Songwriter Artist Janay Lashel from Durham N.C.

Janay Lashel a songwriter born and raised in Durham NC. was a happy, creative and full of life child. Family turmoil caused Janay to become shy, timid and go inward. In public Janay was an introvert but at home Janay’s creativity and writing skills were endless. Janay always had a desire to be a writer. While singing in the choir and praise team at church, Janay honed her musical gifts and writing skills. She forged her way as a songwriter by volunteering to write theme songs and jingles for multiple churches and businesses. While writing jingles helped strengthen her skills as a songwriter she desired to write Christian worship music and movie soundtracks.

Writing jingles for churches was rewarding but she had her eyes on something bigger. During the pandemic she had an idea, inspired by a dream she had, to write a jingle for her employer. This was bigger than anything she had done up to that point. AWNC is an international business that manufactures transmissions for Toyota. The potential exposure for her song was enormous. She knew that in order for the Japanese company to even consider using her song, the lyrics and music production would have to be perfect. She was willing to take on the challenge and she wrote the song and it was produced by Anthony Moore of Music Beyond Measure Studios. When the Japanese president for AWNC and the executive board heard the song, they loved it and wanted to make use of it. After having great success with this song Janay decided it was time to take her songwriting career to the next level. A few years prior The Diocesan Bishop of the North Carolina State Council of the PAW asked her to write a song titled One God. The COVID 19 pandemic put any plans of performing and production of this new song on hold until November 2021. Working with producer Anthony Moore and a team of talented people, she officially was in production of her first single. This song puts her writing on display, like a beautiful bird, show casing its colorful, unique feathers. Each word carefully placed to paint a vivid picture of God’s eternal love and dedication to the listener. This song was released on multiple streaming platforms on June 23, 2022. This is just the beginning for Janay Lashel. Her style and cadence is something like a quiet storm, a force to be reckoned with. Some of her influences are Shania Twain, Jonathan McReynolds, Richard Smallwood, Stevie Wonder, Diane Warren, PJ Morton, Dante Bowe and Michael Georges Jr. Keep your eyes and ears open to what’s next for Janay Lashel.

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