Recording artist Faith Thompson from Canada

Faith Thompson is a worship leader and songwriter born in Ottawa, Canada. Faith has been singing and encouraging people since she was 12 years old and has recently launched out to record her first full length album. 

Faith is currently a worship leader at EKM Toronto. Faith was also a vocal leader for Global Kingdom Ministries and Jesus in the City. Faith is also a member of the well known choir Powerhouse Fellowship soul choir.

Faith is also a talented songwriter who’s clever lyrics and soulful delivery can mend the broken heart.  Faith’s music has been heard in North America, Europe and Asia and the powerful lyrics transcend culture and geography.

For Faith’s full length solo album (to be released in 2023) Faith’s artistry and bluesy take on gospel will leave you clapping and stomping your feet. Faith has also sung in the TV miniseries “Mrs. America” and the movie “Miracle in the Motor City”.

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