Introducing Recording Artist Sybil Sloan and her new single ” Heart Of A King”

Who Is Recording Artist Sybil Sloan?

ss3Sybil M. Sloan was born to David and Mary (Elliott) Sloan, November 30, 1973 in Salisbury, NC. Sybil now resides Harnett County. She has one daughter, Matika, a grandson, Landon and five God Children. Sybil has completed her Undergradate degrees at Campbell University and will be starting Law School at Faulkner Jones School of  Law in 2016. Sybil is currently the Owner of Sloan’s Consulting Insurance and Financial Services, Snappy Taxes. She has prepared taxes for more than 20 years and has owned her own company for about 13 years.. She loves to spend her free time Ministering classes for Financial Literacy or Worshipping through song. Her EP is scheduled to be released in July of 2016 entitled Worship Eclipse as well as Her book entitled Hold on and Letting Go..

Since Childhood Sybil has been using the Ministry of song to lead people to Christ as well as set an atmosphere of deliverance. She has been fully aware of her prophetic song Ministry and her Evangelistic calling since she was in her late teens. And she began to walk in her calling in her mid-twenties. After divorce, open heart surgery, head on collisions, and several TIA’s, Sybil has weathered the storms of life and fought back in the face of adversity. She is determined to be all the Lord has called her to be. Sybil has ministered across the United States as well internationally since 1989. Understanding her call Sybil has began to fully operate in her Prophetic Evangelic Psalmist Role in the Kingdom of God.

 heartttttttThe single Heart of a King, which was released April 15, 2016 has charted on CDbaby consecutively since being released. This is just the beginning of how this prophetic voice is going to impact the world and heal the hearts of the people. The heart of worship must come back to the people.

For Bookings please visit:

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Operation Of Faith based out of California is a must hear.

100569-_Operation_FaithHarold T. Johnson Sr. A native of San Antonio, Texas, began learning to play the piano at the age of 5.  He graduated from the Providence Theological Seminary in 1986.  He served as the Assistant Pastor of Harmony Missionary Baptist Church until he founded Praise Assembly Christian Church in 1998.  The Praise Assembly Christian Church located in Inglewood, CA recently celebrated their 13th Year Convocation Celebration.  To God Be The Glory! Currently, he periodically works with Liz McComb Global Music Ministry located in Paris, France.

crawfordDavid Crawford, Composer & Producer of Operation Faith was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. David received a full scholarship to California Institute of the Arts and received a Masters Degree in Music.

David is a member of the International Church of Christ and has composed and arranged several songs for the congregation. Operation Faith has been his pet project for several years  integrating his faith and music experience to create songs of worship. Producer credits include Vesta (A&M Records), Chuck Cissel (Arista Records). He began his professional career as an Orchestrator/Arranger for such artists as Sylvers, Patti Labelle, Confunkshun, Gladys Knight, Mary J. Blige, The Whispers, Shalamar, Rene & Angela, Bobby Womack and many others just to name a few.

For more information, please log on to:

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Lots of Ladies in Atlanta Georgia area goes to T&S Beauty Supply Store for services. You have to check them out.

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If you are IN or NEAR East Point Georgia, you got to visit Kupcakerie….. You will really enjoy it.

What is Kupcakerie is East Point Georgia?

cupppKupcakerie is the premier place to get cupcakes for any occasion.  Make weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and other events special with our moist and delicious treats.  Send cupcakes to your favorite people and watch their eyes light up with glee.  They’re way more tasty than flowers.  Heck, you can even send some cupcakes to yourself!  We never judge.  Whatever you can think up, we can deliver.  So, how did this incredible story of irresistible cupcakes come to be?  Funny you should ask.

Kupcakerie is the brainchild of Henry and Kascha Adeleye.  It all started when Kascha baked her first cupcake without the help of the ready-made boxes you find in grocery stores.  She was so excited to be able to accomplish this feat that she went cupcake crazy and started experimenting with every flavor imaginable.  The dream became so real that she started to contemplate opening her own cupcake shop.

cakeeeFast forward a year or two, the dream was still just a dream.  Armed with superhuman optimism after reading the Steve Jobs biography, Henry was eager to go into business but was unsure of what type of company to try his luck with.  After much thought, he decided to make this cupcake shop a reality.  After countless months of planning and raising funds, the dream was finally alive…or so it seemed.  Shortly thereafter, the unexpected happened:  One of the backers changed his mind and threatened to keep the world from experiencing the delectable treats Kascha and Henry had so desperately been working on.

Undeterred, they came up with a brilliant idea:  Sell cupcakes online!  They thought long and hard on which flavor to start with, and after much scientific analysis (not really that scientific), decided to give the world their best recipe, a cream-filled red velvet.  On September 2, 2014, Kupcakerie was officially born, weighing in at 0 lb., 0 oz., because it’s a website and not a baby and websites don’t weigh anything.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

Kupcakerie offers the finest in cupcake delivery, custom ordering, and catering services for the Atlanta, GA and surrounding metro areas.  We also bake custom orders for anywhere we ship.  We’re here to handle all of your event needs, no matter how large or small.  We can customize cupcakes for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and anything else you can possibly dream of.

