Dr. Andrea Gorham from Pa, is in her calling and that is to have a HEART for others.

Who is Dr. Andrea D. Gorham?

ag1Dr. Andrea D. Gorham is the Pastor of Victory Gospel Apostolic Ministries International of Douglassville, Pa; a multicultural community fellowship and humanitarian Global Ministry which is headquartered in the Motherland of Africa. Having never traveled outside of the United States; let alone to a foreign country, Dr. Gorham was commissioned by the Holy Spirit to go there. Obedience and Faith was her driving force and she went ALONE.

While there on her first assignment she was ordained and called as a Prophetess of the Nations. Since then she has taken on missionary assignments on her own. Recently reaching out to ask for other resources to help create and cause change from a broader prospective economically, socially and culturally by serving and helping the people of Kakamega Kenya and other nations who have been disadvantaged for generations. She promotes integrity, character, the power of obedience, faith, serving and prayer, the empowerment of building, disciplining and raising resilient Leaders. In 2015 she was proud to have been hand-picked and selected by one of the Most Influential Evangelical Pastors in America Bishop T. D. Jakes Senior Pastor of the Potter’s House in Dallas Texas as one of his 2015 GIDEONITES of Emerging Leaders. She often refers to him as her MENTOR.

ag2In 2016 The National School of Theology founded by Dr. Orlando Short & The National Fellowship of Christian Churches honored Prophetess Gorham for her work done both national and internationally by bestowing her with an honorary Humanitarian Doctorate Degree. An accomplished Author and editor of the new innovative magazine, The Heart; which recognizes a variety of inspirational & motivating people in the music, fashion and cultural industry. Dr. Gorham is known in her community as a “Great Mother” who knows how to nurture and take care of children. She raised two children of her own and passed on to them key ingredients which developed them as highly respected college graduates. She has opened her whole life to serving others. She has opened her heart for years to foster children who live in her home. She is spiritually fathered by Apostle James Mabwa of Kakamega, Kenya Africa. She has strong ties to other regions and nations of this world.

You can connect with Dr. Andrea Gorham on Facebook.

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Introducing Quartet Group Wendy Peterson and Unity from Fayetteville North Carolina.

Who is Recording Group Wendy Peterson and Unity?

wppEnjoy the soothing sounds of praise and worship, contemporary, soft jazz, and foot stomping with This amazing group! The purpose of this ministry is to win souls and lift the burdens of believers in the body of Christ. This group founder and manager is Pastor Bobby Peterson, who is also plays lead Guitar.  Other band members of the group consist of Robert, David, Shea, and Nate.  The singers of Unity consist of DeOndra, Pastor Tangie, Cynthia, Christine, and Rundia.

Growing up in a small community in North Carolina, Wendy is the oldest of six siblings.  Also, she often reminded her twin brother Wayne that she was seven minutes older and he should respect his elders.  The love of good music began at the tender age of six years old when she began to sing in the sunshine choir of her local community church that was filled with relatives.  It was not a day that went by music could not be heard inside of her childhood home.   In the 70’s, Wendy’s father, Preston, was a fan of old school music greats like Sam Cooke, Al Green, Otis Redding and etc. At the same time, traditional gospel music could be heard by her mother and aunts known as “Evangelist Mary White and the St. John Gospellettes.”  Traditional and quartet music was a staple that helped to form the group Unity some twenty years ago.  As a young lady in the Quartet music industry many mentors come to mind such as the late Willie Neal Johnson, Doc McKenzie, William Brothers, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Evelyn Turrentine Agee, McDonald Sisters, Edward Sisters, and so many others. Co-Pastor Wendy Peterson and Unity has had the honor to share the stage with many gospel Quartet legends. Unity has traveled and appeared on NC Gospel Announcers Guild, GMWA, and other events throughout the east coast.  It is with great honor to God for allowing this group another opportunity to minister and spread the good news of Jesus Christ through this song ministry.

wendyThe purpose of this ministry is to win souls and lift the burdens of believers in the body of Christ. This group founder and manager is Pastor Bobby Peterson, who is also plays lead Guitar.  Other band members of the group consist of Robert, David, Shea, and Nate.  The singers of Unity consist of DeOndra, Pastor Tangie, Cynthia, Christine, and Rundia.  Since mid-1990’s, Unity has recorded songs of rich traditional gospel music that has the foot stomping, hand clapping, and bass lines.  To move forward, this project “Together as One” is a long fulfilled dream to have her family join in and sing together.  Evangelist Mary White (mother), DeOndra Peterson (daughter), Perry Parker (cousin), and last but not least Bobby Peterson (husband) has joined in this project to help bring good gospel music and genres together.  A music mixture of both contemporary and traditional quartet roots to maintain Unity fan base Together as One will warm the hearts of the people, set the captives free, and bless the fainted.

