Recording Artist Adair Brown new single “Next In Line” is a song for you to enjoy.

Who Is Recording Artist Cassie Adair Brown?

In the year of “92” Cassie Adair Brown was born in Pinehurst, NC and raised in Moore County in a small town called Cameron. She was raised by two parents Abigail Kelly (mother) and Berry Brown (father). From birth until the age of five, Cassie was traveling with her grandmother the late Lucy Ann Matthews and started singing at the age of seven. Cassie’s first solo was performed at a program in Sanford, N.C. singing the hymn “Jesus Loves Me” held by her after school care “Get Smart”. This song was the first song she learned and was taught by her late grandmother. After several years of singing in church choir and being selected for solo’s something was still missing. In September 2001, on a Sunday morning during the altar call Cassie was led by the holy spirit to give her life to christ whole heartedly. From that day forward everything changed.

“I remember sitting in my room with notebook trying to write a song, but nothing was flowing. However, as soon as I put my notebook away to another task started singing and that is when the lyrics would come to me, “Cassie says”. Cassie’s first song was written upstairs in her home. “I was a senior in high school and I was laying on the floor on a school night and the melody came to my mind. I knew I couldn’t forget this particular piece as the lyrics came to me I had to write it down right away. (Cassie) 

In “2011” I began to finish writing “Let God In” and I sung it almost everyday. Finally, during Cassie’s college years her sophomore year she started a singing group called “Unlimited”. At North Carolina Central University in the late fall of “2014” is when her first single “Let God In” was released on all media music streams. “I was very excited, but remained quiet to see all the responses of something awesome God gave me that I am now giving to others.” (Cassie) By May “2016” Cassie graduated from North Carolina Central University with a mind to continue pursuing her music, youth ministry, as well as growing in her music fraternity “Sigma Alpha Iota”. She is now a chief/counselor for troubled girls at a a wilderness camp in Moore County serving others under Baptist Children Homes of N.C.. She enjoys teaching youth and being an inspiration to others spiritually and share her gifts to others musically.


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