Arkansas Own Recording Artist Jennifer Page has a new book out entitled “Confessions Of The Preacher Daughter”

Who is Jennifer Page?

Recording Artist Jennifer Page is a worshiper artist from Arkansas who has a song entitled “I’ll Trust You” which is a song that speaks about through it all, I can still Trust You. This is a song that will bless anybody no matter of what situation that you are in.

Jennifer Page is not just a artist, she is also a book author and has just released a book entitled “Confessions Of The Preacher Daughter”


“Confessions Of The Preacher’s Daughter is the ugly truth of the church and my life. It’s not as perfect as some portray it to be. This story reveals the imperfections of the body of Christ, but will allow readers to see that we serve a Perfect GOD that wars on our behalf, Forgives us and Restores us”

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