Meet “Brother Reggie” The Radical Gospel Radio Announcer and Owner of Rejoice America Radio.

Reginald (Brother Reggie) Richardson was born and raised in the Washington D.C. area, and as a child, Reggie has always liked different type of music. He even was in the band from the 7th grade until he graduated from High School playing numerous of instruments. He was known for playing the Trumpet because he played in numerous of DC Go-Go Bands.

After graduation from T.C. Williams High School (Remember The titans) in Alexandria Virginia, he attended Northern Virginia Community College where he pursued an interest in retail marketing. After noticing that retail wasn’t for him, he decided to try another field.

In 1993, Richardson decided to try to work in radio since he loved every type of music. He was given a chance at a radio station in Maryland, WPGC 95.5 that played Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, etc. “If it wasn’t for Donnie Simpson noticing how hard of a worker I was,(even though I was only doing volunteer work) then I don’t think that I would have gotten a chance to get my break in radio”.  At WPGC he was hired to work in the research department. After hours of learning other tasks, he started working in the promotion department for years. He decided that he loved helping and working with the communities, and dealing with the public.

One of his mentors was DJ Flexxx, and DJ Kool, and after assisting those DJ’s by carrying their records to different club venues, Reggie has watched and learn how to Deejay. Years later, Reggie was deejaying at clubs opening up for DJ’s such as Kid Capri, DJ Clue, and more.

He attended and got his degree at Columbia School of Broadcasting where he learned more about radio.

Richardson was working at WPGC 95.5 with popular people such as Donnie Simpson, who also was on BET Video Soul, Big Tigger, (The Basement), and DJ Flexxx, who also has appeared on BET ,and has made hit records.

In 1999, he moved to another station in the Washington D.C. area called WKYS 93.9, (Radio One) where he have worked with popular radio announcers such as Russ Parr, and Olivia Foxx, and did further work in Promotion.


In 2003, he moved from Washington D.C. to Greenville, North Carolina and was introduced to Gospel Radio. Jim Rouse, the owner of Joy “1340am” WOOW gave him a chance, and Reginald “Bro. Reggie” was on the airwaves on Mondays and Wednesdays. Having impressed Mr. Rouse and other listeners, Bro. Reggie was promoted to be on the airwaves  Monday through Fridays from 3-6pm, and on Saturday from 5-10pm along with his wife, better known as “The First Lady” on his Saturday Show.

Bro. Reggie is loved by a lot of listeners,and the community and has been an asset to WOOW and the community with his dedication to what he loves to do, which is make everybody happy.

In 2007, and 2010, Brother Reggie has been nominated and won the award for the #1 Gospel Radio Announcer in Eastern NC.

Brother Reggie sat down with his Pastor, Pastor John P. Kee, and his Pastor spoke into his life by telling him to step out on FAITH and launch his own 24 hrs Internet Gospel Station and be Faithful and Giving and watch how GOD Moves, and now Rejoice America Radio is The Fastest Growing 24 hrs Gospel Station on the internet playing The Best In Gospel Music and Ministries.

Bro. Reggie is also a Gospel Emcee, a comedian, and a person who loves to work with the community and will do whatever he can to help anybody.

First lady P showCheck out The Brother Reggie Show with his wife First Lady P every Monday from 7 – 9 pm est.

His motto is:

“I’m just a Nobody, trying to help Everybody, who can help Somebody.”

Contact Number: 980-299-9725

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Christian Soul Artist Sheila Moore Piper is making a difference in the industry.

Who is Christian Soul Artist Sheila Moore Piper?

shelia-1Christian Soul Artist- Shelia Moore Piper new album entitled Are You Ready Chapter 2 from the Bdm/ Ugroove Music Label is comprised of 12 new powerful and anointed tracks, with popular songs like Get Excited (the hit single) which debuted in the top 50 on the national Rock and AC charts, Its Time, Clap It Up produced by award winning producer Dre ‘Drathoven Atkins  and the title track Are You Ready featuring vocalist Erin Stevenson. Bringing listeners 47mins worth of excellent listening. Shelia’s music is spiritually inspired, and every song on this, her most spectacular work to date, has its heart and soul in unwavering faith and praise of her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

When you spend time with Shelia you begin to understand the subtle intensity of her music. Music is a ministry, and it is my ministry, and it was this passion and conviction that inspired Shelia Moore Piper to deliver her current release, Are You Ready Chapter 2. A body of music that is inviting, reflective, and encompasses a universal message of worship, self love, and hope.

