This Artist Joe Russell music will take you back. Check him out.

Who is recording artist Joe Russell?

Joe Russell is excited about his debut CD, “I Give Him All The Praise.”
He wrote all of the songs on this CD except the remake of his latest single release, “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now.”  He emphasizes that he wants to bring Jesus Christ back to the forefront, to the center of ministry.

Joe Russell grew up in Miami, Florida where he was surrounded by music from blues to gospel, imitating singers and groups on street corners with friends.
He joined the chorus at Jackson High School which provided him the opportunity to perform.  He  formed a group called “The Debonairs” and appeared in shows throughout South Florida.

As Joe became an adult, he was featured in different professional groups and bands before deciding to go back to his calling.  He has released  R & B singles and Christmas music.

He has kept his passion of writing and singing and is always taking advantage of the moments’ inspiration.

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