Holy Hip Hop Artist Belinda Lowery is filled with FIRE and you can hear it in her music.

Who is Holy Hip Hop Artist Belinda Lowery?

Born with a God given talent for writing, Jude 22 was born in Laurinburg, NC but spent the majority of her childhood and adolescence in Raeford, NC. Jude (born Belinda Lowery) discovered her love for writing at the tender age of 5 years old when she wrote her first short story and dedicated it to her mother. She found that writing was her most comfortable form of expression. Although she knew she possessed a deep desire to become a writer, she did not begin to combine that writing ability with musical content until many years later. She began her music career by writing rhymes about anything that came to mind and anything that she thought people would enjoy.

However, it wasn’t long before an encounter with the cross of Jesus Christ would take her in a much different direction. She began to have a desire to not only want to write music that would entertain people but she wanted to write music that would also point them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. She eventually landed herself a recording contract with an independent record label, distributed by Universal Music Group in 2014. She would later decline that deal and wait on God’s divine timing. Although she had to walk away from her first deal, it wasn’t long before God offered her a better opportunity with RoyalBoy Entertainment. Since signing with RoyalBoy Entertainment, Jude 22 has released her debut solo album, entitled, “The Scarlet Chord”. Although she is excited about her future musical endeavors, her heart is geared more towards outreach and evangelism, with the sole purpose of reaching a dying world with the message of Hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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