Piper deals with these themes directly and with endless finesse. Her voice is soulful, feminine, and guided by her impeccable ear and good taste. Are You Ready stretches over a variety of styles, often utilizing jazz and soul undertones, sometimes dealing in groovy offerings of funk with light smatterings of Motown and disco, and occasionally visiting the hip-hop genre.

All in all, the record is exceptional listening, incredibly well orchestrated and produced, and Represents a fantastic introduction for the public to this astounding, Christian Soul singer.


Shelia is the 2016 Season 8 Grand Finale Champion of the Prayze Factor People Choice International Awards in Nassau, Bahamas that was hosted at Bahamas Faith Ministries International, home of the late Dr. Myles Munroe. She also won Music Video of the Year at the 2016 Radio alliance Awards.

Piper says, as an artist I want my music to uplift and inspire. Through the years the sound of gospel music has evolved to speak to new generations.

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Introducing Recording Artist Krystal Artis out of Greenville North Carolina.

Who is Recording Artist Krystal Briana Artis?

art-1600x1600Prophetess Artis is a mother of 3 and a wife to Pastor Andrae Artis. Together they established Calvary Deliverance Temple in Greenville NC. She was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. After living in Gary, IN and KY majority of her life she moved to NC where she joined Power of Praise Tabernacle of Deliverance under the leadership of Chief Apostle and Apostle Annie Hinnant. There she served as a Minister, a Praise and Worship Leader, and a Youth Leader. Prophetess Artis often express her worship to the Lord through song and through dance.

kaaaHer love for arts pushed her and her husband to launch Anointed Artis Entertainment where she has recorded one CD and is currently writing and working towards another. She has opened up for various artist such as Pastor Marvin Sapp, Ernest Pugh, Pastor Beverly Crawford, Be Be and Ce Ce Winans, just to name a few. She is currently perusing a Bachelor Degree in Religion and Christian Counseling at Liberty University. Through it all her strongest passion is encouraging and helping individuals through the Word of God. She believes that her testimony will help others overcome. Prophetess Artis proclaims that Salvation and Deliverance is available to everyone through Jesus Christ. She stands on and preaches the uncompromised Word of God. She believes that praying, fasting, the Word, and developing a true relationship with the Lord. Her favorite scripture Matthew 6: 33 is Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness and all else shall be added.

For bookings please visit:

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Read about this upcoming artist Erica Webber who is a singer and song writer from Texas.

Who is Erica “Psalt-E” Webber?

ew1Erica “Psalt-E” Webber is a singer/songwriter who was born in Fort Hood Texas. When she was 4 years of age her family relocated to Rochester, NY where she would spend the next decade and a half. In her senior year of high school her family relocated again to Syracuse, NY where she currently resides. The name Psalt-E (pronounced “SALT-E”) is a play on words being that Psalt-E is a “psalmist whose name starts with an “E”. The name also includes a deep spiritual influence coming from the scripture Matthew 5:13 which talks about being the salt of the earth. Psalt-e the artist celebrates her “psaltiness” as paying homage to God for preserving such a unique flavor that she almost gave away trying to fit into conformity of the standards of this world. Psalt-E found her true flavor and spends every day as a living testimony living this truth as transparently as possible.

Psalt-E’s musical background includes classical training as she has studied with Patricia Alexander (mother of world-renowned opera singer Renee Fleming) at the Eastman school of music as well as a master class with counter tenor Darryl Taylor. Her mother, a keyboardist and anointed worship leader, also played a major role in the musical and spiritual side that Psalt-E possesses. She helped to instill a pure and true heart for intimate worship with God. Psalt-E has also been a part of several local ministries and groups including the gospel ensemble Jamel Jett and Breakthrough as well as Neo soul/R&B cover band Anomalous People. Her ability to participate in these different musical arenas prove Psalt-E to be a well-balanced vocalist who is familiar with many genres and styles.