For bookings or for more information please visit: www.wendypetersonandunity.com


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Read about recording artist Pastor Tammy Caesar, the niece of Gospel Legend Pastor Shirley Caesar.

Who is Recording Artist Pastor Tammy Caesar?

pastInspirational gospel singer/composer and songwriter, Pastor Tammy Caesar has touched the hearts of many with her angelic voice. A native of Baltimore, MD, Tammy has been singing since the age of 4. Her singing career started with a family group of 7 sisters and brothers called The Caesar Specials. She later had the opportunity to sing with her aunt Shirley Caesar. She has also shared the stage with Fred Hammond, Ricky Dillard, Albertina Walker, the Mighty Clouds of Joy, Dwayne Woods and many others. Pastor Tammy Caesar has since traveled the country ministering in song.

Pastor Caesar operates in the office of prophet, called to preached and teach, evangelizing throughout the world, ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all who will receive it.

Raised in the admonition of the Lord, she has gained the reputation as a front-line warrior – a prayer intercessor as well as an usher because of her God-given ability to usher others into the presence of God.

pc1Pastor Caesar can be found not only on the Internet, on various television shows, including “Bobby Jones Gospel”, “The Cynthia Strong” show in Boston Massachusetts, “Morning Inspiration” in Baltimore, MD, countless radio shows, women’s conferences as psalmist and keynote speaker, interviews featured and published in countless magazine articles and local newspapers, and various concerts, including those hosted by Pastor Shirley Caesar, acted in local Baltimore two plays.

Pastor Caesar was called by the Spirit of God to pastor in 1997. God has prepared for this predestined task. She is a force to be reckoned with in The Kingdom moving as the Spirit of God guides.

Her music encourages, her ministry enlightens, exalting God and transforming the lives of those who have an ear to hear what the spirit of the Lord is speaking. Yokes are destroyed, strongholds are pulled down, barriers are broken and souls are set free to soar. God is taking Pastor Tammy Caesar to the nations for such a time as this.

For more information please visit: www.tammycaesarministries.org

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You got to hear “Heart, Mind, Soul” on The Masters Will Project and also “I Can’t Afford by National Recording Artist Lowell Pye.

What Is The Master Will Project?

mwiiiiThe Master’s Will Project is the debut album of Master’s Will Music (MWM). This various artists album unites the musical influences of baby-boomers and today’s youth to create a fresh, new sound. “The Conaway’s & Master’s Will,” sweet harmonies, fresh musical arrangements, and strong lyrics, make The Master’s Will Project Christian music at its best. Diverse musical genres from a cappella to contemporary gospel are used to inspire and uplift. “Heart, Mind, Soul,” The Conaway’s & Master’s Will, new single is sure to inspire all who hear it. Stellar award-winning Lowell Pye and Latino sensation Daniela Barroso, 2014 AMCL (Nashville) award winner for her solo album (Secreto Lugar), are guest artists. The title cut, Master’s Will, is performed with soulful intensity by Dove nominated artist Charles Butler.

The Conaways Vision

conawys“Our vision is to partner with young people to create a cross generational worship movement. Raising up a new generation of worshipers who are captivated by worship and worship with a new sound, unleashing the power of God, singing liberating music with a life changing message.”


Master’s Will Music LLC, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is owned by founders Dale and Carla Conaway. As songwriters and Executive Producers of The Master’s Will Project, the Conaway’s desire to share the positive message in their music to inspire, heal, and uplift. Liberating music with a life changing message is what Master’s Will Music and The Master’s Will Project are all about.


For more information please visit: http://www.masterswillmusic.com/

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Meet The Pastor, Song writer, and Psalmist Syreeta Blue from Goldsboro North Carolina.

