Meet International Recording Artist, Spoken Word Artist,Music Producer Song/Vocal Arranger Eman

Who Is Eman Tha Profezzor?

Eman Tha Profezzor, a man filled with a passion for the lost and the joining of the nations for the Gospel – A man called and equipped with the heart of God to shine the Light for those in need of refuge and safety as believers desiring to live and do for God through their gifts and talents. Touching many grounds and gathering with artists of similar passion in the ministry, Eman has grown in his calling and gift of Gospel Music, developing into a genre of his own – Experimental Gospel: not being able to be contained in the former Gospel/Rap outfit, he expanded with the purpose of expressing what God has given him: Being gifted in Spoken Word, with expressions of his faith in Jesus and the needs of this society, along with being a dedicated Music Producer, succeeding in engineering his own sound. In Respect of the freedom which is in Christ,

Eman desires to share with those who are not a fit to the typical mold, but who have gifts and talents waiting inside them to be known for the glory of God. This is the introduction of the NERD UP MOVEMENT – You are in invited.

“Because of what Christ has done in my own life, I am confident in saying I am creative, I am different, I am brilliant with what I do to touch lives for Christ.”#NERDUPMOVEMENT

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