She credits some of her biggest musical influences to be Cece Winans, Tonéx and Christon Gray to name a few. In October of 2016 Psalt-E released her very first single “don’t count me out” #DCMO, the first single off of her upcoming debut album entitled “Altar Ego”. Psalt-E’s music can basically be described as what she likes to call “underdog music”. Her sound looks to incorporate all of her music stylings into a message that promotes inclusion for all. Whether churched, de-churched, or unchurched. Saved, or unsaved, Psalt-E’s music offers her spin on life’s situations and offers genuine understanding as well as encouragement to the person that may be dealing with something or the person who is in a good place in life. Psalt-E hopes to inspire the world with her music and convey the beauty in loving yourself just the way you were created to be while knowing there is someone that will love you unconditionally no matter how imperfect you are. Be you, ‘cause if you aren’t, who will be?

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Meet The Pastor, Song writer, and Psalmist Syreeta Blue from Goldsboro North Carolina.

Who is Recording Artist Syreeta Blue?

sb1Pastor Syreeta D. Blue born and raised in Goldsboro NC is the youngest and only daughter of the Hooper family. She currently resides in Durham NC, where she and her husband are founders and Pastors of Visions Ministries and she also serves as worship minister, director of arts leader, and outreach liaison. Syreeta is a worshipper after God’s own heart. Most people know her for her ground shaking yet angelic voice and ability to lead people into the  presence of God through the praise and worship of our Lord. Pastor Ree, as she is affectionately called, operates in the anointing of God with authority and boldness! Her love for Christ, kingdom living, the well being of others and worship is evident in her daily living.  Being raised in the church her entire life and instructed by awesome leaders, has made her well equipped to do the work of The Lord.

sb3She has been ministering and performing since a very young age and is now pursuing her recording career. Her first EP Album entitled, “Worship Unplugged: The Heart of a Psalmist”, is due to be released in 2016. Syreeta is loved for her eclectic and engaging style of music, that is sure to captivate your heart and help you to see and experience God through music and song. Her ministry has been compared to part “A” of the scripture, Proverbs 15:1, “A soft answer turns away wrath…”. She has had the opportunity to  touch many lives traveling the world and spreading the gospel singing to His glory! Syreeta is also a classically trained vocalist, where her studies were accomplished at Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville NC. She loves to teach and share her love for music with others.

sbPastor Blue is a dynamic preacher and teacher of the word of God who walks in the prophetic anointing and has a heart to see people delivered and made free! She is a prayer warrior, who consistently seeks the heart of God on the behalf of others. Her life scripture is Romans 8:18 and she has two life quotes to live by… “For God I live and For God I die” and “My worship……yea, my life depends on it.”

Along with ministry duties, working on her music projects, traveling, and taking care of her family, she always makes time to get into the presence of God. It is her desire that in her content she gives you what the Lord is saying for each season of your life. Syreeta cares about your spiritual meal and will do all that she can to feed you good spiritual soul food.

For bookings please visit:

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Recording artist and song writer TeSchara Boykin new single “Wonderful” is now available on all download outlets.

Who Is Recording Artist TeSchara Boykin?

tbbbbbTeSchara is originally from the State of Connecticut and is one of two children born to Deacon James and Betti Teel.  She started singing in the church where she grew up, East End Baptist Tabernacle Church in the Starlight Choir at the age of three, under the tutelage of Minister Michael Cummings and the late Minister Maxine Foster Durham.  It was during these early years and stages in her life that she realized her love and passion for singing.

TeSchara has always known that she had a special love for helping others, and more importantly, a love for Jesus Christ.  Going to church and singing were things that absolutely made her elated.  She was often told by many Ministers and Evangelists that she has an anointing on her life, and to always follow the path of God.  That is exactly what she did.  After having the awesome opportunity to sing for Pope John Paul II in Rome, Italy along with her fellow High School Concert Choir Singers, she realized the impact and power that a beautifully written song, coupled with beautiful voices and emotion, not only had on her, but those listening, and TeSchara began writing songs about God.

tttttIn 1996, TeSchara’s life journey led her to Jacksonville University, where she graduated in 2000 earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing, with a Minor in Dance.  While at Jacksonville University, TeSchara revived the United Multi-Cultural Association Gospel Choir, as the Director and began practicing and singing at various churches around the Jacksonville area. Upon graduation, TeSchara decided to make Jacksonville her home, where she has resided ever since.  While at Jacksonville University, she began attending Circle of Faith Ministries.  This is where she received salvation from the Lord.

