As the president/CEO of Black-Smith Enterprises, Janaya Black is a woman who thrives in the capacity of wearing many hats. A passionate writer at heart, she seamlessly blends her creative drive and aspirations into the many other facets that make up her impressive resume.

In 2004, Janaya wrote and published her first fiction novel The Breaking Point, followed by her second release in November of 2006, As Told by the Other Woman, and the third and final installment of the “Prison Chronicles” series Beautiful Rage: The Break of Dawn in 2008.

With the release of her first book followed the spark that ignited her love for the art of independent filmmaking. After teaming with her husband Rockey Black to create a trailer for The Breaking Point, she then went on to write, direct and produce several short film projects and released her first feature length film, Till Death…Do Us Part, to DVD in 2009.  In subsequent years, she went on to complete a collection of other stage and film productions that include The Breaking Point, Idol, I Am My Sister’s KeeperWhy Do Men Cheat and Loud Pack, and most recently Warrior Pride, which was released in 2018.


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