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Who is Pastor Lenora Sands?

An ordained minister of the Gospel, Pastor Sands hails as a dynamic leader and woman of God, who has an infectious personality and deep conviction that faith can undoubtedly move mountains.

She is widely known for her insightful appearances on talk shows, radio programs and the life-changing crusades under the big green and white tent, plus powerful preaching and teaching of God’s word. Pastor Sands is a lover of street work and also outdoor evangelism. She is honored and respected among the most outstanding women pastors in her country. After all, she is one of the youngest female pastors who founded a work in her era.

Today she has proven that God is still in search of vessels who have faith in Him no matter what; and so with mountain moving faith, in December of 1987, a team of four took the family island by force, headed by this young woman who undoubtedly was assured of her call. Pastor Lenora Sands further led the team to the United States of America, ministering in areas such as Miami, Orlando Fl., West Palm Beach, Richmond Virginia, Indianapolis India, all over North America and other parts of the world.

After four years of evangelistic work, a call to Pastor was confirmed through dreams, visions signs, wonders, and even an audible voice. Pastor Lenora Sands was given a dream and heard the voice of God told her to build Him a house and to lead a people that he would call her and her husband to Pastor. In response to the Lord and with the consent of her husband, they both dedicated all of their talents to the Lord. Pastor Lenora – the Preacher, and Pastor Derek – the teacher.

It was in the summer of 1990, that Pastor Lenora Sands pursued ministry through the many great tent revivals, that today, still have a lasting affect on many. It was out of these great tent revivals, that Bethel’s Restoration Revival Center began. It is said that Bethel’s Restoration Revival Center will become one of the most exciting churches in the Bahamas, for it is “A Place Where The Broken Are Made Whole”.

Pastor Lenora is the wife of Pastor Derek Sands, and this union is blessed with one son – Derek Sands, Jr. She is an unusually anointed preacher, teacher, listener, comforter, counsellor, administrator, mother and a determined woman of prayer. She is a prophetic voice to her generation. This 21st century Hannah, with the help of the Almighty God, and her husband, Pastor Derek Sands, shall fearlessly pursue her appointed destiny. She is a yielded vessel, sold out for the master’s purpose.

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