“Wonderful” by Jacksonville Florida Recording Artist TeSchara Boykin is a song that you will really enjoy listening too.

Who is Recording Artist TeSchara Boykin?

TeSchara is originally from the State of Connecticut and is one of two children born to Deacon James and Betti Teel.  She started singing in the church where she grew up, East End Baptist Tabernacle Church in the Starlight Choir at the age of three, under the tutelage of Minister Michael Cummings and the late Minister Maxine Foster Durham.  It was during these early years and stages in her life that she realized her love and passion for singing.

TeSchara has always known that she had a special love for helping others, and more importantly, a love for Jesus Christ.  Going to church and singing were things that absolutely made her elated.  She was often told by many Ministers and Evangelists that she has an anointing on her life, and to always follow the path of God.  That is exactly what she did.  After having the awesome opportunity to sing for Pope John Paul II in Rome, Italy along with her fellow High School Concert Choir Singers, she realized the impact and power that a beautifully written song, coupled with beautiful voices and emotion, not only had on her, but those listening, and TeSchara began writing songs about God.


In 1996, TeSchara’s life journey led her to Jacksonville University, where she graduated in 2000 earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing, with a Minor in Dance.  While at Jacksonville University, TeSchara revived the United Multi-Cultural Association Gospel Choir, as the Director and began practicing and singing at various churches around the Jacksonville area. Upon graduation, TeSchara decided to make Jacksonville her home, where she has resided ever since.  While at Jacksonville University, she began attending Circle of Faith Ministries.  This is where she received salvation from the Lord.

Just months after receiving salvation, TeSchara wrote her very first official song as a new creation in Christ.  And that is when it all began.  She started writing more and more. Then, one day, years later, the Holy Spirit spoke to her and said, these songs I’ve given you are not going to reach anyone in the world just simply staying in your notebook.  It was then that she knew she had to start taking steps towards strengthening her voice, building her confidence and getting the songs out.

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