“Tear Down the Walls 2”, by Todd L. Curry.

Who is Todd Curry & Focus?
“Tear Down the Walls 2”, by Todd L. Curry, is about to take the nation by storm! It is the hip hop version, of the original, “Tear Down the Walls”, by Todd Curry and Focus. Just like the original, it is a message for the nations, to tear down the walls of racism, sexism, segregation, etc. and come together as one. The beat was created by the multi-talented, Cedric Thompson, Jr. “CJ”, and was produced by Todd Curry, and the gifted, Ahmod Goins “Mod-G”.
Brought into the mix of, “Tear Down the Walls 2”, are 3 skilled, and proficient rappers, Bryan Carter “Young Saint”, Paul J. McKeithan “PJ McKeithan”, and Jermaine Watts “Megawatts”. All 3, along with Mod-G, bring a different vibe, different energy, and different flow, to make this collaboration pop!
The music video, for this song, was filmed in Burlington, NC, at The Burlington School, featuring their basketball teams. The boys’ varsity team went undefeated, and won the state championship…and they finished ranked #33 in the country for the 2016-2017 school year. The girls’ team is simply AMAZING also, and is a dominant force in the state. The video has already reached over 230,000 views!!
 The message is clear…the walls must come down! From inward walls, that we ourselves put up, hindering our growth, and prosperity…to external walls of separation and division. “Tear Down the Walls 2”, is the catalyst used to start change, in our world today…one brick at a time.
 Website: www.todd-curry.com
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