A Place Where The Broken Are Made Whole”.

Pastor Lenora is the wife of Pastor Derek Sands, and this union is blessed with one son – Derek Sands, Jr. She is an unusually anointed preacher, teacher, listener, comforter, counsellor, administrator, mother and a determined woman of prayer. She is a prophetic voice to her generation. This 21st century Hannah, with the help of the Almighty God, and her husband, Pastor Derek Sands, shall fearlessly pursue her appointed destiny. She is a yielded vessel, sold out for the master’s purpose.

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National Recording Artist Bonita Burney Simmons is back with another “HIT” Song entitled “Use To Be”

Who is National Recording Artist Bonita Burney Simmons?

Without a doubt, Bonita has been anointed to sing! She was born on March 28, 1971 in Stamford,CT and was singing before she could even speak! As early as age 3, Bonita would hear lyrics on the radio and mimic exactly what she heard. During her first live performance, Bonita blew her audience away! People were so impressed and amazed, as they simply couldn’t believe this big voice was coming from such a little girl!

After spending her early years with her parents in Hartford,CT, her family relocated to Kinston, NC in 1974. Bonita would hone her skills while participating in music programs offered in Lenoir County Public Schools. She joined the chorus and in 5th grade, she was chosen to sing “The Way We Were” by Barbara Streisand. When she sang that song, there was not a dry eye in the room. During her 8th & 9th grade years, she was always active in the community, performing at events like NAACP banquets or weddings. She is a graduate of Kinston High School, Class of 1989, an alumni of Craven Community College with an Associates of Arts, and and alumni of the UAFWB Bible College where she graduated as valedictorian of the 2015 class with a Bachelor of Biblical Studies.


To maintain a competitive edge, Bonita took years of private lessons with vocal coaches under the tutelage of Thomasine Hassell, Chantel Hollacheck, the late Wynona Daves, and Martha Mainor.

Bonita’s Singing Career…

At age 12, she started her own gospel singing group, a trio called “Tried by Fire.” Determined and focused, Bonita thrived in her role as band leader and demonstrated her entrepreneurial skills at a very young age. Bonita would open up for all the national recording gospel artists who came to town like Shirley Caesar, John P. Kee, Luther Barnes, The Winans, The Williams Brothers and many others. Bonita has appeared and won first place on numerous occasions at the world famous Apollo Theatre in New York City. By the time she reached high school, she was already considered a professional singer!

Today, Bonita is enjoying the flexibility of being an independent recording artist. Her talent is in high demand, as she is frequently requested to sing at venues and events throughout Eastern North Carolina! Although she’s experienced many tribulations, Bonita’s life lessons are part of her unique tapestry that enables her to relate to people who are hurting. One of her biggest accomplishments is her outreach work with those who are incarcerated, sharing God’s love through song. Indeed, Bonita has defined her own success, choosing to embrace an obedient lifestyle according to God’s will for her life and career. She simply allows God to do the navigation and depends solely on Him to direct her career path- living by her motto, “If I make the way, then I’ll have to pay the way. But if I allow HIM to make the way, he’ll pay the way!”

Bonita married her husband/manager, Eric B. Simmons in 1994. They have three wonderful children- Mykeva, E.J. and Landon. In October of 2000, Bonita was ordained into the Ministry as “Elder” by national Bishop Andrew Mcrorey Jr. of the Joy Mission Church of Deliverance, Hartford, CT.

She also continues to serve Family Worship Center, “Ministry of Restoration” where the Pastor is George E. Fields Jr.

Because serving and outreach is a part of the tapestry for Bonita’s unique song ministry, being a part of the legacy of her father, the late, Bishop Landon O. Burney and the ministry that he founded is the reason she serves with great tenacity.

Bonita and her family became members of Without Limits Christian Center in 2016 where the Pastors are James and Le’Conte McIver.

Whenever and wherever there’s a NEED; Bonita serves  ———-

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Meet International Reggae Artist Chief Apostle.

Who Is “REGGAE” Recording Artist Chief Apostle ?

Chief Apostle, born Orville Brown is a native of Jamaica, hailing from the Parish of St Mary. He was born in the 70s. He attended the Tacky Comprehensive High School. His favorite subjects were Mathematics and English. After leaving school, he was employed at Nestle Jamaica Limited and is presently a Wheel Alignment Technician. He started his music career in 1997.


Chief Apostle is an International Reggae Gospel Artiste. He has shared the stage with some of the best Gospel Artists such as; Kevin Downswell, Jermaine Edwards, Daniel Musgrove and DJ Nicholas. His dream is to become a Pastor. He now resides in the United States of America.

For bookings or for more information:

Contact Information
 Orville Brown
600 SW 62nd Avenue
Margate, Florida 33068
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Meet Recording Artist K.T. Ellis from Alabama

07Who is recording artist K.T. Ellis?

