Recording Artist Fiona Varner from South Carolina has a NEW single entitled “Walk Into Your Future”

Who Is Recording Artist Fiona Varner? Fiona Varner, a native of Prince George County Maryland, is a woman after God’s own heart. Her passion for music keeps her vibrant and full of spunk. Fiona refuses to be boxed in and is not afraid to allow creativity to flow through her songs. Her multi-cultural sound is universal. This multi-award winning artist has a unique style of music which reaches people of all ages. She has shared the stage with numerous artists and has been nominated for numerous awards. She’s an artist who truly loves the LORD, and you can hear it in her music (available on all digital download locations).   Fiona Varner wants those who listen to her music to understand and know that GOD loves them and He will never give up on them. Fiona Varner resides in South Carolina and she is available to come and minister at various events. Her…

National Recording Artist Arnetta Yancey out of Oklahoma City is back with a new single entitled “This Time”

Who is recording artist Arnetta Yancey? Arnetta Yancey is a native of Brooklyn, NY, her teen and adults years in North Carolina, and now resides in Oklahoma City, OK. Arnetta is the oldest of eight, daughter of Bishop James and Evangelist Terry, wife, mother, and grandmother who was raised in church from an early age. She went from singing in the church choir to choir director to leading worship to teaching and motivating church leaders. Endured the challenges of a PK (Preacher’s Kid). She was ordained in 1993 and began traveling across the states preaching, teaching, and singing the Word of God. The Gospel Recording Artist Arnetta Yancey is a multi-awards winner, vocalist, worshipper, songwriter, evangelist, motivational speaker, and life coach. Arnetta M Yancey, CEO/Founder of AYM High Musique, is quiet and humble in spirit yet powerful and complete in what God has gifted her with. To many she is…

Keep your Eyes and Ears open for Recording Artist Weiner Crumbly from Virginia and her debut single entitled “Never Be The Same”

Who is Recording Artist Weiner Crumbly? As a young member of the music ministry of her local childhood church in Watford, England, Weiner found her love for singing and later performing gospel music while forming and leading groups and choirs. With years of experience as a church choir director, Weiner Crumbly can harness the power of faith to lead her performance with passion and commitment. Working with youth choirs gave her the ability to lead, educate and mold young singers into being the best vessel for God’s message. Transitioning from soloist to a recording artist, new challenges and opportunities present themselves, which Weiner Crumbly embraces with an open heart. When asked about her passion for gospel music, Weiner says, “I desire to be a Christian gospel artist that brings joy and hope to others. It is my life’s pleasure to reach souls all over the world and share the Gospel!…

This remix of “Soul Survivor” written by Brother Reggie, featuring Recording Artist Sean Scales will make a impact in the world.

You’re a Soul Survivor. Soul Survivor is a song that is for Anybody and Everybody who has been through anything. It is also for those who were told that they will never amount to anything. Check out the Lyric video and share it will all of your friends who is going through..    

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 Read about Anointed Ones Ministry. The mission of the Anointed Ones Church of Deliverance International is to act with charitable concern for all regardless of race, social position, or religious affiliation and to prepare people for life today and eternity.  The vision of the AOCODI is to advance the body of Christ in fulfilling the Great Commission and to E.Q.U.I.P. them by: Establishing local, national, and international assemblies Qualifying  and empowering leaders to advance the Kingdom Uplifting and strengthening families through biblical principles Incorporating believers through fellowship Promoting evangelism through outreach ministries Righteous living, as exemplified by a lifestyle congruent with biblical and moral guidelines. Spiritual enrichment, as exemplified through our School of Ministry. Fortifying the family, as exemplified by marriage, single, and youth ministries. Economic support, as exemplified by our contributions through tithe, offerings, and time. Alliance of believers, as exemplified through prayer, worship, and servitude. To establish, edify, and enlarge a caring body of Spirit-filled…

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Recording Artist Marlon McDaniel has a song for everybody to enjoy.

Who Is Recording Artist Marlon McDaniel? Marlon has sung in several groups including the Northern Kentucky University Vocal Jazz Ensemble, participated in workshops and directed various choirs. A few of his accomplishments are:· Minister of Music at Triumph Christian Center COGIC in Fairfield, OH· Praise & Worship Coordinator for Ohio Central East COGIC Jurisdiction· Featured artist at the Gathering Place and Revival Fires at COGIC AIM Convention Released debut EP “With All My Heat” in has received airplay in several markets·   Featured artist at Jazz On The Lawn Catholic Festival, the Midwest Black Family Reunion, West Angeles COGIC in Los Angeles, and various conferences and churches in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, Virginia, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, California, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia and Texas· Received the “Artist of the Week” distinction on the Bro. Steve Harris Radio Show· Shared the stage with gospel greats such as; Dr….