The Owner Reginald “Brother Reggie” Richardson is no stranger to the Gospel Music Industry. Born and Raised in the Washington D.C. area, and enjoying music at an early age, he got his first job in radio in 1990 working at a WPGC 95,5 FM in Maryland working in the research department. A well-known Radio Personality by the name of Donnie Simpson, is the one that saw something in him and helped him get the job. From that day, Brother Reggie have grown to another level.

In 2002, He moved from Washington D.C. to Greenville NC and worked at XM Radio and at that same time, he was doing research to find a radio station to work at. His wife, “Lady P’ looked in the yellow pages and found a radio station that was 10 minutes away from their home, and they both went to visit the station.

The station was called Joy1340 – WOOW owned by the Late Jim Rouse and it was a Gospel station. Brother Reggie will let you know that at that time, he did not want to work at a gospel station because he was “SINNING”. He will also let you know that he knew nothing about Gospel Music, and he barely knew JESUS but he definitely knew radio and he had the ear for music.

“I never been on the air as a gospel radio announcer, and I didn’t really know what to say over the airwaves” says Brother Reggie. “I remember when I first opened up the mic, and later that day, the owner told me that I sounded to Hip-Hoppish over the air, and that it wasn’t appropriate for a gospel station”. The next day, I attempted to read Bible Scriptures over the airwaves and the owner told me that he could tell that I have never opened a Bible. He was getting calls about how bad I was over the air, but I did know how to pick great music for the listeners to enjoy.

“That following week, The Owner went on a week vacation, and the General Manager, The Late William Clark told me to Be Myself, and do whatever and say whatever I want over the airwaves” and I did just that. The next thing I knew that I was called The Radical Gospel Radio Announcer.

The Owner came back from vacation and saw how his listenership have tripled, and from that day on, Brother Reggie was getting calls to Emcee Gospel concerts, and he had a radio show on every gospel station in that market.

The first Gospel Artist he interviewed was Pastor John P. Kee. and he remembered when Pastor Kee told him whenever he was in Charlotte NC to come visit his church. In 2007, Brother Reggie and Lady P moved to Charlotte NC and Brother Reggie was at a barber shop and asked the barber where is New Life Fellowship Church where the Pastor is John P. Kee? The barber gave him the directions and that following Sunday, that’s where Reggie and his wife started to fellowship and have been there eversince.

One day, Brother Reggie went to Pastor Kee and told him about the interview they had and also told Pastor Kee that he was thinking about starting an online Gospel Station. Pastor Kee told him what business steps to take, and Brother Reggie listened. From that day, that’s how Rejoice America Radio was birthed.

Rejoice America Radio have been a Stellar award nominated station and have received numerous of awards.

Rejoice America Radio is known for bringing FREE concerts to different cities and states which is a platform for upcoming and unsigned artists, not to mention that Brother Reggie is on the staff and have been since 2007 with Premier Festivals that brings the BIGGEST outside Gospel concert (Joyfest) to North Carolina and Virginia.

If interested into Rejoice America Radio bringing a FREE concert to your church, call 704-389-0478