For more information, please visit


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Have you heard National Recording Artist Juanyata Nicole Goodson new single “Jesus Is My Friend”

Who is Juanyata Nicole Goodson?

J NIcoleJuanyata Nicole Goodson is a native of Valdosta, Ga., and currently resides in the candescent city of Charlotte, NC.  Serving longside her husband in the pastorate of Restoration Ministries COGIC; a cutting-edge church in the heart of an urban community.  She can easily be found busy in the business of up building the Kingdom of God working feverishly in whatever capacity necessary to help bring the vision to pass and getting the mission accomplished.  This is nothing new to J. Nicole, but rather very much who she is.

Coming from a family of singers and musicians, it was at an early age that the Lord anointed her for what she does today.  J. Nicole is a Psalmist, an Evangelist, an Intercessor, a Counselor and an Encourager.  She has, undeniably, been endowed with many gifts from God.  At the beginning of her ministry it was most noticeable her deft vocal edibility and inclination to music.

She carries a serious anointing to sing and teach and is a true worshipper who enjoys seeing the people of God being  Healed, being Delivered and being Set Free.  Becoming a distinguished musical virtuoso has afforded her the privilege to record songs with the Central Georgia State Choir, Donnell Peterson & Rhema, and the opportunity to serve various churches through the years working in and leading their music ministries.  J. Nicole actively guides the musical arts of Restoration Ministries as Minister of Music, and Praise and Worship Leader.  She also oversees the C. E. Anderson, Sr. Fellowship District Music Department.

jniccccShe has a new single out entitled “Jesus Is My Best Friend” which is now available to download on all digital outlets and this song is a must have.J. Nicole says “I am just amazed at what God is doing and I give him all glory and praise”.  One of her favorite scriptures are, “I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth; I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:1,4

Upon graduating from high school, she relocated to Atlanta, Ga.  Soon after, a new chapter in the life of J. Nicole was opened.  She met the man that would be her husband.  J. Nicole has been married to Superintendent Juan M. Goodson, the Senior Pastor and founder of Restoration Ministries COGIC for 20 years.  They are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters.

She was also featured in The Wealth Palace Magazine (online magazine) in their May/June 2014 issue, “Never Give Up On Your Dreams”.  J. Nicole says “I am just amazed at what God is doing and I give him all glory and praise”.  One of her favorite scriptures are, “I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth; I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:1,4

Above all of the accomplishments to her credit and the many accolades that have been bestowed upon her, J. Nicole is most confident in this one thing:  she is Saved, Sanctified, and Holy Ghost filled!  She loves God with all of her heart and seeks to please Him in all she does.  One of her greatest desires is to see the people of God empowered through her ministry to destroy Satan’s influence and to further expand the Kingdom of God.

For Bookings or for more information please visit:

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Entrepreneur, profound speaker and accomplished national gospel recording artist Jekalyn Carr.

Who Is Jekalyn Carr?

jekalyn-contactSince the inception of the genre, Gospel Music has become synonymous with many things; anointing, power, inspiration, deliverance, and healing. Throughout the generations, the word of God in song has also been synonymous with dynamic child prodigies that encompass all of the above. Legends Shirley Caesar, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke all began their prolific careers as young children, and the effects of their ministries continue to resonate to this day.

Stellar Award-winner, Jekalyn Carr, is next in line to be recorded as the most dynamic young Gospel singer of her time. Carr literally burst onto the scene in 2013 with the poignant and powerful Billboard Top 5 single, “Greater Is Coming,” as an independent artist, which showcased a vocal ability and intensity far beyond her 15 years. “Greater Is Coming” captured the attention of Gospel listeners across the country and positioned Carr to take her rightful place on the national stage. Since her debut, Carr has wowed audiences with her dynamic singing and preaching, with two nationally distributed albums already under her belt.

JekalynCarr-TheLifeProject-CDCover-Setting the stage for The Life Project, is the prolific lead single, “You’re Bigger.” Penned by Allen Carr, who also wrote “Greater Is Coming,” “You’re Bigger” is a declarative proclamation of faith that is sure to impact the lives of all who hear it. While “Greater Is Coming” encouraged millions as Carr asserted the promises of God, she shifts her focus to an audience of one with “You’re Bigger” by singing to God. Carr proclaims, “You’re bigger than the universe. You’re bigger than the sun and the stars. You’re bigger than the things that could tear me apart!” This worshipful ballad hails Gods sovereignty and reminds listeners to set their sights on the true and living God.

“You’re Bigger”was released in early 2016, and if early responses and testimonies are any indication, will pave the way for Carr to speak into the hearts and lives of all with whom she comes into contact, and all over the world. A simple message, filled with an unwavering truth, creates an unyielding assurance.

For Bookings visit:


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Holy Hip Hop Artist Jamie Stewart from New York is making things happen.

Who is Holy Hip Hop Artist Jamie Stewart?

