Be on the Look Out for Atlanta’s Own Recording Artist “Kena”

Who is Recording Artist Kena?

Kena, her name says it all, “unique”. Kena was born to sing. She’s an amazing singer/songwriter with a gift from God. Early on, the Atlanta based singer/songwriter discovered that she had the gift of songwriting. She spent many years filling notebooks full of songs.  Although she had the gift of songwriting, it wasn’t until the age of 12 that she discovered she had the gift of singing. One Sunday, she went to church as usual, but this time it was different.  When she got home from church, Kena decided that she was going to sing. So, she ask her mom to listen to her sing. Her mom was astonished! She was in such awe of Kena’s voice that she quickly took Kena over to her cousin’s house who attended a performing arts school to confirm the gift that she recently discovered Kena had. Her cousin listened and quickly confirmed that Kena indeed was blessed with the gift of singing.

So, the next Sunday Kena was allowed to sing as a guest soloist with the Adult Choir.  The youth was always encouraged to share their talents, but nobody expected a kid to have such a big presence. The choir started singing and Kena begin to lead the song. The anointing was on her as she allowed God to use her and the rest is history. She officially became a member of the adult choir where she lead and directed many songs. She went on to attend a performing Arts schools where she learned to sight read and she placed high in several competitions including American Idol.  Kena got off track with the distractions of the world and unfortunately used her gift wrongfully, amidst being warned several times by close friends and family that her gift was for God. She eventually returned back to her roots and vowed to serve God. She considers herself under construction and a work in progress. She doesn’t focus on the time lost. She believes that she’s right where she is supposed to be, when she is suppose to be. She says it’s God’s timing and as she stated, “his timing is PERFECT”! So, while she’s under construction get ready to experience God’s grace and peace as she spreads God’s L-O-V-E.

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