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Who is Fred Perry & 2nd Generation?

Fred Perry & 2nd Generation are a traditional gospel group. They consist of a father and his 3 sons Frederick 25, Jordan 19, and Minister Isaiah Perry, 14. The ministry started while the oldest of the 3 sons Frederick, started playing some music in the family living room one day, and merely asked his father, Pastor Frederick Perry, to add a song to it. Their love for gospel music goes back for many generations throughout the family. They are a family group that truly loves the Lord and wants to use their love for music to minister in song. All of the group members not only sing, but they are musicians as well.



Fred Perry & 2nd Generation were the 2014 winners of Lisa Knowles of the Brown Singers, Evolution of Quartet Showcase in Memphis, TN. This endeavor opened many doors for their ministry. They have shared the stage with some of gospels greatest. There 1st cd was released on February 22, 2015. Their project “Heaven Sent” is filled with songs written by Pastor Frederick Perry and son Frederick Perry They were also the winners of the 2015 Exclesisa Showcase hosted by Esther Wooten, in Memphis, TN. Fred Perry & 2nd Generation held the top song of the week for 3 weeks during the month of July for the Independent Gospel Alliance. They have also been on Gloryland Gospels top 20 chart since September. Fred Perry & 2nd Generation have been nominated for 6 Rhythm of Gospel Awards for June 2016. They have been nominated for Quartet of the Year at the Triangle Awards 2017.

FP2G released their first single,”Jesus Love Me.” on March 8, 2016. They have been blessed to travel to more than 20 states in less than 2 years. Their live recording was done on November 26, 2016 and was released April 30, 2017, “The Wisdom Project.” Their ultimate goal is to reach the masses in the music industry and compel lost souls to come to Christ.

These young men of valor show their love for Christ by trying to live the life that they sing about. The youngest of the sons is 14 year old Minister Isaiah Perry, and his voice can be clearly heard every time they take the stage. They would love to come to a city near you. For booking please contact Minister Tonya L. Perry at 731-298-9659 or fp2ndgeneration@yahoo.com.

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