Who is Recording Artist Syreeta Blue?

sb1Pastor Syreeta D. Blue born and raised in Goldsboro NC is the youngest and only daughter of the Hooper family. She currently resides in Durham NC, where she and her husband are founders and Pastors of Visions Ministries and she also serves as worship minister, director of arts leader, and outreach liaison. Syreeta is a worshipper after God’s own heart. Most people know her for her ground shaking yet angelic voice and ability to lead people into the  presence of God through the praise and worship of our Lord. Pastor Ree, as she is affectionately called, operates in the anointing of God with authority and boldness! Her love for Christ, kingdom living, the well being of others and worship is evident in her daily living.  Being raised in the church her entire life and instructed by awesome leaders, has made her well equipped to do the work of The Lord.

sb3She has been ministering and performing since a very young age and is now pursuing her recording career. Her first EP Album entitled, “Worship Unplugged: The Heart of a Psalmist”, is due to be released in 2016. Syreeta is loved for her eclectic and engaging style of music, that is sure to captivate your heart and help you to see and experience God through music and song. Her ministry has been compared to part “A” of the scripture, Proverbs 15:1, “A soft answer turns away wrath…”. She has had the opportunity to  touch many lives traveling the world and spreading the gospel singing to His glory! Syreeta is also a classically trained vocalist, where her studies were accomplished at Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville NC. She loves to teach and share her love for music with others.

sb2Pastor Blue is a dynamic preacher and teacher of the word of God who walks in the prophetic anointing and has a heart to see people delivered and made free! She is a prayer warrior, who consistently seeks the heart of God on the behalf of others. Her life scripture is Romans 8:18 and she has two life quotes to live by… “For God I live and For God I die” and “My worship……yea, my life depends on it.”

Along with ministry duties, working on her music projects, traveling, and taking care of her family, she always makes time to get into the presence of God. It is her desire that in her content she gives you what the Lord is saying for each season of your life. Syreeta cares about your spiritual meal and will do all that she can to feed you good spiritual soul food.

For bookings please visit: www.syreetablue.com

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Recording Artist Arissie Taylor from South Florida, got NEW Music coming soon entitled “Secret Place”

Who Is Recording Artist Arissie Taylor?

at2Arissie Taylor, a native of South Florida, sang in her school and church choir as a youth and continued to sing the gospel as an adult. Her parents, Bishop Dr. Semmie and Doris Taylor, instilled the love of God in her at an early age. The most important question of her life was asked by her father, “Do you want to be God’s little girl or the devil’s little girl”? At the tender age of 7 she made the decision to be God’s little girl. And the journey began… As she continued to blossom and embarked on this journey, she reached another level in Christ.

Arissie Taylor debut single “Somebody’s Watching” is a song she has written that has a message with the music that you will really enjoy and it is available to download on all digital locations. She’s also on Twitter and Facebook.

atttttSecret Place is a New single that will be coming out real soon and you will really enjoy it. This song will show another side of her angelic voice.

The hidden gifts began to awaken. She currently serves as serves alongside her husband, Bishop Larry G. Taylor, Sr. (who would not let this dream die). She is supported by her family, friends and the prayers of the congregation at Jesus Ministries Family Worship Center, Miramar Florida.

atay1Although she had never been in a studio before, God kept pressing, pulling, increasing and empowering her. She was determine to wait on His timing. At 64 years old, her music is not traditional but she sings what she hears from God. The road was rough, the going was tough and there were many hills to climb; but with humility, commitment and grace she never gave up and the next best secret is hitting the airwaves with, “Somebody’s Watching”! To God Be the Glory!!


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From Singapore to Los Angeles California, Singer and Songwriter artist Geraldine has a story to tell.

Who is Recording Artist Geraldine Png?

mil1Geradine is a singer & songwriter raised in Singapore and residing in Los Angeles, CA. She is a recovered alcoholic since 1999. A born again Christian in 2003 which Moonstone City album was conceptualized.

She narrated her personal journey in the songs starting with Moonstone City to Goodbye Moonstone plus additional songs whom certain individuals may identify and may help others start their personal journey by making that very important choice.

“I landed in Moonstone on my nineteenth birthday. It was just around the corner from where I lived and easy to find. I heard others had been there but the name, look and location was different, as it should be. Moonstone is a chosen life style. A choice filled with people who liked me for me. A life style filled with cold uncharted choices blindly made while taking no responsibility for my actions. My life’s travel brochure read”…

“Welcome to Moonstone City.
The Do Whatever, Whenever, Wherever You Want City.”

So, with my nineteen year old wisdom and wit I set out leaving friends and kin to do things my way. My sails shall always be full as well my purse.  I shall fair well.

That choice she made was about mher soul salvation.

