Have you heard the New single by Gospel Artist Natasha Gray from South Carolina?

Who Is Gospel Artist Natasha Gray?

Natasha Gray developed a love for music at a very young age. Growing up in a Christian home has influenced every part of her life. Motivated by how powerful a message through song could touch the heart of a person in distress, she began to understand her true purpose and use her gift to be a voice of positivity. She lives her life fully in the idea of loving without restraint as she has been taught this by the ultimate teachings of Jesus Christ and his illustration as he has loved the world. Natasha Gray’s character can be summarized by thedisplaying of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.

She can be described as meek, loving, kind, and joyful by her family and close friends.She is currently a devoted member and worship leader at Seacoast Dream Center (North Charleston Campus) where she is also the Mentoring Coordinator of the e3 Mentoring Program. The e3 (engage, educate, empower) mentoring program is a direct response to the ever-growing number of students who are desperately looking for a relationship with Christ and those who know Christ. The goal is to help the youth become productive citizens who make positive contributions, good choices and love God.

Faith fuels the ministry inside of Natasha. Natasha Gray’s gift of music ministry is powered by the scripture Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (NIV)” Natasha’s music is filled with the communication of hope and coming into the knowledge that Christ will always be there with us through every step we must take; life is full of uncertainty, but with Christ there is always security.

For Bookings or for more information, click any above picture to go directly to the website.

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Introducing to you, The Songwriter, The Singer, and Anointed Worship Leader “Ify”

Who Is  Gospel Artist Ify?

Ify is a worship leader, singer, songwriter who loves God and just wants to bask in his presence . Over the years, her passion for worship grew and has led her to direct several choirs and music ministries including Open Heaven Choir Dundee, Christ Chapel Campus Choir in Nigeria and Fountain of Love Choir Aberdeen. Her music ministry has seen her lead praise and worship across nations, with one of her songs being used as part of worship back in her home church.

Ify began singing at the tender age of 5. She is first and foremost a worshipper with the God given ability to write inspiring songs; a gift she has harnessed to become an emerging gospel artist. The second of five children, Ify has achieved several educational feats and currently works in one of the reputable Oil and Gas firms in the UK. Ify receives inspiration to write songs through her experiences with Jesus through the different seasons of life. Her utmost desire is to lead people into the presence of God through music. It is her desire to see lives transformed and set free as they come before His throne with singing, dancing and celebration.

On August 25th 2012, the album, ‘Be Magnified’ was released and is a unique blend of reflective worship songs and mid tempo praise tunes that are sure to lift even the lowest of spirits. Some of the songs include ‘We cry’, ‘Restorer’ and the popular single ‘Lord I worship you’. While on December 1st 2013, the single ‘You lift me higher’ was released.

Ify’s anointed music has already, and will continue to bless the hearts of God’s people and bring many more into His kingdom.

For more information, click the above picture to go directly to the website.

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Meet Gospel Artist Eloho from the UK.

Eloho Jocelyn Efemuai, is a worship leader, an ordained pastor, anointed psalmist, singer and Christian recording artist whose ministry is impacting lives globally. She loves to sing and worship God. Her desire is to inspire people to worship and make a positive impact in the lives of people. She has a heart for people and is crazy about Jesus.

In 2011, Eloho set up Heartsong, a charity whose mission is to stir up the kind of worship that touches God and transforms lives by organising praise and worship events as well as revival spots of worship; with renowned and upcoming worship leaders. Since founding Heartsong, Eloho has organized and hosted 3 worship nights in the city of Aberdeen. These worship nights/concerts have seen the likes of Bob Fitts, Ian White, Chevelle Franklin, D’Amadeus, Ify, Alexander Victor, Sola Okunuga and a host of others participating in them.

Eloho is passionate about leading worship and the people she leads in worship. She desires to see lives transformed in the place of worship. Her worship is engaging, energetic, inspiring and heartfelt which cannot fail to draw others in. Eloho loves God, loves to worship Him and cannot be held back.

Eloho resides in Aberdeen Scotland with her husband Jude Efemuai and their three lovely children Nathan, Aimee and Josh. They attend ‘The Junction Church Aberdeen’

After several years of singing and leading worship, Eloho is led to be a blessing by sharing her heart and passion for God with the world in her first ever album titled ‘Arise’, released March 2014. The songs in this album are simple songs of praise and worship that will inspire listeners to worship God.

For more information, click the above photo to go directly to the website.

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You are invited to visit City Of Praise Church in Maryland with The Peebles.



Bishop Joel Peebles is the son of one of the most loved Christian families in the nation. He is the youngest of three sons born to the late Bishop James Peebles and the late Apostle Betty Peebles. When Bishop Joel Peebles was in his mother’s womb, Bishop James Peebles, Sr. and Apostle Betty Peebles began planting a church that would have grown into one of the largest and most respected Christian Ministries in the United States. Bishop Joel Peebles counts it as one of God’s greatest blessings on his life to have grown up living, and learning under the divine anointing of his parents. Bishop Joel Peebles received the call to preach the gospel at a young age. And under the tutelage and encouragement of his father, he occasionally joined his father on a weekly radio broadcast in the late 1970′s.

