Soon you will hear about recording artist Yvonne Pendelton from Washington D.C.

Who is recording artist Yvonne Pendelton?

Yvonne D. Pendleton is a native of Washington, DC. Starting singing at home with her mother, being the first to teach her how to harmonize, to the soulful sounds of Motown, and other music of the 50s and 60’s. I was raised in the rough streets, of SE Washington DC, where I learned how to survive, as single teenaged mother of two sons. Without support, mentors, or direction, But when God is for you, Nothing can stop you. I made through much adversity, disappointments, and God found, saved, and called me to service for His glory.


Singing was is passion, and to sing Gods word of life, to give is life, to me is life. It was my only hope. I went from performing in school talent shows, local bands, clubs, and local competitions, to Ministering in song for God, what an honor. I have life experiences that I will share through music, and preaching the Word of God, that will give God glory, and let others know they can make it through life’s perils. I don’t meet strangers, because everyone that comes into your personal place, is helping you reach your purpose, and all belong to God. I don’t discriminate, I know who I am, I know what I am called to do, I plant, and water. I know I am different, and I know my worth. People are drawn to me, and feel comfortable talking to me about the most private matters, from day one. I will talk to the man in the gutter, the woman on the corner, the white collar, CEO, and will judge no one, we all are important to God.

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