Moonstone City Album can also be found at these following music websites : 

Reverbnation Url Link


 Soundcloud Url Link


TWITTER      :  https://twitter.com/geraldinepng

FACEBOOK  :  www.facebook.com/111118615627257

YOUTUBE     :  https://www.youtube.com/GeraldinePng

GODTUBE     :  http://www.godtube.com/geraldinepng/

Website: http://www.geraldinepng.com/

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Introducing recording group Glory To Glory from Ayden NC and their HIT Single “Come To The River”


Who is recording group Glory II Glory?

glorrryGlory II Glory is an enthusiastic group of millennials who love God and His people and whose desire is to spread the message of Jesus one song at a time. On June 30, 2016, Glory II Glory had a date with destiny as they celebrated the release of their first single entitled, “Come To River”. The intimate evening was composed of stories of how the group was formed and humorous recaps of some of their most personal moments as a group. After the group let the audience hear snippets of songs from their upcoming album, they finally revealed their featured song with a live performance, where the audience was able to “swim” and “dip” to the beat. Under the tutelage and direction of their leaders, Apostle Ruth Peterson and Pastor Helen Williams, GIIG is fulfilling their purpose.

For bookings please visit. www.theaomi.org

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Meet Nwa Chi is an English African singer/songwriter, minister and evangelist,.

Who is International Recording Artis Nwa Chi?

rachel_album_eflyer1-1Nwa Chi is an English African singer/songwriter, minister, evangelist, charity worker, infact multitalented with a deep passion and love for God and the gospel. Her desire is to see people connect with God daily outside and in the place of worship as the Lord has instructed. Passionate about touching the heart of God with worship and ministry, leading God’s people to praise and worship Him and experience the same personal relationship.

Nwa Chi hopes that God’s music will lift and encourage people with testimonies.

Nwa Chi’s debut single ‘Redeemer Liveth’ is in response to a vision 3 months ago of masses of people in a red hot furnace; she was in the midst of a group of other pastor’s on a pulpit with huge crowd’s (worship concert) and were discussing  – ‘We better increase the Tempo of the preaching’.

Romans 10:9; If thou shall confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in thine heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shall be saved.

nr1She has great gratitude to God for all his great miracles in her life, family and the community. She proclaims God as her Father, Friend and every every.Nwa Chi’s prayer and desire is that everyone who listens to ‘Redeemer Liveth’ will experience the same awesomeness of God with great testimonies.

A teacher and accountant by day, Nwa Chi’s life took an irrevocable change some years ago when she was involved in a ghastly motor accident in West Africa and survived uninjured being the only one awake to pull everyone else out of the somersaulted car and arrange transport to hospital.Amongst her hobbies is listening to and worshipping with inspirational gospel music. Nwa Chi loves to play instruments like the flute and guitar.

Her vocal trainer has been Clare Hogan, a former singer and now vocal trainer, graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music and a vocal technique lecturer at the Salford University U.K.

Nwa Chi is a worship minister, evangelist and minister with the Overcoming Faith Outreach International Ministries in the United Kingdom. Overcoming Faith International Ministries is a prophetic and healing ministry, overseer Pastor Fred Adejo who is based in Romford, Essex. She is also a student of Benny Hinn School of Ministry and Rhema Ministries.

She states that there is no distance in the Spirit as the Holy Spirit is one.

She mentions that this single is quite comprehensive as it covers a lot of areas in the bible (praise, prayer…), she mentions a few as Job 19:25, Psalm 27, 1 Peter 5:7, Hebrews 12:1-3, Psalm 126, Psalms 91, Luke 4:38-39, Luke 7: 11-15…


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Have you downloaded “Safe In His Arms” By Christian Artist Rachel Loomis from Lansing Michigan? It’s available on all digital download locations.

Who is Christian Artist Rachel Loomis?

raaaaccccRachel Loomis, a Christian singer and songwriter, inspirational writer who have pushed the envelope with her sound of inspiration and praise. She has been known for her outreach involvement in youth facility and street ministries. She brings a fresh anointing from heaven to earth. A sense of God’s presence, grace, encouragement, and a uplifting of the broken hearted as she worships in spirit and in truth. Rachel was raised in Lansing, Michigan and her childhood consisted of traveling with the family gospel singing ministry `Songs of Deliverance´ has laid a strong foundation of a purpose driven life.



rlHer passion and heart’s desire is glorify God, to share the inspired life changing power of God through praise and to edify others in His love.
Her life testimony is proof that God takes our pain, mistakes, and tests and turns them into a beautiful testimony to be used for His purposes.
Everyone that encounters Rachel has been encouraged and embraced by the radiance of God’s love that shines through her whether in word or in deed.
Rachel desires for her life to be one that inspires, uplifts and encourages others so that the world can experience God’s love.

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