This anointed teenager DeDrinique Barnes from Florida is coming your way real soon.

Who is recording artist DeDrinique Barnes?

Anointed to serve this present age, young & old, DeDrinique Barnes, now 17 years of age, is a true Young Servant of the Lord God Almighty, Often Known As “Noony, DeDrinique is a Positive, Unique, And Fun-Filled Individual who serves God with all he has. DeDrinique began singing at an early age and was discovered to have quite the anointed voice when she chimed in and stole the lead verse from her older sister when they (her sister DeSiree, Mother Missionary Barnes, and herself) were ministering at church. Losing her Father at an early age, DeDrinique continued to draw strength from her love of God and His Grace and the love of her Devoted & Supportive Mother. Raised by a single Mother, DeDrinique is the youngest in her Mom’s family of 3 children.

She Is Very different From the Typical Teenagers in today’s society. DeDrinique believes In Being Youthful and Having Fun but she also believes in being Holy & Keeping God First! She encourages and influences People in Her Community, everywhere city she travels to, and reaches thousands on social media. She has a unique styles as not only is she a singer she is quite the percussion musician. In addition, she is an avid student of the Word of God and is often called on by her Pastor to bring the word on Youth Sundays. She spends time making comedic videos of things that come to her or mind or a parody he or there of those close to her. Her Passion for the Music continues to be an indescribable feeling as she pens her worships and praises to God. She Believes That Music Is Art & Art Is Music. And If You Have No Art, You Have No Music! When Encouraging Herself She says, “Just VIBE, trust God & SING for His Glory! DeDrinique wants to spread the good news to any and everyone who will listen and to those who don’t but it never stops her from sharing. DeDrinique turned 16 on March 16, 2016 and celebrated for the second year, with a gospel music concert of anointed Gospel Artists on March 19, 2016, where she will be released her first single that she wrote, “Total Praise”.  She had a video that went viral on Facebook and youtube with over 19 million views, where she was coming off anesthesia, praising God and the video was featured on TVOne with commentary from Roland Martin.  DeDrinique’s purpose in life is to live so God can us her to win souls for Christ and encourage others along the way.



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