In addition to the great education that he received from his parents, Bishop Joel Peebles’ formal education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism from Bowie State University, a Masters of Arts in Council from Bowie State University and a Master of Divinity from Wilbur Henry Waters College.

Bishop Joel Peebles began preaching at the City of Praise over 20 years ago and has worked to grow and realize the vision established by his parents. Apostle Betty Peebles appointed Bishop Joel Peebles to serve on the church’s Board of Trustees in 1999. In 2001, she appointed him to serve on the Board of the Center of Hope a senior living facility. Bishop Joel Peebles currently serves as President of the Board of the Center of Hope. In August 2012, Joel Peebles was consecrated Pastor of the City of Praise Church Ministries.

Bishop Peebles is married to Ylawnda Peebles, who is his greatest blessing from the Lord. First Lady Ylawnda Peebles matches her husband’s enthusiasm for the Lord. Together they have counseled hundreds of couples and host an annual marriage and family seminar Marry Me Again.

Bishop Joel and Pastor Ylawnda Peebles are the parents of four children. They live in Southern Maryland.

For more information, Click any above picture




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You’re Invited to the Girl You Rock Conference in Durham NC.

You are invited to the 2014 Girl You ROCK! Conference hosted by Carla R. Cannon! This event will be a full day of fun, fellowship, impartation, love, empowerment & inspiration!
Who are Invited? Women and girls (ages 18 & up) who are excited about the call God has on their life and are seeking an extra boost to help catapult you into your destiny!
Or perhaps you are one who is still in pursuit of your destiny the Girl You ROCK!™ Conference will be filled with power that is sure to help you do the following:

You will learn how to ROCK! In Your:

  • IDENTITY (Simply being who Christ created you to be unapologetically for there is indeed a precious PEARL in YOU!)
  • BUSINESS/CAREER (As Kingdom Entrepreneurs (regardless of age) it is possible to thrive in your business or even career whether in Corporate America; etc.
  • MINISTRY (Learn how to excel as it relates to your call & creatively use your gifts to transform the lives of all you encounter)
  • FINANCES (It is now time for God’s people to not only become debt free but to remain DEBT FREE! Here you will learn how to make your money work for you rather than continuing to work for your money!)
  • MARRIAGE (Learn how to properly minister to your husband and balance it all without allowing your marriage to suffer)
  • HEALTH (There’s more to health & fitness than exercising and healthy eating, one must also experience a spiritual detoxification of unhealthy relationships, toxic words that have been spoken over your life, depression and oppression which many of us as women often experience. Here you will learn various aspects of your health and how to get in the best shape of your life physically & emotionally)
  • RELATIONSHIPS (Here you will learn how to create and nurture healthy relationships and also how to rid yourself of toxic ones that are literally killing you by the seconds. We were created for relationships and here you will learn how to carefully choose your friends as well as how to separate business from personal relationships.)
  • Click the above Banner for more information.



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Have you heard about Ted Martin and The Charlotte Chapter of the Gospel Music Workshop of America?

Who is Ted Martin and The Charlotte Chapter of the Gospel Music Workshop of America?

The Charlotte Chapter of the Gospel Music Workshop of America was established in 1982 by Ted Martin, as the Charlotte Interdenominational Mass Choir of the GMWA, also known as CIMC of the GMWA for short. As CIMC, the choir traveled all over the country spreading the gospel through son in such places as Richmond, Virginia; New York City; Miami; Florida; Washington, D.C; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; New Orleans, Louisiana; Detroit, Michigan and numerous other cities and states. CIMC did several recordings; the first was with Albertina Walker entitled Work On Me.

Ted Martin was inducted as chapter Representative by the Rev. Norma Jean Pender of the National GMWA and continues to hold that position today.The choir was reorganized in 2002. Its name was changed to the Charlotte Chapter of the GMWA and was incorporated on November 12, 2002. The choir includes many denominations and churches and does not discriminate.

The Charlotte Chapter of the GMWA did their last live recording on July 22, 2007 which was a great success. It was entitled Worth It All and continues to be enjoyed by many today. GMWA’s goal is to continue to spread the gospel through music and song to touch hearts and hopefully to change lives to glorify God. Please keep GMWA’s leader, singers and musicians in prayer as they endeavor to do the will of God.

For bookings or to contact Ted Martin, click  above photo.

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Get your tickets NOW for the BIGGEST Outdoor Concert EVER.. #Joyfest2014


On May 24th in Charlotte NC at Carowinds.

You Don’t Want To Miss This BIG Concert. Get your tickets NOW by clicking the Flier.









On July19th  in Doswell Va at Kings Dominion.

You Don’t Want To Miss This BIG Concert. Get your tickets NOW by clicking the Flier.

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Register NOW for this Prophetic Revival in Houston Texas with Dr. Cindy Trimm.

Clink the Above Photo to Register.

