Minister Michael Norman believes in the Most High and you can hear it in his songs. Read his testimony.

Who Is Minister Michael Norman?

The Word was not always the way as they say, for Minister Michael Norman. As we all may have been steered in a direction that is not truly meant for us in life;Michael Norman was no different as he walked a road that was taking him in a perilous direction until his prayers were answered by Christ. Pulled from a dependency on alcohol and drugs, Michaels life was not his own as he then served only himself and addiction. Sin was the norm and darkness consumed a young Michael, which soon turned to despair. It was that very despair that caused Michael to call out to God for help one life changing night, July 1997 and his voice had been heard.God came to Michael, held and kept him- liberating him of his afflictions. He set Michael on a new path, and directed him to Charlotte, North Carolina, where he would begin a new journey. Arriving in Charlotte, Michael stayed at the men shelter until God decided to move him to Hope Haven.

A renewed and humbled Michael joined Nations Ford Community Church and began working in the youth ministry. Finding joy in delivering the word to others and teaching; Michael was called to study ministry and enrolled in Queen City Bible College where he received his license as a minister of the gospel February 2011. While enrolled, Michael joined Voices of Hope where he played drums and began performing Spoken word /Gospel Rap and discovered a natural ability for his talent. Minister Michael Normans passion for outreach and helping others continued to flourish and he teamed up with other area ministers traveling to donate their time, resources and the word to people in need. Using himself and his calling to help spread Gods word, Michael talents became a tool to deliver a message of inspiration and hope. He soon took those talents and released Testify With Your Feet which was met with unbridled acclaim in and beyond the Christian community.

Currently ranked #3, Minister Norman continues being an inspiration through his music and has recently released the audio and visual for his latest single Peace Be Still featuring Jene Spears. Like the work he has done since being called into the ministry; Peace Be Still is a spiritual song that represents Gods comforting call to all those who may be dealing with life adversities, abuse, injustice or oppression. A message of encouragement to anyone who needs it Peace Be Still offers a message of hope to listeners, and Minister Michael Norman continues to be a servant to those in need. Whether though his Sword Of Spirit Outreach (SOS) or with his message filled music. Minister Michael Norman still feels very blessed to be able to have been chosen to do what he does and will always work to serve God his community and beyond. When I minister with spoken word/gospel rap and dance I pray that it will invoke a mighty praise and worship in the people, so that they will give The Creator all of their being. Minister (Servant) Michael Norman “Awakening” revealed that The Most High is waking up His people throughout the 4 corners of the earth, its “The Great Awakening”.

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