DeShana Rená is a vibrant woman from a rich musical and cultural background with a desire to expand her experience as far as she can be stretched.  She embraces all things creative; admiring God as the GOAT of all creatives.  She possesses a God-given attraction to beauty in people and nature, a never-ending curiosity about life, and a passionate heart for all people, regardless of their walk of life.

She is a singer/songwriter with the goal of helping others experience God through music.  She serves on the production team and the main and Spanish worship teams at her local church.  She also serves as a traveling worship leader for the Artist Community Project.

She loves multiple genres of music, all shades of purple, photography, flowers, animals, butterflies, cooking, creative writing, exploring different cultures, reading, running, fashion, and spending time with her family and friends.  Her greatest desire is lingering with the Trinity at the throne of God and experiencing the peace that resides there.

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