Who Is Dr. Cindy Trimm?

Dr. Cindy Trimm has dedicated her life to serving God and humanity. A best-selling author, high impact teacher, and former senator, Dr. Trimm is a sought-after empowerment specialist, revolutionary thinker, and transformational leader. She has earned a distinguished reputation as a catalyst for change and voice of hope to the nations. Dr. Trimm travels worldwide partnering with social, spiritual, and civic leaders in an effort to equip people everywhere to discover purpose, maximize potential, and leave a positive footprint through their lives. Viewing this world as a global village, she continues to initiate strategic interdisciplinary forums, as well as host conferences and summits designed to develop practical solutions toward the healing of our world from its deeply rooted social and spiritual ills.

Best-selling books by Dr. Trimm include: Commanding Your Morning and Rules of Engagement, which have sold over one million copies. Her recent release, The Art of War for Spiritual Battle, is gaining momentum and popularity. Dr. Trimm combines her wealth of leadership expertise with her depth of spiritual understanding to reveal life-transforming messages that empower and inspire.

Seasoned with humor, compassion, revelatory insight, and personal candor, Dr. Trimm opens minds and touches hearts with biblically-based principles of inner healing and personal empowerment. Pulling on her background in government, education, psychology, and human development, Dr. Trimm translates hard-hitting spiritual insights into everyday language that empower individuals to transform their lives. When I preach the message of the Kingdom, it’s a message that actually saved my life.

The principles that I teach are principles that I use every single day of my life–not only the principles concerning prayer and spiritual warfare, but the principles concerning what you do with your mouth and what you do with your mind–the principles concerning how God speaks to you in concepts and ideas and how you are always just one decision away from living the life of your dreams. I look back at my life and I see how at each point of my life I was my own worst enemy. I learned fairly young that I was my only problem and I was my only solution. I learned to have the mindset that with God nothing is impossible–and that you don’t judge a person for where they are, you help them to get where they should be. I learned that within everybody there is a seed of greatness, and it is for each of us to discover what that is. There are many people who are born in worse circumstances than I was. Some people are born with silver spoons, others with plastic. I was born with no spoon. When I was two years old my father left my mother with seven kids. We ended up living in one bedroom. That is my nativity story. It’s not a sad story because what my mother gave me is worth far more than the weight of all the gold that you could give me. She taught us faith–she taught us how to believe. Continue reading

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Introducing Philly’s Own, Gospel Artist Terri Rimson “Hit” single ZION.

Who Is Terrie Rimson?

Terrie Rimson is a gifted and talented vocalist who is no stranger to the spotlight. She has been captivating audiences since the age of (5). Her vocal training began in Philadelphia’s Settlement Music School, then continued with Gospel greats, the late Dr.Mattie Moss Clark, along with Grammy Awards Winning Twinkie Clark, and currently with the infamous Brandon Winbush (Background Vocal Leader for Justin Bieber)

This powerhouse has shared the stage with Grammy Award winning Karen Clark-Sheard, Nikki Potts, Daryl Coley, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Tramaine Hawkins, Vickie Winans and Kierra “Ki-Ki” Sheard. She has performed in such stage-plays including “Yes God Is Real, “Miracle” – Torin Derek and “Christmas Without Him”. Charles Keen & Dora Bragg. You can currently find Terrie doing what she does best, bringing the house down with her GOD given gift.

For Bookings click on photo to take to to the site.

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Meet Gospel Artist Bernadette Steven from LaFayette Louisiana.

Who Is Gospel Artist Bernadette Steven?

Gospel Recording Artist/Gospel Announcer Bernadette Steven is Living life the way God intended, JOYFULLY, no matter WHAT! She’s affectionately known as “Ms. Deannie”.  Ms. Deannie begin singing in the Church Choir at the age of 15 & enjoyed every minute of it.  As time passed, Ms. Deannie continued singing but it wasn’t until she accepted God as her Savior, that her singing took on a whole different meaning.

God has called her to the Ministry & as the Lord continues to open doors, Ms. Deannie embraces the opportunities to work with people to further the message of Christ.She is a Gospel Announcer for KJCB Soul 770 AM which is one of the longest running Black Radio Station in Southwest Louisiana. Her show “The Gospel Hotspot w/ Ms. Deannie” streams live every Sunday from 9 AM -12 Noon on www.tunein.com. Ms. Deannie co-host “LA Gospel Beats TV Show” with Host Rev. Wayne Landry, which airs on AOC and also streams @ www.ustream.tv/lagospelbeats.

She is a member The Gospel Artist Network with “Liz Black” @ www.gospelartistnetwork.net. Ms. Deannie also host many events in her surrounding area and aboard. God favored her to be featured several times on “The Word Network” on “The Bobby Jones Presents. Hallelujah!

Follow @ www. twitter.com/ms_deannie & www.facebook.com/BernadetteMsDeannieSteven.

For Bookings or for more information, Click any above picture to go directly to the website.

But above all things, she knows and has a servants heart that loves God and His people.

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