Read about gospel rap group Lenny W.H.O.A.H & YVNG Dread from Philadelphia.

Who is gospel rap group Lenny W.H.O.A.H & YVNG Dread?

Still Make Noise is composed of (Lenny W.H.O.A.H & YVNG Dread) is the newest gospel rap group on the indie label Jollytimeproductions <>. Both were dynamic artist in their own right! YVNG Dread born and raised in Philadelphia has an uptempo flow, with a twist of the islands from his heritage. Lenny born in the South, but raised in New York City from a young age has a mixture of southern and northern feel to his flow. The group released their first single “Balance” in early October, which hit hard with listeners, because of its hype beat and smooth flow. Shortly their after the they followed the single up with a self entitled EP “Still Make Noise”. The group focus is to provide positive music with an inspirational message and provide an enteric sound for all. Still Make Noise new music can be purchased on most digital platforms. To stay up on the latest news from Still Make Noise, check out their website at

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