This remix of “Soul Survivor” written by Brother Reggie the Owner of Rejoice America Radio, featuring Recording Artist Sean Scales is making a big buzz in the industry

You’re a Soul Survivor. Soul Survivor is a song that is for Anybody and Everybody who has been through anything. It is also for those who were told that they will never amount to anything. Check out the Lyric video and share it will all of your friends who is going through..    

Meet “Brother Reggie” The Owner Of Rejoice America Radio

Who Is Brother Reggie? Reginald (Brother Reggie) Richardson was born and raised in the Washington D.C. area, and as a child, Reggie has always liked different type of music. He even was in the band from the 7th grade until he graduated from High School playing numerous of instruments. He was known for playing the Trumpet because he played in numerous of DC Go-Go Bands. After graduation from T.C. Williams High School (Remember The titans) in Alexandria Virginia, he attended…

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Join our FaceBook Fan Page and Follow Us On Twitter….. “Rejoice America Radio”