From the birth place of the Civil Rights movement and where singing and southern gospel music fills the air, K.T. Ellis the lead singer for the quartet group Redeemed is on the move and one of Gospel music’s’ up and coming top talents. K.T. Ellis comes from a family that is deeply rooted in making and singing “good gospel” music. The off spring of Pastor Walter Ellis the lead singer of the Country Boys of Alabama, K.T. Ellis began singing in local churches and concert halls in Montgomery, AL. He also is the Pastor of Spring Hill Baptist Church in Tuskegee, Al where he has been the under shepherd for 7 years.
K.T. Ellis loves to worship and perform for listeners of all ages. Once he began traveling and singing locally, not only did his popularity and the demand for his music increase, but his ministry started spreading to a larger audience as well. One of his most endearing qualities is his live performance, which allows him the opportunity to connect and create a special rapport between himself and the audience.
His livewire enthusiasm aligned with his talent provides a guaranteed successful performance on every occasion. So if you love good gospel music you will surely love K.T. Ellis and his new single entitled “You Can Count On Him.” Listen to what God is doing through these anointed young vessel.

Phone: Pastor K.T. (Keith) Ellis-(334) 294-9963

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International and Singing Sensation Artist Rosemary is back again with new music.

Who is International Recording Artist Rosemary?

Rosemary a dynamic, distinctive, spell binding and captivating voice that carries power to soothe and encourage the heart of people everywhere. She pursues the Lord with raw passion, faith and confidence in His presence. The Gospel native is a worship leader, song writer, recording artist and a key member of the Realms of Glory- the music department of Glory Christian Ministries, the General Overseer being Dr. I.S James. She started singing at a very young age in the children’s choir of her church and later graduated to singing with the youth choir. Her outstanding performances earned her a place in the church choir at a very young age.

This singing sensation has a true and undying passion for ministry and music as a young girl, being the last child of 5 children born to Pastor & Mrs. Joseph Osim, she and her older siblings started an accapella group (The Vessels). Early in her career, she has sang alongside a few gospel artists and also with the New Chord, Lagos and has also ministered in churches and concerts locally and international.



Rosemary is a graduate of Economics from Benson Idahosa University, Benin City and also holds a master’s degree in Public and International Affairs from University of Lagos, Akoka. She worked in the private sector for a while before resigning in July 2015 to focus fully on her music ministry.

Her debut album project “THAT I MAY KNOW HIM” – Phil 3:10, EXO 33:13 is her everyday heart cry and personal worship expression to GOD. It has a compilation of songs born from a heart with deep longing to know in a more intimate way the most precious gift JESUS sent to the body of Christ in the person of the HOLY SPIRIT, whom she refers to as her closest FRIEND, her LOVE and her EVERYTHING.  Rosemary’s songs are songs she believes will deepen your intimacy with the HOLY SPIRIT. The album was produced by the amazing and multi-talented Rotimi Akinfenwa (Rotimikeys), you are sure to get ministered to whenever you listen to Rosemary. She exercises her gifts as a vocalist, songwriter, worship leader, wife and mother. She is happily married to one of God’s choicest sons Tony Ayoko and they are blessed with two lovely boys Daniel & David.

Ultimately, Rosemary’s prayer and desire is that she would be used by God as a vessel of change, that her spirit-filled ministrations will touch the lives of many and to raise and bring a generation of WORSHIPPERS back to God throughout Nigeria and beyond.

Album is also available on ITunes,  Amazon, Apple,  Google Play and other online music stores.

For more information please visit:

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Recording Artist Traci Eley from Greenville N.C. debut single “Sing Praises” is a song you will enjoy.

Who Is Recording Artist Traci Eley?

My mandate is to bring glory to God through song”.  Traci’s passion for singing can be heard in the privacy of her home, at church, and in her community.  Born in Washington DC, yet raised in Greenville North Carolina, Miss Eley has had many influences in music.  Some of her favorite artists include Bishop William Murphy, Kim and Alberto Rivera, Jill Scott, Maxwell, and countless others.

Traci realized that she truly has a gift from the Lord for music once becoming a member of Living Faith Prophetic Ministries.  She spent many years singing in choruses and choirs, but the spiritual gift of song was unlocked under her current spiritual leadership.  Traci was exposed to soaking music, which can be described as unadulterated worship that takes individuals directly into the presence of God.

Traci realized that she truly has a gift from the Lord for music once becoming a member of Living Faith Prophetic Ministries.  She spent many years singing in choruses and choirs, but the spiritual gift of song was unlocked under her current spiritual leadership.  Traci was exposed to soaking music, which can be described as unadulterated worship that takes individuals directly into the presence of God.

“Sing Praises” is Traci’s first single, released June 2017.  As a Psalmist, her heart’s desire is to express her love for the father though adoration and praise.

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