8408_487788931409454_8607473051873001606_n[1]Many hip-hop artists, both secular and gospel, struggle to establish a musical identity that is both genuine and unique in sound and style. Then there are those who emerge fully in control of their craft, their identity, and their musical style. Jamie Stewart fits firmly in the latter category. His upcoming project, ‘STILL GOT A PRAISE’, is a uniquely captivating and heartfelt debut that brings a gifted and significant new sense of how hip hop music can be used to minister to hearts, minds, and souls. A refreshingly unique sound, original in the best possible way, his lyrics provoke a response in both the believer as well as the non-believer.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, Jamie recalls, “As a kid I didn’t talk much about how I felt inside. Writing it out on paper, whether as a poem, song or a short story, even by drawing or dancing was how I best expressed myself. I loved songs that said what I was unable to express in my own words.” Jamie was inspired by artists like Afrika Bambaataa, KRS One, and Public Enemy. He states “I always liked rappers whose messages were about unity, social change, and who sought to uplift us a people. Todays’ rap is all negative and encourages negative behaviors”

1Jamie began singing as a child and began rapping at age 15, but never had any interest in entering the music industry. In 1990 Jamie moved to Brooklyn, NY and in 2010 he began to write songs to address the church, the world and the younger generation. With no prior experience or formal musical education he patiently taught himself how to create, mix, and master his own original songs. Today he is the founder and CEO of JSTUdio Productions/SpeakLife Media; a singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, producer and a graphic artist. His passion is more for music production/songwriting rather than performing, enjoying being able to reach the world from the quietness of home.

The project is a unique blend of various musical styles, making hip hop music wondrously alive and new again. As a new and upcoming artist, Jamie Stewart does more than merely create the songs; he embodies them and lives them out in practical demonstration, in a unique and powerful way. With STILL GOT A PRAISE, Jamie Stewart is sure to awaken consciousness within as well as outside of church walls, and set another landmark in hip hop music ministry.

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Recording Artists James L Patterson from S.C. is everywhere and he’s coming to a city near you.

Who is Recording Artist James Patterson?

jp3James Patterson has music ministry running through his veins. The Orangeburg, SC is devoted to applying his God-given gift into every facet of his life to include his career. His accolades include a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from South Carolina State University. He is currently a music teacher and band director at Cross Elementary and Cross High School. This role allows him to have a huge impact in inspiring the youth. His greatest achievement as a music educator was celebrating the win of his pupil, Joshua Rogers, the Season 5 winner of BET’s Sunday Best.

In 2011 Patterson nearly lost his life. Almost 150 pounds overweight; he was hospitalized due to complications with diabetes. Realizing he was called by God he knew there was greater work to do. With the support and encouragement of family his artistry was birthed.

jp1God’s prophesies has been fulfilled in James’s life; as 2014 has proven to be a year of blessings. South Carolina has embraced the ministry of Patterson. He received 109, 637 votes, winning the WJNI Local Artist Competition to open up for Ricky Dillard at the 2014 Black Expo in Charleston, S.C. He has also had the opportunity to share the stage with such artists as Pastor H.E. Dixon, Lucille Pope and the Pearly Gates, Paul Porter and many more. His debut single, “Better” was released in the Fall of 2014.

It’s undeniably certain, that this is only the beginning for James Patterson. James’s prayer is for his music to speak to the nations; letting them know that God is still able. His goal is to continue to convey the message of his songs through his life-living. Through it all, Patterson remains humble and committed to all that lies ahead of him with God as his strength and guide.

For bookings or for more information please visit:

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Book Author Tranita Randolph has an amazing story in her book entitled “When Angels Lead You To Heaven” that you need to read.

Who is Book Author Tranita Randolph?

whennnnThis Book Author Tranita A Randolph is about a single mom raising 2 boys that have a disability and her boys are the ONLY African Americans that boys that has this disability in the Whole World.






boyssssNot too long ago, one of her sons passed away and 18 months later her other son passed You have to hear her AMAZING Story.




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Recording Artist Arissie Taylor from South Florida, wants you to know that “Somebody’s Watching You”.

Who Is Recording Artist Arissie Taylor?

Arissie Taylor, a native of South Florida, sang in her school and church choir as a youth and continued to sing the gospel as an adult. Her parents, Bishop Dr. Semmie and Doris Taylor, instilled the love of God in her at an early age. The most important question of her life was asked by her father, “Do you want to be God’s little girl or the devil’s little girl”? At the tender age of 7 she made the decision to be God’s little girl. And the journey began… As she continued to blossom and embarked on this journey, she reached another level in Christ.

att2Arissie Taylor debut single “Somebody’s Watching” is a song she has written that has a message with the music that you will really enjoy and it is available to download on all digital locations. She’s also on Twitter and Facebook.

The hidden gifts began to awaken. She currently serves as serves alongside her husband, Bishop Larry G. Taylor, Sr. (who would not let this dream die). She is supported by her family, friends and the prayers of the congregation at Jesus Ministries Family Worship Center, Miramar Florida.

atay1Although she had never been in a studio before, God kept pressing, pulling, increasing and empowering her. She was determine to wait on His timing. At 64 years old, her music is not traditional but she sings what she hears from God. The road was rough, the going was tough and there were many hills to climb; but with humility, commitment and grace she never gave up and the next best secret is hitting the airwaves with, “Somebody’s Watching”! To God Be the Glory!!

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