About Us

On June 1st, 2010 Rejoice America Radio (www.rejoiceamericaradio.org) launched its flagship internet radio station delivering a blend of entertainment, highlighting leading recording artists and complimented by informational programming. In June 2010, we Relaunched/ Focused on urban gospel music, Rejoice America Radio mixes with its musical programming with a complete range of sermons, church news and announcement of events from cities in different states. The listening audience experiences an uplifting blend of news talk shows and other special programming that entices and educates both listeners and website visitors.

In January 2009, Rejoice America Radio just added a new member to the team, Reggie Richardson also known as “Brother Reggie”. Brother Reggie is a real crowd pleaser and an outstanding motivational speaker who has emceed numerous gospel concerts staring prominent gospel artists. On The Brother Reggie Show, Reggie interviews Celebrity gospel artists, play writers, book authors, independent artists, popular tele-evangelists and ministers. His popularity has grown exponentially because Reggie is not afraid to be controversial and different. As far as the selection of music he chooses to play, he is one that has the gift of music that will bless his listening audience. Brother Reggie has been in radio on the Hip-Hop entertainment field since 1993, and in 2002 he made a change in his life.


In 2002, Brother Reggie arrived in Greenville, North Carolina heralding from Washington D.C. Washington D.C. is where he earned his degree in broadcasting education and gained radio experience.It was in Greenville North Carolina that Jim Rouse, the owner of “Joy 1340 – WOOW” is who gave Reggie a chance in Gospel Radio. From that point on Reggie, better known as “Bro Reggie” is still a blessing to a lot of people. The environment is set when Bro Reggie starts playing Gospel music. Souls that were lost will be found and will build relationships with our listening audience through the internet.