Be on the look out for Upcoming artist Clarice Julious from SC and her Debut single “Serve You”


Who is recording artist Clarice Julious?

Clarice Julious is a singer/songwriter out of Andrews, South Carolina. As a “small-town” girl she captivates crowds with her bubbly, down to earth personality. She began singing as a child in her hometown church. There she learned to enjoy singing and they began to shape her destiny.

As Clarice began to mature in her gift of singing and worship her undying love for music became undeniable. It was during her college years that her confidence and love for music propelled so much that she decided to pursue music. She then began writing poetry, which eventually transformed into music. As she began to know and understand her style of writing, it became a sure way to express life’s pains, losses, and also the joys of love in life.

She never knew that as she continued to sing while writing that a perfect recipe for success was being developed. Her rich, soulful voice married to her truthful and passionate lyrics began to create a phenomenal, heart felt performance experience for all to see.

The next ingredient of her music was added as she began to sing at Rehoboth Restoration Church. This is where her spirituality deepened and grew. Now her music had a sure message, a clear direction and a true meaning for people to grasp on to.

This new perspective catapulted her to record her first released single, “Happy”. This jazzy tune was released in 2011 and encourages people to embrace the uniqueness of others as well as their own and to continuously support one another by praying for each other despite their differences.

Her purpose is to create music speaking truth that uplifts and blesses all…. and her hope is to create timeless, relatable melodies that people will want to listen to over and over again. This blossoming singer/songwriter is well on her way to making many life-changing hits.

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