Jekalyn Carr, a trailblazing artist, is regarded as one of the few youngest award-winning gospel singers. Jekalyn sang and traveled with her mother’s group from the age of four to six. With her bright future in view,  Jekalyn  at the age of six, her illustrious solo career was ignited. She responded to God’s call on her life at the age of thirteen, adding the work of ministry to her gift of singing. As a rising solo artist, she ascended to the position of itinerant minister, traveling the world singing and preaching weekly at schools, churches, graduations, and various educational and ecclesiastical gatherings.

At the age of fifteen, with the release of her first hit single, “Greater is Coming”, and with the success of this gospel faith message, her solo career began to soar to heights she could only have imagined. Her iconic voice and message reverberated throughout the gospel music industry, into worldwide congregations, and the hearts of many who chose Jekalyn Carr as their favorite gospel artist after hearing the song.

The album by the same name debuted at #3 on the Billboard Gospel Charts. This achievement made history for Jekalyn as being one of the few elite artist to notch a top five gospel album, at such a young age! To this day, Jekalyn remains an independent artist and has achieved great success without backing of a major label, a true testament to the favor of God on her life and ministry. Though many gospel record labels chose not to engage Jekalyn because of her age, that was no problem for her father Allen, who took the lead in managing and expanding her music, ministry, and businesses. With his guidance, Jekalyn has become one of the most inspiring voices in her generation.

Jekalyn is now regarded as one of the most inspiring and influential voices of her generation, and her consistency has won the admiration and respect of millions across the globe. One of the most important messages her life teaches is the constant pursuit of her goals and dreams, a message well received by the multi-generational audience she inspires. The Stellar Gospel Music Awards gave Jekalyn her first Stellar Award at the age of 16, recognizing her brilliance in bloom following the success of her first charting hit. At the age of 18, she received her first GRAMMY Award nomination for the single “You’re Bigger” and album “The Life Project,” which surpassed the breakout success of “Greater Is Coming.”

She now has four Dove Awards, six Stellar Awards, and numerous other industry nominations. Jekalyn, one of the most prominent independent gospel artists of her generation, is the beneficiary of many unprecedented opportunities presented to her. She has hosted the Stellar Gospel Awards twice and has presented and performed on numerous platforms where her work has been recognized. She has also received the President’s Award and was presented with a key to the city of Fulton County in GA, at the age of 25 after being inducted into the Women’s Songwriters Hall of Fame in Washington, D.C. Jekalyn’s induction was unique in that she was the first gospel artist and songwriter to be inducted.

Jekalyn is much more than a preacher, singer, and songwriter. She is a published author, actress, radio personality, serial entrepreneur, conference host, and fashion and fragrance innovator.

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