You need to read up on Andrew Potts Jr. and Lemuel.

Who is Andrew Potts Jr and Lemuel?

Andrew Potts Jr. was born to Gwendolyn and Andrew Potts Sr. on December 22nd 1982. Sadly only two years after Andrew’s birth Gwendolyn loss her battle with cancer and departed this world in 1984. Although, he was not given time to get to know his mother, Andrew holds dearly to her memory. His father Andrew Potts Sr. is the Bishop and founder of Judah House of Praise & Worship Christian Centers. Andrew was a child prodigy. He has played the drums since the age of nine, and at the age of 20 started playing the organ. Playing for various groups, artists, and churches has given him the opportunity to use his gifts to minister to people nationwide. After years of traveling, Andrew was still left with much to be desired. Realizing through first hand experience that many of the artists that he played for were not living what they were singing about. Andrew was determined to compose a group that would not only sing to the Glory of God, but live the lives to prove it. Soon there after he founded LEMŪEL. Since Andrew has started the ministry God has inspired him to write and arrange songs that minister to groups of all ages, races, and religious backgrounds. Thru his music he would like to convey the message that, “No matter the present circumstance God can bring you through.” It is his philosophy that the best way for Christians to win souls to Christ is to live Christ-like.

We are a comprised group of vibrant young people that has accepted the call of God and fully dedicated themselves to be used by Him. Realizing the need for effective ministry; us group members open up to allow God to flow as He pleases. Every member within the ministry is unique enough in his or her own way. With such great combination of God given anointed talents and skills the impact LEMŪEL has increased on the lives of people that come into contact with the ministry. We have shared the stage with a lot of great artiste and have been invited as guest to minister at a number of events. This Ministry explores all genres of music that promotes one message, which is the “Gospel of Jesus Christ with Truth.” God being center of the ministry, allows their music to reach out to all ages, classes, and races. Moving forward in God, fulfilling His desired will, LEMŪEL is dedicated to talk and walk in the light, to proclaim the Gospel in real worship to the people in towns, villages, states and to all the nations of the world. There is one God, they come in one faith, and therefore NOTHING shall hinder them.

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