Just months after receiving salvation, TeSchara wrote her very first official song as a new creation in Christ.  And that is when it all began.  She started writing more and more. Then, one day, years later, the Holy Spirit spoke to her and said, these songs I’ve given you are not going to reach anyone in the world just simply staying in your notebook.  It was then that she knew she had to start taking steps towards strengthening her voice, building her confidence and getting the songs out.

tb3She was asked to be a member of the Praise and Worship team at her church, Circle of Faith Ministries, where she began to grow in the Lord, and He started building her confidence.  A few years later, God gave her an assignment and an appointment that she did not feel ready to hold as the Director of Music at Whetstone Ministries, under Pastor Joseph McRoy, Jr. where for the past five years, she has been able to take part in encouraging, and building confidence in others, just as God did for her.

God is first in TeSchara’s life and she strives to live a life accordingly, consistently led by His voice, His Will and His Way.  She truly believes in the “Golden Rule” and leads a life modeled after her favorite scriptures Matthew 6:33-34 and Romans 12:2.

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Meet recording artist Abagail Denson from Florida and Owner of MasterPeace Production Studios.


Who is Recording Artist  Abagail Denson?

mp1Abagail Denson is an American gospel singer, gospel songwriter and record producer. The youngest of 10 children, she was born in Boynton Beach, Florida. She began singing as a youth at the Bible Church of God, Boynton Beach, where she still sings with the Mass Choir. Harmonizing with others is something Denson continues to enjoy as well; most recently performed in a peace rally to highlight the deaths of unarmed black men in police custody. In March, she performed the New Orleans Saints legend Rickey Jackson’s 57th birthday at Champions Square outside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Upon graduating from Lake Worth High School in 1985, she worked for Motorola for 12 years. She then decided to follow her dream, which is working with children. She is a member of the youth committee where her heart is working with the young people.




aaaadddddIn August 1998, she began Abagail Denson Family Child Care. Three years later, God blessed her with a facility and she opened Abby’s Little Angels in July 2001. In June 2013, she began her very own Abby’s Children Boutique, a children’s clothes line And in March 2015, she added recording studio owner to her resume, when she opened Master Peace Production Studio.




The recording studio was intended to be a place where she can pursue another desire of hers a worshiper singer, a relationship with Christ. She also opened the doors for others to walk in their dreams as an artist.
Ms. Denson is the mother of two sons, Vincent and Robert, and also the grandmother of Raniyla.

For more information, please visit:

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Recording Artist Iva Foster single “Only God” and “What Will It Takes” is heard all over the world.

Who is National Recording Artist Iva Foster?

if2Iva was born and raised in Palestine, Texas. She is the daughter of Evangelist Nelson and Patsy Cleveland and granddaughter of Pastor Louis B. and Barbara Jones. She was the fourth of eight children. She was raised in a Pentecostal home. Being a preacher’s daughter created challenges of its own. The expectation of being perfect was hard for eight young kids just trying to find their way. Iva and her siblings had to withstand a lot of ridicule from other kids. Iva and her sister’s had to wear dresses every day while the other girls wore pants. This ridicule eventually led Iva to fight for her respect. This fighting caused Iva to have a “No Lose” attitude. She had to prove to the world that she was just a normal kid trying to find her way. Her singing was her outlet for her emotions. Her gift was from God and she knew it would be her connection to the world. Iva began singing at the age of 5. Her grandfather was her greatest inspiration. When life threw her a curve ball he was the one that would straighten it out. Every time it rained he gave her an umbrella.

