Sheana Elliott has a sound in her voice that needs to be heard.

Who Is Sheana Elliott?

If there is one word that sums up the heart of SheanaElliott, it’s worship. A worshiper for most of her life, she
desires intimate communion with the Lord. Combinethat passion with a sweet voice and a gift to hear songs from Heaven and you have the music ministry of Sheana
Elliott. A worship leader, psalmist and ordained minister,
Sheana’s love for her God is clearly evident on her new
release, “Best Me”.

The song is the second single release from the artist ready to spread her musical wings with her upcoming CD dropping in late 2017. Sheana’s musical journey started in Norwalk, Connecticut. Her mother sang frequently and so did Sheana. As a matter
of fact, she and her brothers would make up songs and do concerts right there in their living room. Faith was a As her relationship with God grew, her musical talents grew, too, strongly influenced by her music teacher, Mrs. Lupus. A natural introvert, Sheana needed a little encouragement to step to the mic, but that changed while in high school. She joined a singing group called BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ). The ensemble’s forte was Gospel music and her experience with the group expanded her musical horizons. Not only were her ears opened to a different style of music, but her heart was opened as well.

“It was while I was in BASIC that my relationship with God became real,” she shares. “Praise and worship became real and I found my identity in Christ. It was there that I realized that music ministry was what I was created to do.” While singing lead vocals, she saw how people were being moved by the ministry. She began to understand the precious gift that the Lord had given her. It was lifechanging. Later on, she joined a group called NIA and was a member between 2007 to 2010. During her time with the group, she co-wrote several songs that made up their contemporary Gospel sound. Shortly after the transition, Sheana began receiving numerous songs, tracks that will ultimately become her debut release.

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