Recording Artist Talibah Petway

Talibah currently serves as Pastor of Greater Harvest Deliverance Ministries. She is affectionately known as Pastor T. She graduated from Christ Central Institute Wagener, SC with an Associates degree in Community Missions. Talibah has served in ministry for over 20 years. She served as Youth Director, Teacher, Worship Leader, Missionary and sound engineer. The music she creates is birthed out of a heart of love for God and His people. The mission behind her work both pastorally and musically is to reach those in the community, others have cast aside.
Talibah’s ministry has taken her from a small town in Ohio, to the great state of North Carolina, Talibah and Greater Harvest Deliverance Ministries, are located in Raleigh, NC. Talibah with her pragmatic style preaching, is deliberate in sermon selection as well as lyric selection for her music.
Talibah’s  first single entitled “On This Day”. This compilation is a peace that speaks to the day Christ was born. It is a beautiful worship melody. The song stays with you and recenters the day Christ was born back on Him. Talibah is anointed for ministry, and music and ministry is a demonstration of that.

Pastor Talibah Petway
Greater Harvest Deliverance Ministries
Raleigh, NC

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