When she felt less pretty because she was the darkest child, he made her feel pretty when he would say “You are a pretty brown-skin girl.” She often shares in her interviews that her idol, Vanessa Bell Armstrong inspired her to sing at such a young age. She also walks in the footsteps of her mother Patsy Cleveland, who also was a singer in her younger years. She started out in her grandfather’s church choir. She went on to sing in teen groups, nursing homes, school programs and also school competitions. She eventually branched out on her own to start her music career. In 1990 her grandparents moved to Jackson, Tennessee.

Several years later she followed them. As a member of the church she served as the praise and worship leader for over 10 years. She directed the youth choir bringing them to a whole new level in the music ministry. In 2011 Iva decided to move to Clarksville, Tennessee. There she continued the pursuit of her musical ambitions. Her struggles inspired her to write her first single entitled “Free Me” which was recorded in 2012. This single was not released then. In December of 2014 she went into the studio again to record her first complete CD “Only God”. The original version of Free Me was released ahead of her CD as a single.

Throughout her ministry she has birthed several children’s choirs and her most recent, senior citizen chorus named “Recycled Teenagers”. She has a strong drive and determination to succeed and to inspire others to do the same in whatever their endeavors are. Her anointed voice grabs you with a moment of awe. She tells her story through song. Her belief is that music is universal and is medicine to the soul. Her goal is to reach individuals right where they are and change eternity one soul at a time. Her walk is guided by the scripture Romans 8:28.

For Bookings or for more information, please visit:

“And we know that all things work together for good to them who love God ,to them who are the called according to his purpose”


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Introducing upcoming artist from South Carolina, Fiona Varner and her CD entitled “Close To Your Heart”

Who is Recording Artist Fiona Varner?

Fiona Varner, a native of Prince George County Maryland, is a woman after God’s own heart. Her passion for music keeps her vibrant and full of spunk. Fiona refuses to be boxed in and is not afraid to allow creativity to flow through her songs. Her multi-cultural sound is universal.

fiona-varner-picBe on the look out for her new single entitled “Soul Survivor” and it soon will be available on all digital download locations.


Recording artist Fiona Varner has a unique style of music with reaches people of all ages.She have shared the stage with numerous of artists and have been nominated for numerous awards. She’s an artist who really do love the LORD, and you can hear it in her music which is available on all digital download locations.

fv1Fiona Varner wants those who listens to her music to understand and know that GOD loves them and he will never give up on them. Fiona Varner who resides in South Carolina is available to come minster at your event, and her stage presence will lead you into worship and you will not be disappointed.

For more information

For Booking Fiona Varner Email:

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Introducing recording group Glory To Glory from Ayden NC and their HIT Single “Come To The River”


Who is recording group Glory II Glory?

glorrryGlory II Glory is an enthusiastic group of millennials who love God and His people and whose desire is to spread the message of Jesus one song at a time. On June 30, 2016, Glory II Glory had a date with destiny as they celebrated the release of their first single entitled, “Come To River”.




The intimate evening was composed of stories of how the group was formed and humorous recaps of some of their most personal moments as a group. After the group let the audience hear snippets of songs from their upcoming album, they finally revealed their featured song with a live performance, where the audience was able to “swim” and “dip” to the beat. Under the tutelage and direction of their leaders, Apostle Ruth Peterson and Pastor Helen Williams, GIIG is fulfilling their purpose.

For bookings please visit.

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Alexandria Virginia recording artist Donna Ware is a new artist on the gospel music scene.

Who is Recording Artist Donna Yvonne Ware?

dw1Donna Yvonne Ware born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, has been singing since the tender age of six. As a young child she discovered her gift to sing and displayed her talents in the Sunday School Choir at Beulah Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA. (Presided over by Reverend Columbus Watson). Her passion to sing grew with pride as she was elevated to the Young Adult Choir as the lead singer, in addition to singing with the Young Adult Choir at Woodlawn Methodist Church.  She accomplished these goals all by the age of 17.

At age 20, she joined the Carter Gospel Singers of Gum Springs, Virginia as a lead singer. She was a member for over 17 years, under the leadership of Patricia Manuel, Ronald and Jean Teel. As Donna’s love for singing grew so did her passion for songwriting and performance. As of today, Donna has over 40 self-written songs inspired under the anointing that she’s preparing to release in the near future! The messages in her songs are meant to glorify GOD first, encourage, inspire and uplift his people. AMEN


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