David Pulley had an inclination for songwriting long before the world knew. Growing up in a family of 11 siblings, music became an outlet for him. David was exposed to the Gospel greats including the works of Andrae Crouch, Walter Hawkins, Richard Smallwood and Percy Bady. Young David would write poetry that he would use as a base to construct his songs. Sensing a need to encourage his passions, his mother sent he and his sister to music lessons. David initially took to playing drums while his sister started piano. David soon mastered the drums as well as what he heard his sister play during her piano lessons. The instructor took notice of David’s piano skills and informed his mother of his strong progress. David soon graduated from his original drum lessons and started instruction on the Hammond organ. David excelled at the organ and was soon elevated to teacher’s assistant, working with new students beginning organ instruction. David also began playing for his home church at the age of 12.

David’s instructor sought to further David and asked his mom if she could take David under her wing and mentor him as a church musician. She readily agreed. It was during this time that David would develop his songwriting ability. David practiced with many of his compositions, first teaching them to the youth choir at the church without informing them that he had wrote them. David’s early works would be sung in churches and were well received. Committed to study and enhancing his gift, David traveled across the country, gaining knowledge from the workshops and seminars offered by Ron Winans, Michael Brooks, John P Kee and the Gospel Music Workshop of America.

After forty years of service as a church musician, David decided to present and release his inaugural single. With over 100 songs in his arsenal, he wanted his first release to hold special sentiment. David released I Remember U, a fitting tribute to his mom who passed away in 2012. David is pleased with his musical journey thus far and knows that something greater is in store in the days and years to come. David’s latest release is a song of prayer and worship recognizing that God is still sovereign during these perilous times.

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